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Share your holiday IT plans with the TechRepublic community!

By Jay Garmon Contributor ·
Holiday vacation time often has a special meaning for IT pros, especially if online systems are expected to stay up even when the brick-and-mortar business is shut down. Are you free to celebrate the season, or has Scrooge sentenced you to an unrelenting shift at the company help desk?

Starting Monday, Dec. 20, you can compare your seasonal IT plans with your fellow IT pros via TechRepublic's automated Holiday IT Poll, available here:

You can view the results of the poll here:

After voting, feel free to elaborate on your techno-holiday fate in this discussion. After all, this is the season for sharing!

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Help Jay

by Oz_Media In reply to Share your holiday IT pla ...

Am I totally blind, just plain stupid,on good drugs or perhaps all of the above?

The first link goes to a REALLY busy page and I just can't see a voting link on it. The second link goes to a bar chart with a link that comes back here.

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slow down just a bit...

by shiny_topadm In reply to Help Jay

Hey Oz_Media, the line just before the first link does say "Starting Monday, Dec. 20", doesn't it? On this side of the IDL, it's only December 17, right?

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Yes it does but why

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to slow down just a bit...

Do you get a result listing but no voting forum?


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by Oz_Media In reply to Yes it does but why

I thought there was some sort of preview page we were supposed to comment on before it went live.

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by house In reply to Exactly

Wrong category.

Sounds like this vote is fixed. RIOT!!!
Maybe we're being tested.

December 20th? Did he actually think that we are smart enough to read the whole thing... I did the same thing as you.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Share your holiday IT pla ...

What's a Holiday?


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A holiday is...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Jay

A very special day, characterized as the only time of year clients apologize for a service call, but still expect your undivided attention and ability to work miracles.

Also, banks and post offices are closed.

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Is that what it is?

by BFilmFan In reply to A holiday is...

I thought it was when all the folks shut down the office and went to the beach in August like they do in Britain!

On second thought, I live in Florida where it is 30 minutes to the beach, just cause I am old and it takes a long time to stroll from the patio down there....

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Not to mention the Wholesalers

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to A holiday is...

Who are also closed for the Christmas New Year break so I do not have access to any parts which I do not have here but I'm still expected to repair what they break.

Luckily this time of year while most places are shut is spent doing routine maintenance as I cause far fewer problems for the business when no body is around. But I just love walking in and pulling an E-Mail server durring business hours as I never hear the end of things.


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I had an **** client once

by Oz_Media In reply to Not to mention the Wholes ...

THey REALLY didn't understant anything about IT, and they refused to pay me OT to stay late or do work on weekends for them.

They said EVERYTHING can be done during normal working hours because my RT was $150/hr and OT was at 1 1/2.

They simply refused tolet me do anything after working hours, so I would purposely shut down their email server on a Wednesday at 3:30, just when the day is nearing and end and everyone wants to get their mail done. Even if I was just changing a password or doing a purge of deleted mail. They raised such a fuss, I would pretend to be too busy gettig it back online and would not answer the knowcks on the server room door. Then they would complain to the boss and the boss wouldn't bother coming to me because they KNEW it was their choice. It lasted about 6 months and then they started having me come in on weekends and evenings. :) I know....*******!!!! And I said the CLIENT was ****! LOL

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