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should this be concidered?

By Jaqui ·
Abuses of the peer contact functionality.
We have had spammers using it.
I have myself gotten peer contacts from members that were nothing more than comeons.
[ sorry guys, I don't swing that way. girls, I'll get back to you. ]

but it seems to have been taken even further.
oaw has asked me what to do about a member sending peer contacts trying to get her to fight him.
[ nope, she didn't indicate who it is. ]

just how valuable is the peer contact system?
is it a feature we really need?
I know that most of us have made use of it ocassionally, but would it be a major issue if TR was to just wipe it out in the changes?

since oaw has indicated that she will be contacting the staff, I don't see the need to post this in a generally accessable forum, but it's a good item for TRI to sound off on.
After all, we do tend to be representative of the general opinions for the site.
[ intended I bet ]

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by Jaqui In reply to should this be concidered ...

just to make it pop up again.

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fight him?

by gadgetgirl In reply to should this be concidered ...

eh? Do you mean a flame war? Or actual physical contact?

All she has to do is report him, then ignore him. I've had a couple of "come on's" but nothing nasty - I ignore the first one they send, then if a second arrives I get onto the staff here.

The peer contact system works for me. Through it, I know where NeilB and SG work, so the next time I'm in London I can hook up with SG. (Cos Neil tends to stand people up.........I love the way I can keep bringing that one back to haunt him!)

The problem I have with NOT having peer mail is that I wouldn't be able to give specific help to those peers that mail me directly. As a direct result of me asking him to pm me, one person actually stopped his manager from a) destroying evidence and b) making himself tribunal fodder.

These are things I can't put on the board - professional conduct and all that - and the legal side would have no bearing to anyone outside the UK or EU anyway. It would just be overkill to others, whilst to Brits, it's the difference between doing things right, or contravening the law, even if unwittingly.

So, Jaq, to me - yes, it would be a major issue.


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by Jaqui In reply to fight him?

fight him.
exactly how I have no idea.

I never denied the functionality, and I get the questions from oaw because of peer contact, I know it's usefull.
heck, that's how we got each other's email addresses. so it's more to get people thinking about means to have peer mail less prone to abuse, than to promote getting rid of it.

I did the same with the comeons, the first I ignored, the second I reported.

oaw has said that she has gotten at least two from this person and he is getting worse. I told her, report him is the best option, post his messages is the fun one, we can play with him then. ]:)

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Now there's a great idea. Bring him on.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to yup

The embarassment factor will work wonders for getting him under control and we'll all have a bit of fun.

Dawg ]:)

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that's my point

by Jaqui In reply to Now there's a great idea. ...

it would be fun to play with him over this stupidity.

but oaw has said she is going to do the right thing and talk to tr staff about it.

editing to add:

and the public embarassment factor would be there to warn all members that inapropriate use of peer contact isn't acceptable.

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Brilliant Idea

by stargazerr In reply to that's my point

<rubs hands> Bring him on.

Peer contact is a good thing. At least for us sane ones. Every good thing has a bad side. All we can do is try and suppress it and have some fun with it ]:)

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Ah but SG hon, can you be absolutely certain we're sane???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Brilliant Idea

I ask this in light of your flagrant exhibitionism. LOL :^0

BTW, got your duck yet??? Don't worry when I'm over there I'll let you in on the full secret. It will amuse you no end.

Dawg ]:)

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by stargazerr In reply to Ah but SG hon, can you be ...

And here I was wondering whether the french maid uniform was a tad bit too long

And nope, I havent got the duck yet. I am still waiting, tapping my foot, for someone to let me on the joke ...


~Or maybe i shouldnt have said that in public.~

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Rrrrrrrrright, you shouldn't have but you're a good sport SG

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Ah but SG hon, can you be ...

And yeah it was too long. Hang in there love you will learn the mystery of the duck yet and it will probably **** you away. Hmmmmm? Could be a DE in there somewhere. There is, if you want there to be and wish to take it that way, you naughty wee thing, you.

Dawg ]:)

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Wouldn't work

by DMambo In reply to Now there's a great idea. ...

Given the anonymity built into the site, a flame war in the discussions forum would probably not lead to a pest running and hiding. It would just give him the attention he craves. We've seen it before with others. They love to be at the center of it.

And I personally like the PM feature. Though truthfully, when I use it, I generally change my address in my profile to my Yahoo account in case I end up corresponding with some weirdo by accident.

(I've forgotten to do that in the past, and there are some weirdos who know my personal info) :)

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