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Smorty, Jay whats going on?

By stargazerr ·
The Lets open a can of worms, shall we? discussion has appeared in the new discussions list. I am pretty sure it wasnt there this morning.

The Messenger discussion has made the Hot Discussions List. It only has 4 posts!

and my Love all humans, was it? discussions has dissapeared from the new list. Of course, I understand that. A discussion related to religion has no place in a tech forum


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Yes my sweet

by jdclyde In reply to Smorty, Jay whats going o ...

They "tweek" the lists.

Can of worms is actually a tech post, about the way the site works. Quite valid.

Your post, while outdated yet currently valid, is NOT something they wish to be known for, even if they do indulge us.

As for a four post discussion making the list, that just goes to point at it being a VERY slow time for discussions OR they are trying to promote that discussion.

Be safe, be well.

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by stargazerr In reply to Yes my sweet

was the one I was wondering most about ..

That doesnt need promoting .. It is suppossed to be in Tech Q&A! :0

When will these twits learn to open their eyes and actually force their pupils into locating the dear blue button called Tech Q&A? X-(


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Remember the bata screens?

by jdclyde In reply to Messenger

They are looking at changing the way you create a discussion/TQ&A that will help to steer people to the correct section, and it looks like it will be just grand! Can't wait!

Of course, we are still waiting to get feedback on the feedback we gave THEM, AND how the "big meeting" went!

so how about it fellas?

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by stargazerr In reply to Remember the bata screens ...

But weren't they also talking about pulling the Tech Q&A section alltogether??

Or were they going to decide that in the meeting?? Damn I do need more brain cells


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They pull Tech Q&A and they can say sayonara to a lot of regulars..........

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Yep

myself among them probably. It's not that I contribute all that much but I look in to see what problems people are having and how they are being fixed or suggested being fixed. After a while I will drift through the other forums until I eventually end up in miscellaneous which is the equivalent of a water cooler for telecommuters.

Now be a good little girl; be patient and wait for your duck and we will speak no more of your freudian slip.

Dawg ]:)

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For god's sake

by Oz_Media In reply to Remember the bata screens ...

It is SO easy to redirect TQ&A posts.

When you enter the Post New Topis screen, just have a little disclaimer, single paragraph stating: If you wish to find help on a technical issue, click here (redirect to TQ&A) if you wish to post a topic of general discussion, please post here. Or someghing along that line.

Smorty's reply was that they didn't want to add steps and turn people away. I don't think such a thing would be annoying or would turn people away at all, it's actully beter to help people post in the right place. Something I have complained about for years no avail.

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didn't you see the screen caputes?

by jdclyde In reply to For god's sake

One screen to make a post, and a radio button to decide if it was a discussion or a tech question.

simple, right to the point, and easy enough for even the most technically challenged tech.

It really IS scary to think that someone that doesn't have the intellegence to figure out the existing system is running someones network somewhere! :0

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That's what I mean

by Oz_Media In reply to didn't you see the screen ...

It would need a final confirmation, something that describes the forum's use, and then a choice of where to post it.

Unfortunately, that seems to be brain surgery and we're talking about IT folk here, not to say that they aren't GREAT IT folk, but this bit of simple logic seemingly slipped through the cracks.

Oh well, we still hang out here like a bunch of snot nosed teens at a 7-11.

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That's still the plan...

by sMoRTy71 In reply to didn't you see the screen ...

but with one new wrinkle.

There will not be as much of a page layout difference between Discussions and TQ&A either.

The idea, at least, is that having a similar format for both will make it easier to people who are only familiar with discussions to jump into TQ&A. Plus, since discussions and TQ&A will be mixed together in the lists of threads (TQ&A will have a special icon), we didn't want there to be a jarring difference.

Another change will be how answers are rated. We will allow the asker to make answers that are helpful only. There will be no "incorrect" rating. So when you view the question, you will get an icon next to all of the answers that were marked helpful. This will make it easy to find the stuff that the asker found helpful while ignoring the rest.

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Make it so, number one

by Oz_Media In reply to That's still the plan...

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