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By topbudgetcomputers ·
If you have SLIP configured, but have trouble with transferring files with FTP, and sporadic problems with connection to the internet, what do you do first?
a) Ping FTP server? or
b) Change to PPP.
Most publications seem to recommend changing to PPP (b), but since both PPP and SLIP are lower level protocols, then changing to PPP should not make a difference. At work we tend to PING the FTP server first.
The above is a certification exam question, and I would be glad of replies before an important exam tomorrow evening.

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by dpalsen In reply to SLIP, PPP, PING

I'd probably recommend pinging the server myself, but if the publications tend to say change to PPP, that's probably the question they want on the test...

Which opens up another discussion entirely: many of these certification questions tend to be VERY subjective, since there's more than one right answer, and different people prefer different methods.

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