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shoot these parents!!!

By Jaqui ·
but give the kids credit for being able to take care of themselves at such a young age.

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by puppybreath In reply to shoot these parents!!!

you're being very generous using the term "parent" here.

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by faradhi In reply to shoot these parents!!!

You need a license to drive but any idiot can have a child! Further, there are individuals that would actually be Parents that cannot have children of their own.

Of course, it does not surprise me. Parent have been abdicating their parental responsibilities for years. Parents expecting schools to teach about religion, drugs, sexual reproduction and proper behavior on top of Reading, Writing and Arithmetic OR the FCC to require V-Chips on new TVs so that their children will not see something they shouldn't because they don't want to monitor their own kids.

nevermind. I am just tired of seeing stuff like this.

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by jdclyde In reply to Unbelievable...

bring back public executions?

PLEASE? I am asking nicely here!

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I agree, but

I remember my parents leaving us home alone when I was 5 and my sister was 4. After all, he had taught me how to use the shotgun, with explicit instructions as to what body parts I should aim for. Not that I would ever go back to those days. Heck, I don't even own a gun now.

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by M_a_r_k In reply to I agree, but

Uh...what in the absolute **** does knowing how to use a shotgun have to do with being abandoned by your parents??

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In my father's mind...

by Sterling "chip" Camden Contributor In reply to huh????

...if I knew how to defend myself, my sister, and our property, then I was good to go. Not that I agree with that assessment.

BTW, I just heard last night that one of the siblings in this case is autistic. As the parent of an autistic child myself, that really magnifies the unbelievable horror of what these parents have done.

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Ammunition Donation

by BFilmFan In reply to shoot these parents!!!

I will purchase the ammunition. Please just tell me what caliber we need.

Frankly, I think they should throw these biological material providers (I refuse to call them parents as parents love, cherish and protect their children) into a very deep dark hole and leave them there...

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Do you guys have any idea

by Old Guy In reply to shoot these parents!!!

just how much of this goes on? A tremendous amount of it is because of gambling. It's addictive just like drugs and alcohol. But, hey, these statistics can just be thrown out the door because of all the "good stuff" the gambling casinos provide. Nevermind how many people and families are devastated through this. Yes, shoot those parents and put them out of our misery. But...

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by CuteElf In reply to Do you guys have any idea

This kind of stuff makes me sick.

But this is one incidnet that has been reported published and is worked on.

What about the ones that nobody hears about?

Sometimes I think we need a Personality test and IQ test AND classes for humans to reproduce.
FGS, doing the Horizontal Bop isnt that hard (and that gets screwed up too!)

Gimme my damn Cisco router & network anyday.

Cute E

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