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Smorty & Jay!!! You guys have a NEW problem!!!

By sleepin'dawg ·
Some threads are showing posts in posts from your contacts but note the numbering system isn't working and while you can access the information from the posts from contacts you can't find it in the thread. The thread I'm talking about is Sunday Yuk in the Network Administration forum but it has happened in a few others as well but not as consistently.
Thread: Sunday Yuk
Tags: illiterate spongers off my taxes, get a job and buy a house

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Not a clue
maecuff | 05/21/06 Sunday Yuk


you lucked out
jdclyde | 05/21/06 Sunday Yuk


jdclyde | 05/21/06 Sunday Yuk

Thread: Sunday Yuk
Tags: illiterate spongers off my taxes, get a job and buy a house

Save to my WorkspaceWhat a GREAT DAY! (10 of 13)

Thread: Sunday Yuk
Tags: illiterate spongers off my taxes, get a job and buy a house

Save to my Workspaceyou lucked out (10 of 13)

Explore this discussionSunday Yuk *NEW*
neilb@... | 05/21/06
Iknow! I know! *NEW*
neilb@... | 05/21/06
You SHOULD care *NEW*
maecuff | 05/21/06
Lots, hopefully *NEW*
neilb@... | 05/21/06
you're just a ray of sunshine.. *NEW*
maecuff | 05/21/06
Ah, you've gotta love it *NEW*
jdclyde | 05/21/06
Do you mean to say *NEW*
gadgetgirl | 05/21/06
If you click the like I gave to JD *NEW*
neilb@... | 05/21/06
This is all YOUR fault, then? *NEW*
neilb@... | 05/21/06

I'm sorry if this is all a bit of a mess but I was in a rush, to go out.
Note: you have 4 posts numbered 10 of 13 but only 9posts are visible.Sorry if this is a bit scrambled but I just stumbled across it and I really didn't have time to straighten this out. I noticed something similar in another thread as well but thought it was my box acting up. This, as far as I know is the only instance where 4 posts are not showing up in the tree.

Dawg ]:)

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Problem with same thread

by gadgetgirl In reply to Smorty & Jay!!! You guys ...

but a different problem! I put up a few replies, checked out another thread, went back, and about half the posts had disappeared.


Just vanished into thin air.

Happened about 1.30pm UK time, if that's any help. Looked back later, and lo, they had returned from their exile.....!!!


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by Jaqui In reply to Smorty & Jay!!! You guys ...

Tr stopped playing that game on me when I turned caching back on in my browser.

really weird that cachng can cause script bugs to show.

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Now it's okay.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Smorty & Jay!!! You guys ...

Made me wonder what I was doing wrong and then figured maybe it was because some work was going on in the background. What made me think it might be something I was doing was that it wasn't consistent in all threads. It would be nice if you could give us a heads up.

Dawg ]:)

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nope, still gibbled.

by Jaqui In reply to Smorty & Jay!!! You guys ...

Virus Warning! (18 of 19)


Posted by: jdclyde 10K+ TechPoints
Previous | [greyed out, no next post ]

which is odd, since I posted a reply to this post.

edited for formatting and to add the link to Jay's blog that was in the lost reply. ]:)

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News to us...

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Smorty & Jay!!! You guys ...

I've got an engineer sniffing around the issue.

My offhand, idiot guess is that our app servers are out of sync again and there are multiple, competing versions of the same thread. Eventually the system will catch up with itself and everything will match, but if the sync is out of sorts, high-activity threads will have disappearing/reappearing posts as the load-balancer moves your sessions between servers.

In any case, we're looking into it.

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by Jaqui In reply to News to us...

the update thread is displaying this content:


Update on community revamp. TRI feedback needed...
The Trivia Geek 50K+ TechPoints
Hey everybody. Remember when we posted those mockups of a promised community revamp a few montsh ago? Well, we understand if you've forgotten. The process has been slower than we hoped, but only ebcause we've been testing and retesting the crap out of the system. So, if you're wondering when the new version of the site is going to launch, well, we have a very loose time frame...


