Sharing Contacts folder in Outlook 2003 & Exchange 2003

Hi all,
This is the situation. One of the users has a contact (lets call it private) list already create. Then she created another contact list call Public. She wants to share the public with everybody with in the organization and then she wants to share the private with her boss only.
We tried to test this by clicking on "Share contacts" in outlook and the share it with one user. However, the user is seeing the public instead of the private. Then, I tried just right click on the public folder and share it, but folder is accessible. In both cases I gave ownership permission. Finally, I move the private folder and make it part of the mailbox instead of making it a subfolder of contact private still does not work.
In short all we want is to share two contacts list. The Private with boss and the public with evewrybody else.
Thank you
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Public Folder

by retro77 In reply to Sharing Contacts folder i ...

Why not move all this to a public folder contact folder and set the permissions there? Give your user that created the 2 lists full access and read access to the others.

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Public Folder

by AYJE In reply to Public Folder

Are u refering to a Public Folder in the Exchange Server. If that the case My manager saying that many people stay away from because it creates problem. I do not know if this is true.

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