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shame on you..

By Jaqui ·
939 validation errors in one page.
( discussion thread... convince me )

the output of the validator

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by Jaqui In reply to shame on you..

the actual number of errors varies.. do to the variable content ( the advertising )
multiple checks as low as **5 errors

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The Reason

by FirstPeter In reply to shame on you..

It's because you're using some non-standard OS, I bet.

If you were using the STANDARD OS (Windows) you wouldn't have that problem. There's your justification for moving from *nix to Windows - so you can post on TR without errors.

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That's it!!!

by stress junkie In reply to The Reason

You're right. I'm going back to Windows right now. Darn those other OSes. :-)

Oh. Wait. Isn't this more oriented to specific applications?

Doesn't matter. Bill, I'm a prodigal son on my way back home. :-)

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by Jaqui In reply to The Reason

it's the page itself is full of standards violations.

not that I'm seeing errors.

just figured, while pulling international standards links out for wordworker, I'll run tr though the validator.

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