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Setting Up a Web Server: From Start to F

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How-to tutorials are wonderful, especially the good ones that explains a task from head to toe. Yet, they're others that leave out so much information that leave readers hanging in the wind. How-to's are made to help teach, instruct, a step-by-step guide, pointing user along the way. Hardly ever you find a tutorial that explains everything you need. O.K., that's an over-kill, not everything. But I at least I expect it to be thorough. Short or long in this case I think shouldn't matter. Can one take this tutorial, follow it and build that project without looking for answers from another source, should be the measuring stick. How-to's are suppose to tell exactly that, how to do something. Perhaps the writer may think next time. Is this a how-to or is it a half or partial how-to. Maybe we should start calling them "half-heartedly how-to's." Now for that brief into, I would like to see a how-to, from start to finish, where average users can actually build a webserver, configure it and host their own web server using both static and dynamic IP addressing.

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