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Site Traffic....

By Jaqui ·
Well I can honestly say that TR has a whole heck of a lot of traffic.

in the last 7 days, for the only gif being used by around 6 or 7 people as avatar, my data transfer usage for the stupidposts.gif file:

1.41 GB

62.3 % of all data transfer used to date.
[ it was a higher percentage before I downloaded 2 20mb backup files from the site ]

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I wonder

by jdclyde In reply to Site Traffic....

does pulling from external links for the avitars add to the load time for the pages?

Would it benifit TR in page load time to host avitars for people?

How about the people that link to external blogs? How does this impact the site?

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in the case of avatars

by Jaqui In reply to I wonder

the offsite linking actually reduces server load, since it only sends the user's browser the url for the image, then your browser grabs it from the offsite host.

it slows down image loading, slightly, it improves server performance noticably, 512b of data as opposed to 82kb, much easier on the server to serve the url.

with the external blogs, they are being pulled into the site db are they not?
that means the server only gets a heavy load during the refresh to pull new content from the blog. if the site is pulling from the offsite blogs every time, then it is slowing the site down.

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Sounds about right

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Site Traffic....

bear in mind that every "next' click is a page relaod, which pulls down the same GIF all over again. For those TRIs that post a lot and then have their posts read a lot--which is basically the behavior that got you noticed for TRI inclusion--then the GIF is going to get called often. VERY often.

As to server load times, we're knee deep into a server colo move that will last all summer, so--as mentioned previously--performance is going to get intermittently wiggy for the next few months.

We're using the colo as an excuse/opportunity to upgrade hardware (hello, 64-bit) and fix a bunch of band-aid solutions (goodbye, shared app servers) that have piled up in our infrastructure over the last few years, which means--and I'm quoting our VP of engineering--"stuff if going to break." What that stuff will be, we just don't know yet.

It mat take a while to get it all sorted out (September?), so get ready for a bumpy ride.

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yup, I figured

by Jaqui In reply to Sounds about right

that out.

I was just pointing out exactly how much one little 84 kb gif was able to use in a week.

It shows, for us in TRI, exactly how much traffic TR really does get.

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So that's why

by rob mekel In reply to Sounds about right

This morning the site was loading badly ]:)

Well it's temperary so will have to do. And I know you guys are doing all you can to keep the site running. :)

It will improve won't it??


edited for emoticon

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Gotta tell you

by Tig2 In reply to Sounds about right

This news- while good and bad in the same sentence (how did you pull THAT off) is positive in that at least by September(?) this will all even out.

Hello 64 bit. Buh bye shared app servers.

Hello no more 404??? Being able to actually get to TRI without facing east, worshiping the cat, other things too horrible to mention???

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TiggerTwo, you forget

by rob mekel In reply to Gotta tell you

To pray to the allmighty "bit and byte" ruler to make things happen the way it should be.

No more 404's , mmm, I like that :)

Keep praying TT, it will work :)


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