Not very precise, I realize, but there are reasons. Mostly, we have some physical infrastructure projects (read: server moves) that have soaked up all our engineering resources, and we won't get them back until late July, at the earliest. We won't have a real timeline until then. The new hardware should improve things, but while we switch over, there will probably be some hiccups. Fair warning that the summer might be occasionally bumpy as far as site performance goes.

The good news is that our front-end production guy is not part of the infrastructure project, so we have extra time to tweak and refine the presentation layer between now and launch. Beth and Smorty have spent the last two weeks beating the crap out of our beta site, and it's far from over. That's not to say there won't be a few visible seams when we launch--our beta environment can't exactly match or predict the crazy stuff you guys do to our site--but we feel confident the end result will be a dramatic improvement.

So, of course, we're already dreaming of the next phase of enhancements. In my opinion, our site is pretty feature rich--and I would argue TOO feature-rich. I think we've tacked too many bells and whistles on over the years. While all of them were done in an effort to enhance the site, we've got a lumbering giant now with so many hidden capabilities that it can barely move under its own weight. I'd like to strip the site down a great deal, and get at its essence, so more users would be willing to use it. The planned revamp does a fair bit of this, especially in Tech Q&A, but I think we could go farther. On that note, I'd like to solicit some opinions...

1. Does TR need 3 kinds of threads?

Right now, we have blogs, discussions, and Q&A. The redundancy is evident in many places, especially when new users are involved. Should we streamline this, and if so, how?

2. Do we need a granular rating system?

The new Q&A will be a binary rating system. Either it helped, or it didn't, and the negative state is assumed. Articles, downloads, and product reviews have granular (1-5 or 1-10) rating systems. Is that necessary? Should TR go to a simple binary rating scale from everything. Basically, should everything have a "recommend" button, or is the granular rating scale useful?

3. Do we need off-site Linking?

Right now, the TechRepublic Links system lets you save links to URLs outside TechRepublic. Almost nobody uses it for that, however; the bulk of the TR Links directory is taken up by articles and downloads from TR. Is this functionality worth supporting and, if so, why?

4. Do Suggestions need to be personalized?
Right now, the Suggestions in your Workspace are based on tags you've used, articles you read, and whole glut of tracked actions that eat a lot of database space. Think Amazon recommendations. Digg has made it pretty clear that what's popular for a large audience is usually pretty popular with almost every individual in that audience. In other words, strict personalization may be a waste of energy. Could we trade out suggestions for a list of most popular content, or are personalized suggestions worth the effort?

I look forward to the feedback.

1. hey!!
Jaqui 10K+ TechPoints

what about having TRI testing like was said months ago.

1) nope, the three threads are a waste of time, if it was all combined it would make it easier to track.

2) yup, the granular system is usefull, specially as applied to articles and downloads.

3) It pretty much duplicates the bookmarks/favorites of people's browsers, right now it's being used to combat the ineffective content search on TR.

4) They need to be MORE personalised or done away with.
give the user the ability to EXCLUDE tags / subjects from them, or get rid of the section. I have had frequent times when absolutely none of the suggestions fit my interests at all.

1.1. The beta test site is still on the board...
The Trivia Geek 50K+ TechPoints

...but that takes engineering resources we don't have available right now. We can't hold up the launch even longer building a test environment. It will happen eventually.

2. Thanks for the info.
Palmetto 10K+ TechPoints

1. Does TR need 3 kinds of threads? I've been on record for several months that only one type is needed. Kill Q&A and the blogs. Discussions are frequently misused as Q&A, so you might as well drop the formal Q&A. The blogs don't do anything that isn't being done in Discussions, and doing them poorly.

2. Do we need a granular rating system? Maybe a tertiary scale - Good, Bad, Indifferent or something.

3. Do we need off-site Linking? If it adds to the overhead and causes additional workload, drop it.

4. Do Suggestions need to be personalized? Again, if it's causing more work, drop the personalization.

It would be nice if the links in a My Workspace project would NOT also appear in My Workspace Links list. This makes it difficult to determine if you've moved a link to a project; you save it to a project and it's still in the Links list anyway. If a link is going to show up in the Links list, why bother moving it to a Project?

