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Should I Be Held Accountable

By dmiles ·
Aco-worker intrusted me to work on a laptop to setup the modem that she was having a problem with configuring
She broght the laptop an AMS Travel Pro
I hooked the computer up to power and hit the power switch,and I discovered their was no display,tried using the Fn key to no avail,then hooked a monitor to it and still no video.
Upon bringing this to her attention,her comment was it was working,her estimated time of last use was six months to one year ago.
Now I am getting the impression that she thinks I broke the computer,she has inquired around the office,did they see what I did to it.
Apperently their was another problem with the computer and I am speculating that she knew this,and now wants me to be held accountable for the computer,so I would like to get opinions should I be held accountable for the computer and if so why?

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...another thought...

by TimTheToolMan In reply to Should I Be Held Accounta ...

Hi soulrider,

I had another thought on this. It sounds like a hardware problem, so perhaps you could agree with her to have it taken to a repair shop and if it turns out to be a true hardware problem, then she would pay for the repairs.

Afterall, you cant cause a hardware problem short of dropping it!?!?

Besides if it turns out to be a faulty part that you couldn't possibly have damaged, then she'll be eating humble pie...

I understand your concerns over her behaviour in this. She sounds like a ***** - imagine asking for your uppaid help and then badmouthing you around the office when you report to her it wasn't working. Geez!

She's not a friend I'd want to have!


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Held Accountable

by dmiles In reply to ...another thought...

Hi Tim
Thanks for the comments and support that you have been giving in this discussion and I have come to a conclusion that it is not something that I am going to take responsibility for.
I did suggest to her that she take it in to have a technician look at it,and that I would not even think of opening the case to check it out,so I am waiting on a reply as to when she will pick this machine up.
This discussion has been very informative and I have gathered quite a bit of info on how being a helpful person can sometimes create situaions as this.
I will take what I have gathered and use it in the future when dealing with individuals and their equipment
Thanks Again

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More Revealed

by dmiles In reply to ...another thought...

I would just like to share with everyone that has participated in this discussion and to give you an update
I still have the computer in my posession,and was approached by the owner about selling the system as is with no video,but the shocking confession of sort was that now she will go back and question the last person that was installing the modem to inquire what they had done.
Sounds like a fish story ah!So this saga is getting to much like a soap opera and I think I am getting out before the tide turns back in,so this is to say again thanks to all who had input and I am grateful for the info,I now will have a better idea as how to handle these types of jobs and to do something that I did not want and that is to be more discreet aboutwho I offer my services to
Thanks Fellas

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by FluxIt In reply to Should I Be Held Accounta ...

The notebook computer is a carcass when it comes to you. A carcass in maintenance terms is a repairable component that is deemed broken or in need of repair.

You willfully received the carcass and are responsible for its reasonable care while inyour possession. This is re-enforced if there is a monetary exchange. Therefore, you should conduct a cursory inspection of its material condition in front of the owner. Reasonable care means that you took precautions so it was not stolen, subject to trama (dropped, water damaged, spills etc...), or lost. Many people post signs that are exculpatory stating they are not responsible when they really are.

It is reasonable that you induct a carcass to inspect it. You received it as is. Discovery showed that it was not working and you advised the owner of this. Then the owner makes a decision to repair it.

The question posed is whether of not you caused a fault. The age and material condition of the carcass would be examined. A determination would be made if there appeared to be trama to the case during your inspection.

If there is no trama and you simply powered the carcass and connected the ordinary equipment there is no claim. It is a piece of equipment, things fail. It is old and not used much. The client was seeking your expertise and demonstrated confidence in your abilities.

I think the case is closed.

For the individual spouting off in the office. The next time the person remarks on this issue you need to bring it to a close. You'll need to draw upon your people skills. Perhaps the best way is to use a little diplomacy that puts you in a positive light and puts them on notice. I could help you with something if I knew exactly what was being said.

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Held Accountable

by dmiles In reply to THE THINKING GOES LIKE TH ...

This is what disturbs me about friends or co-workers seeking you out when they themselves donot wish to pay for authorize service cost and yet they expect for you to take full responsibilty of their equipment.
It is like they donot want to pay for services but have expectation of getting full service for free,they apply the accounability as though they are paying you.
So,where is their thinking that they have no accountability or responsibility to having the machine looked at by a friend or co-worker.

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I hear you but..

by TomSal In reply to Held Accountable

..its a matter of integrity and ethics. You should feel responsible for the system, if you truly damage it and if you don't mention any disclaimer to the user beforehand - it may not be ethical of someone getting a freebie to complain but it is certainly logical and their "right" to. Remember the system is put in your hands because you are the IT professional, not the one handing you the dead (or dying) system.

Trust me, I feel what you are saying - I've gotten "uptight" about that one a fewtimes in the past. Now, even though it may make some think I'm "****" - to even have friends sign form contracts - I've learned enough to know that having things in writing is so incredibly important its not even funny.

So using what you said I say it like this (even to my friends outside of work) "Sure I'll fix your system for no charge, but you'll need to sign a standard disclaimer form and you'll be responsible for all material costs as needed."

You do that in work to cover your back from the higher ups and you do that outside of work in case you need ammo for court (thank god that has NEVER happened to me yet..everyone is pretty grateful that you save them money in fact. Especially the "AOL types" - who know nothing except how tochat and send email and they think AOL *IS* the Internet.).

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Jumpin in a little late...But

by LordInfidel In reply to Held Accountable

I will have to say that a little dimplomacy will have to be issued here.

I would confront the person and explain to them *again* what my efforts were. Apologize for not being able to fix it and offer a place for them to take it to have it repaired (at their cost not yours).

If there is another tech at your company, get their opinion on the system.

But if they nor you have turned it on within the last 6 months, then the fault is neither theirs nor yours. If they told you before hand that they have not turned it on in 6 months then they have no basis for a claim and need to calm down.

I would bring that point up to them. That s**t happens, and since it has been not been turned on for several months, they nor you had no way of knowing whether or not it worked.

(Question- Does the power even come on or is it that the screen just does not activate., could be the wiring harness is bad. And *why* have they not used it in 6 months?)

Just my thoughts.

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by dmiles In reply to Jumpin in a little late.. ...

The power light comes on the icon for the battery and pwer shows up,the light remains on ,but their is no display on the screen.
She had someone looking at installing the modem and they were not able to get the modem to work after swithching the modems,so as far as why she has not used the computer in six monthhs is beyond me.Thanks for the comments

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Does it Post?

by LordInfidel In reply to

Out of curiosity?

If it posts then it is probably the cable harness.
If no post, then look for obvious stuff like RAM, video card, etc. I would make sure that all the crap was in there.

I know it's a moot point by now, and you probably checked all of that plus your not touching it again anyways.

I was just thinking out loud.

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Lower the boom on gloom and doom

by pad1 In reply to THE THINKING GOES LIKE TH ...

Bosses (though sometimes we do doubt this) are human, too. Put yourself in his or her place -- if someone presents a problem, the situation is much more livable and doable if a solution to the problem also is presented.

In my experiences working as a manager and an employee, a positive and professional manner works best. Difficulties and problems shouldn't be avoided or ignored, but solved.

I have observed that people who constantly complain or are continually angry (or both) are not taken seriously by others in the workplace. Use negative emotions (anger, complaining)sparingly-only where they will have an predicted, useful impact.

Database Dog

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