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sex in advertising?

By jdclyde ·
am I the only one that sees that as a sexual postition for the earthlink ad?

With her rolled up like that, just think of the possibilities?

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by gadgetgirl In reply to sex in advertising?
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the changing TR add under the title bar

by jdclyde In reply to ?

it is the long one, right now it is for dell. It changes, and it had a woman half rolled up, with her laptop behind her. oh the things I could doooooooo! ]:)

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by gadgetgirl In reply to the changing TR add under ...

Her laptop wouldn't be in the way then???



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by BFilmFan In reply to Oh.

She was blonde and trying out some of that internet sex?


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While a heck of a visual

by jdclyde In reply to Maybe

no, actually a black woman?

Just watch for the earthlink ad! Gets me going as that was always a fun position! ]:)

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not at all my dear!

by jdclyde In reply to Oh.

it is on the ground and she is lifting herself into the air! woo woo!

oh baby!

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Dont seem to get that one.

by JamesRL In reply to the changing TR add under ...

I think there is something based on profile or location to screen the ads.

I am really glad that annoying HP ad is gone, the one that would popup anytime your mouse passed over the ad.


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Ok, here it is

by jdclyde In reply to sex in advertising?

Of course I have only seen it once since I made this discussion. Jay and Smorty out there trying to make it look like I have gone over the deep one? ;\

Yes, I like this position very much!

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The wording "Protection Control Panel" made me think................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Ok, here it is

sanitary napkins or panty hose but I see what you mean now. Jd old son, you've got to start getting out more. I mean the woman is fully clothed and wearing slacks; no wonder nobody understood what you were going on about.

I used to break up every time there was an ad for Kotex, or something similar, followed by an ad for Red Bull which claimed it would give you wings. I knew then I'd been spending too much time alone and needed some adult conversation; particularly with someone of the opposite sex.

Dawg ]:)

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Does this mean

by jdclyde In reply to The wording "Protection C ...

your putting away the 2x4?

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