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slow PC

By peege ·
Something is causing my system to go axtra slow.It just started about 3days ago

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Turbo switch.

by jardinier In reply to slow PC

Many PCs, especially earlier models, have a Turbo switch (button) usually situated adjacent to the power switch. If this is accidently switched off, it will cause your PC to run unbelievabley slowly. The solution, turn it on. This is the most commoncause I have found of PCs suddenly running extremely slowly.

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by wmarr In reply to slow PC

Well, you machine is crawling along at a snails pace now eh?
Ok, been on the net lately, I think, you caught a bug. A virus. Or some page or site you went to had this nice little popup to install their own software on your puter. They do that to force a trial version, then you have to pay to straighten out the glithes. Gator is bad for that, Adware is also bad for that.
You can go to the control panel and then add remove programs just to take a peek at what is installed and what you didn't see before. You won't find the unwanted ones off the net in your start menu the same way you go to openup a program. They run in the background with links to the bios and also are linked to the windows registry. But they can be uninstalled. Either byletting the windows uninstaller do it. Or if it won't go away, use one of those trial ones off the net. Then once done delete the trial one. Well you don't have to delete it.
Anyhow those are my thoughts on it.

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by john_wills In reply to Feb.7/03

This is all very well, but I need to identify the parasitic programs before removing them, and they do not seem to be listed anywhere. And where can I get one of the uninstallers you mention which apparently work better than the one in Windows? I have Norton Symantec running, by the way, and it seems not to notice whatever is causing the slowness.

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by Sauron In reply to slow PC

Assuming your PC was functioning OK until 3 days ago I would check the following:

1. Run Antivirus
2. Run Scandisk
3. Run Defrag
4. Delete Temp files

You either have a build up of rubbish files from browsing or you have a virus. Suddenly running slow I would go for a virus check first. Make sure you have your patterns upto date.

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If all the above OK try these

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Check

After trying all that telecomms2001 suggested check that your RAM is all OK and that your BIOS settings are set for best performance.

Next thing would be to check for background memory resident programs and turning them off

If running a Microsoft operating system you could try getting hold of one of the freeware memory management tools like Memturbo or Freemem and load them and see if they improve the situation.
BTW this should reduce system lock ups.

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In responce to Slow PC

by wmarr In reply to slow PC

You have something draining or using up your resources, especially your memory and processing resources. As I have experienced, this could be caused by one of two things or a combination of both. Providing that 3 days ago, you did not install some big resource hog software.
1. A small bug from spyware, tracking your usage while on the net.
2. Dirt. Yes, a dusty mother board or dust clogged fans, can cause parts to overheat and thus causing them to freeze or slowdown. And easy way to diagnose this is just to take a look at the opening where the powersupply fan blows air out of the rear of the computer box. If there is brown dust coated on the fan and the metal screen, that is a very positive sign there is a lot more inside than what you see. For 50 bucks I can solve your dirt problem, plus shipping etc.

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