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Sie w?nschen es beide Weisen

By maxwell edison ·
They don't support us (U.S.), but they want our support.

Sie w?nschen es beide Weisen

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Something to think about?

by mrbill- In reply to Sie w?nschen es beide Wei ...

Well it was inevitable, the Warsaw Pact threat is gone so reducing the troop strength makes sense. I do have a problem with the president saying HE will bring the troops home. Only Congress has the authority to make or change treaties, which is what the troops are there under. A nice political move GWB had there. Could he not have said this 3 years ago just after he got into office? Now if he could just bring the troops back from Iraq before many more are lost.

I have been stationed overseas and found the locals, with a few exceptions, friendly and appreciative. Because they do not support the US in Iraq does not make them our enemies, we like to say we believe in the freedoms of speech and choice but it appears that is only as long as it agrees with our way of thought.

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Not True

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Something to think about?

It is only some US citizens who think that way and they are hopefully in a minority. Most of the US people I've meet have been very nice and accept differing points of view when necessary. But most times {from my limited personal experience} they are just nice people and it doesn't matter what country they come from.


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Why is it. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Not True

Why is it that it's never considered that simply disagreeing with someone is not the same as trying to deny any person's right to speech? A person (or nation) is free to say whatever they dang well please, and another person (or nation) is free to respond however he/she/they dang well please. It's not denying anything. And it's not trying to deny anything.

Why is it that such a silly assertion is never applied the other way around?

And why is that this "free speech" thing is so often misinterpreted, misused and misapplied?

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That one is a bit beyond me Maxwell

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Why is it. . . .

I fully agree with you on that and there are many people I agree to disagree with .

Perhaps it is just the way some people take the others point of view that is the problem.


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And if you notice

by Garion11 In reply to Why is it. . . .

it only applies to America and American actions. It does apply the other way (as you suggest) if another country/person exercises that right and it applies even more if that person/country is bashing, abusing, criticizing America.

What a bunch of ... bah whats the point.

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Actually Garrion11

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to And if you notice

If you wanted to criticize our beloved Federal Government or even most of our State Governments I don't think you'd be as harsh as I am on them but feel free to do so when ever you like.

I'll probably go even further.


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Lol thanks for the invitation.

by Garion11 In reply to Actually Garrion11

But I can't criticize other Democratic governments because of the very fact that they are Democratic. I may not agree with their ideology on the political scale, but I won't criticize. Although I will criticize the tyrannies and dictators and of course my own government (France is an exception).

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Have you ever noticed

by maxwell edison In reply to Actually Garrion11

I've noticed a lot of people criticize government (Heck, I even do it). But the ones who seem to criticize the longest and loudest are the ones who advocate more of it.

(Not necessarily suggesting that you are included in that group.)

Criticize government, all polititians are scoundrals, and on and on, or so "they" say.

Therefore what?

Therefore, that's a great agrument for less of it - less government, not more.

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Actually Maxwell if it was up to me

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Have you ever noticed

I'd just appoint an administrator and make sure he/she did a really good job. It would sure as hell save a lot of money that goes to out of work pollies after they retire.


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My 2 cents worth

by Steve Biko In reply to Why is it. . . .

Hi Max, back from a bit of Internet drought (lots of work to do).

What you say concerns me a lot. In some cases there are nations who had terrible things done to them in the past, so now to make up, nobody dares say anything against them for fear of being labeled racist, anti-semite etc. Of course I'm talking of Israel's occupation and treatment of Palestinians, often compared to the old Apartheid regime, but of course if people say that of Israel, they're labeled as anti-semite. And yet a person should be able to voice their opinion, I'm not so sure they should say exactly what they please, sometimes in my work I have to write letters to opposing parties and would often like to say: Dear Sir, you are an arsehole now go to ****. I could say it another words so he says thank you and enjoys the trip, but it still means I have to word things carefully.

Just a thought.

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