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Should George W. Bush be re-elected?

By Aldanatech ·
So far, the two major issues in the US today are the war in Iraq and the economy. How would you rate the way he handled either one so far? Do you think we should re-elect him?

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The cost of Bush's Iraq Misadventure

by Aldanatech In reply to Should George W. Bush be ...
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Are we better off than we were 4 years ago?

by Aldanatech In reply to Should George W. Bush be ...

The following site has the economic performance of the Last Three Presidential Administrations (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics. Last updated June 4th, 2004):

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Hard to argue hard numbers

by buschman_007 In reply to Are we better off than we ...

Interesting facts. If you ask me we are far worse off in more ways than just economical.


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Well lets see...... NO

by zlitocook In reply to Should George W. Bush be ...

We sould out source Mr. B to Iraq, he says they are so greatful that we invaded their country. With out the UN approval and incompleat information. Now they (his staff) are pointing to everyone except Mr. B for not finding WMD. And about the economy I will have to ask 4 out of 5 of my friends who now work some where else besides the IT field. Because their jobs were outsourced or down sized. But the CIO, CEO ect made big money doing this, which was supported by Mr. B.

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Of course you should

by Oz_Media In reply to Should George W. Bush be ...

I think pretty much everyone knows where I stand on that one.

Economically all I can say is that his actions have had a negative impact on border shopping, in the Northwest anyway. MANY malls in Bellis Fair, Bellingham, Meridian Village etc. in Washington rely heavily on Canadian shoppers.

I know that MANY people including myself that wouldn't even think about crossing the White Rock border anymore,not until life settles again, (I even passed on Ozzfest with the Judas Priest/Rob Halford reunion and Black Sabbath headlining in Washington a few weeks ago)!!.

These businesses are starving now, ads are flowing into the mainland weekly and the deals get better and better in order to attract business, closing out sales, liquidations etc.

Trips to Reno or Veas are free from Vancouver by bus or plane. You pay $100.00 to fly to Reno, it includes a weekend at the hotel, continental breakfast etc., and you get your $100.00 back in chips. Vegas trips are similar yet Vegas still attracts a lot of business globally, whereas Reno is a much less popular destination for globe trotters.

So although I can't comment on how the employment rate and outsourcing has been effected by policy changes,I can see a direct impact on business due to the tightened security, which is fine and not GWB's fault, but the way it is handled needs to be improved. It was a quick clamp down and a lot of paranoia was involved, again life just needs to settle again. I wouldn't suggest you slacken security but more logic and better judgement from border patrols will come in due time.

The war in Iraq is another major cause for people not shopping in the states now. In a way, the invasion itself and many Canadian's dislike of anything American (because of ONE American) can be attributed to GWB.

Therefore he IS all causing a negative economic impact on the retail industry, in the Northwest anyhow, maybe elsewhere as well but I cannot attest for that.

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A+ on Both - 4 more years for Bush -

by JimHM In reply to Should George W. Bush be ...

A+ on Both - the economy is gearing up after the Clinton Admin - blead the economy with over tax burden..

A+ on the War in Iragi - Send somemore of them to meet their God -

Bush for 4 more years..

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Umm,,, Yes.

by ProtiusX In reply to Should George W. Bush be ...

I think he should be. But like Oz I think everyone knows my point of view.

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