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Should congressmen/senators have security clearences

By DanLM ·
During the current fureror over the NSA collection of phone numbers for calls in or out of the United states, many congressmen and senators are stating that they should have been informed of this activity.
No matter if you agree or disagree with the collection of phone numbers, consider this. These congressmen/senators that are asking for this information have no security clearance. Yes, they were voted into office. But, as all of us know. Alot of times, this is due to slick presentations of popular oppinions that these canidates have researched and chosen as their platforms.
The people who collect or perform the inteligence gathering are under law to not divulge this information and have been screened by various goverment agencies. Who is to say what is hidden in a politicion background that has never been researched by agency/governing body who's sole purpose is to insure that people with this information know how to keep it secret.
Yes, I do think there should be oversite committies. But, I also think these people should be screened just like every inteligence officer.
And as far as that goes, are they subject by law to the same prosecurtion that any inteligence officer is if they reviels secret details?
I will be the first to admit, I don't know.


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security clearances

by jepilgrim In reply to Should congressmen/senato ...

As a former navy intelligence professional (enlisted) I think most members of Congress have security clearances of some type. There are different levels of clearances depending on the need to know which is the most important aspect of security. Certainly members who are on the intel committees should have clearances based on their need to know. Yes they are subject to legal penalties as all people are regarding to their levels of access. But the most important aspect is the "Need to Know" which is dependent on what programs the person is required to have access to within their jobs or in the case of congress what can be devulged to them so that they can do their job as a politician. In any case they are subject to the same laws that we are. But on the subject of divulging the phone numbers I don't think that they should be divulged to the congress members except on a need to know basis so the intel proceesses in the matter are protected against inadvertent disclosure.


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