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Shutdown Blues

By Giles_boy989 ·
I recently had a H U G E problem with XP which to fix i had to install several windows versions onto my PC. All is finnally well except one little annoyance: My computer does not turn itself off any more. It used to go "It is now safe to shut down your computer" then turn off. No more. I have to turn it off at the wall. Also, I recently purchased a Ben-Q CD burner (40/18/40) and it works fine but i want to back up my cds and can't. This is annoying as i like to use my backups instead of the origanal. Any posts would be appreciated.

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by Giles_boy989 In reply to Shutdown Blues

Woops, forgot to add also that I use Nero Burning Rom. THANX.

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by TheChas In reply to Shutdown Blues

The most common XP shutdown problem is that XP does not enable APM in device manager.
You may need to enable view all to see APM.

There is a good shutdown trouble-shooting guide posted at

As to the CD burner;
Make sure that youhave the XP updates installed.
You can either install SP1, or use Windows update, and select the updates that you want.

Next, check for Nero updates.

You may need to lower the record speed to copy CDs if both drives are on the same IDE channel (same cable)

Also, for XP, I recommend a minimum of 512MB of RAM.


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Shut down issue

by mcarlso1 In reply to APM

If the other suggestions do not work try updating the BIOS.

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BAck up Cd'S

by admin In reply to Shutdown Blues

I have found NERO doesn't handle some types of copy protection all that well. To make legal legitimate back-ups I use a lite-on 24102b and clony with clone cd or cd-mate. I hear Alcohol 120% is great software, but haven't tried it. Most of these programs actually don't make true exact copies either, but similar enough ones so that the "garbage" sections etc. at least appear right for practical purposes. Back-ups are a pretty big topic, but you need specific models of specific brands of cd burners and special software in order to back-up everything in your collection. I'll probably get blasted by someone who claims their writer and software never has burned a bad BU yet.... and what you don't know won't really hurt you, I mean whatever works for you, eh?

Here's the URL of a place to start learning about it:

check out the forums or leave some questions :)

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