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Smorty and Jay!

By Oz_Media ·
NOW I get what you meant about the tags! WOW that's really cool!

Cleaner layout, font's look cleaner now too. Well done and keep it up!


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Glad you like it

by sMoRTy71 In reply to Smorty and Jay!

We hope to add more cool stuff around tags over the next few weeks.


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We'll also take suggestions...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Glad you like it

If you have any ideas of how tags SHOULD be used, let us know!


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Hee hee

by Oz_Media In reply to We'll also take suggestio ...

You can nowfind the tags: "Getting Pissed", "Canada screws beer", "Hoseheads".

Told you some jerk would do it, I just didn't say it would be me.....but who else?

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If you really wanted to help...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Hee hee

You would go back and retag all the Friday Yuks you started with a "Friday Yuks" tag, so they could be easily found all in one place.

Your acolytes/imitators could do the same. Then we'd have a centralized off-color humor repository.

But who needs that, right?


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Done deal

by Oz_Media In reply to If you really wanted to h ...

Fair enough, good idea. Done! (or being done anyway, just watch!)

EDIT: on second look, not as easily done as I first thought.

TR's search engine retrives all posts in the Discussions, not all discussions with a certain TITLE post.

But I'll dig anyway.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Smorty and Jay!

I've done a lot of them!

I got back into early '04 and every other page said there was an internal error and a log has been created for admin or something to that effect.

So if you get a bunch of logs thrown at you, well YOU asked me to okay?!

Used the following tags for all the YUKS I could access, Friday Yuk, off topic humour, jokes

You guys are just gonna have to get used to spelling 'humour' properly that's all.

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by dnvrtechgrrl In reply to WOW!

What are you all talking about?
Meta tags?


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Nope not meta tags

by caestelle In reply to Oz?

When you go to start a thread, right below the text box for the body of the thread, there is a text box for tags and a description of how to use them. They are pretty much just keywords, making it easier to search for a thread.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Nope not meta tags

While you are right, I believe they are for grouping topics much LIKE a kayword but not really searchable. Just that similar tagged threads can be brought up, plus it has a sort of peer group system to it so you can seewho else folows that type of thread, much like topic subscriptions.

But you're right, iit's very similar to keyword tracking.

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I was close...

by dnvrtechgrrl In reply to Actually

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