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Slow Computer

By bladeofeternity ·
Im not sure what category to put this in. I am primarily a gamer but i also do alot of web development. I am running a Pentium 4 1.3GHZ with 128MB of SDRAM, Geforce2 MX, 48GB hard drive on Windows 98SE. Recently i have noticed a severe loss in performance. In an attempt to rectify this i formatted my hard drive. While this has vastly improved startup time many games have become next to unplayable. I experience lag in games where i meet the minimum requirements and i cannot experience fluid gameplay even in games i could before. Can someone please tell me how to rectify this as i cannot upgrade for at least 2 months and its really getting to me. Also i am 16 so keep the jargon to a minimum although i know enough to get around

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It could be a couple of things

by MallardtooXX In reply to Slow Computer

Hey Blade,
If you have just noticed a drop off then you could have a couple of problems. Do you have two 64 meg ram sticks. That would be where I would look first. You could very well have a bad stick. Also is there onboard ram on your vid card? It could also be causing problems. There are few other things that would cause a rapid loss in performance. You could have other problems but since you reformatted your HDD I would think it is prolly a hardware issue. Try running dxdiag and seeif your ram adds up.

you do that by going to your start menu and then hitting run. In the run field type in "dxdiag" without the quotes and it will give you an Idea of what is going on in your system.
This is the quick and dirty way but if something is wrong it will tell you.
lemme know if you need more help.


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by bladeofeternity In reply to It could be a couple of t ...

I cant change my ram cause its a crappy gateway
It wont let me upgrade so i need a whole new system basically. Ive noticed a gradual reduction in system performance its just taken a while to get to me - i thought it was cause my hard drive was fullof junk.

What am i looking for in dxdiag?
very specific instructions would be appreciated

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How-To or Did You

by RiverFreight In reply to Slow Computer

First there is the fact that a tractor trailer won't fit thru a set of French doors without serious modification of one or the other. SECOND! Did yopu just take the 'puter out of the box and go with it or did you get it to or from an actual computerstore where they actually set-up, format, install, and activate all the stuff that is needed to have a computer and not an albatros?
You didn't know! Okay you state you are a player, there are courses even for lowlifes who are players also (EEEEEE!). Get your computer set-up and then other than when you play me you'll most likely win; against me? Its not likely that you will win or even do well, see I'm a computer operator.

RIVER FREIGHT ( aka Wraith )

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