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By FluxIt ·
Whatever happened to the old maiden school teacher? This 24 year old chique in Tampa that had sex with 14 year old students is not much more a kid herself. In my school days there were no teachers younger than 40 years old.

This gets at a deeper question what is happening to our schools and education? It appears that the schools cannot recruit more mature teachers and are trying to top down manage education. Older more mature teachers do not want to put up with the crap so the schools appear to hire these teenie boppers for teachers.

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When and where were you in school?

by DC_GUY In reply to SEX EDUCATION and TEENIE ...

I started first grade in 1949. There were always lots and lots of teachers in their twenties in my schools. There had to be. The Baby Boom generation burst into the schools in 1952, so the university system had to crank out millions of new teachers. Even as an adult in the 1960s and 1970s, I was acquainted with dozens of teachers who were new graduates, as well as dozens of others who were in their early thirties.

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by FluxIt In reply to When and where were you i ...

1966 in Hawaii. The school was private and sat on a high bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean washing up on a beach. The class room was open air on three sides with benches and long tables to sit at. Most of the schools I attend after that were small country schools in CONUS.

My point is that the teachers are a little too close to the students in age. At 24 I question thier maturity and ability to teach having little or no life experience. My experience is that the teachers had families first then came into the school system in the late 30's and early 40's.

There was only on instance I recall of a young teacher. While in the fourth grade a teacher in the other fourth grade class was some what radical for the times. She worn ultra mini-skirts, married into another race, and made the students live like the race they were not. The parents were in an uproar and they pulled their kids from her class. She was teaching until recently when a scandal forced her to retire. Wow she taught for over 30 years... I wonder what kind of impact on students she had.

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Hawaii? Oh.

by DC_GUY In reply to STARTED SCHOOL IN...

People make fun of us Californians because we do things differently than the rest of the country. They think we have looser morals. We're all sure that the only other state we can look down on is Hawaii.

Just kidding around, of course. We all love to go to Hawaii and spend some time in a culture that's even more relaxed than our own.

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Re: Hawaii? Oh.

by tcpip4u In reply to Hawaii? Oh.

Hawaii is awesome....Live their for the first 23 years of my life before moving to Califronia. Hawaii is full of Aloha spirit and treats everyone like a member of their ohana (with the exception of the Haoles)

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by FluxIt In reply to STARTED SCHOOL IN...

By the way, that radical teacher taught in the Groveport Ohio School System. A friend whose own kids now go to that school told me of her plight. Coincidentally, he was in her 4th grade class years ago. The school we attended has been sold where she taught. It was a country school built in the late 1800's.

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MrMiami is a loser

by Kolget In reply to GROVEPORT, OHIO

Are you from Miami OH or Miami FL
If you are from florida, then I pity you, you stinking loser. Why would you be wasting all of your time writing stuff here when you could be scoring with all of the beatiful women there? Loser...get a life!

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Welcome to TR

by Oz_Media In reply to MrMiami is a loser

That was really a creative posting. Especia;y since you offered NOTHING whatsoever with regards to the topic and yet decided to insist someone OTHER than yourself was the loser. It's very entertaining to see yet another drop in, without any history of participating or helping others at all, just a need to voice a negative opinion.

I disagree with Miami MOST of the time, just as I had done here, I still respect his opinion though because only a loser would throw out flames at someone without offering a trace of independant thought himself.

But hey, take it as you will, you wear your colors on your sleeve for all to see.

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Good job

by house In reply to Welcome to TR

I tend to bite my tongue a little bit. I've participated in MrMiami's threads before for a little bit of fun. I don't always understand his point of view either, but at least it is educated.

Perhaps we should sell these mouthy transients to a spammers list. Eh?

Or even send them...well let's just say...scripts?

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by FluxIt In reply to Good job

I appreciate the support.

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YOu should know by now

by Oz_Media In reply to Good job

We see these clowns here all the time. Sitting in Mom's basement 24/7 clicking away in chat rooms pretending to be 16 year old sweethearts and then coming here and pretending to be someone important with a voice to be heard. WHATEVER!

I often envision them to be like those fish that live at the bottom of the deepest oceans (yes, bottom feeders, that's it) you know, the ones with the large white orbs for eyes, they have lived in the depths so long they have lost the abiity to see?

Ths outside world is too scary, people tease them for being so socially incapable and they resort to sitting in the basement and flaming peoplein thier online world.

Now me on the other hand, I just ***** at people a lot but I still manage to drag my *** out of the house.

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