3. Revam City!~
The Admiral 25K+ TechPoints

Here are my thinks:

1. Get rid of the doubleclick ads. They are annoying when I get red boxes cause I get doubleclick not found errors.

2. I think three threads can be killed to a single thread with the availability of two or three different topics with different sub topics. Such as Blog, Discussion, Q&A as the Primary, and the subject of the post as the sub. So it says:

Blog: Do we really need all this mess?

3. I have never seen a site that does off site linking that is needed. Most if not all of it never amounts to money in the pocket.

4. Dump the friggin TAGS! They are absolutely annoying and should not be used as a suggestion as for new topics. I often put in:

Winders, Critters and Messes - Oh My!

What can put possibly take out of that other than it is a mess of jumble ripped off and retaped with technojargon from the Wizard of Oz?!

4. I have been wondering about that
jdclyde 10K+ TechPoints

After the last "please look and comment because the boss is coming tomorrow", that you would have at LEAST had the decency to let us know how that meeting went! X-( how rude...

There NEEDS to be a way to choose a discussion vs a TQ&A or the Q&A's will get lost in the mix. If they are not a big draw anymore, get rid of them all together rather than decrease their visibility.

I DID like in the screenshots the ability to at that time decide if it was a discussion or a question.

Blogging. Was it a fad? Do people do it much anymore? I would follow them if a note showed up from my contacts. If I have a contact, (I have a few) I should be notified of ANY activity in discussions/Q&A/Blogs.

I DID like the other day in some history screen it showed that someone added me as a contact. I always thought it would be cool to see WHEN you were added.

Off-site linking. bitbucket.

Personalization, there ARE some things that I will refer to in a few months (like the emoicon list) and without this, it would be impossible to find. I don't CARE about the suggestions, because I often don't have TIME to look them over anyways.

4.1. This happens already, and will be improved
The Trivia Geek 50K+ TechPoints

Blog Posts from Your Contacts already exists. It's on the Blogs door. Under the revamp, all PFMC will be merged, and will be sortable by Blogs, Q&A, and Discussions.

Some folks blog religiously, but the numbers are pretty low. I've always been of the opinion that a blog was just a series of posts, so if we listed every thread you ever started, that WAS your blog. There's real debate about that internally, however, as some folks see blogs as a distinct content type with a distinct purpose.

I don't see us resolving the issue any time soon, but I'm interested in what our hardcore users think.

5. Site Update

I agree with Jaqui- three kinds of threads is unnecessary. Being able to identify if something is a question, blog, or discussion might be handy but I think even that much might be overkill.

I personally do not find the granular scale useful. It is entirely dependant on the engagement level of the person doing the rating. I catch myself listing virtually everything as a 5 on a 1-10 scale. Not because that is appropriate but I often am pressed for time and so don't analyse further. Comes down to "the information is there and I will make use of it." The thing that I would like to see fixed is the point system. I see too many times that the questioner does not feedback on the information received.

I have a file of links that lives on my desktop sorted by type. I use it almost exclusively. The only other hotlink tool I use is on my Google homepage which is always open. I use my Workspace to check contact status, add contacts, and subscribe/unsubscribe threads. I should at some point do a better job with my workspace but haven't gotten that far as yet.

I won't miss the personalisation feature at all. At present, I don't use it. I spend my TR time on what I have determined is a priority and don't bother with much else. The newsletters are a different matter- I often can take a quick read from my email and let that help me determine how I will spend my TR time.

I hope you find this helpful!

Wayne M. 50K+ TechPoints

1. Does TR need 3 kinds of threads?
I like consistency. Go with one kind of thread.

2. Do we need a granular rating system?
I would go with a 3-level rating (if, as implied, rating is required): Good, Bad, Indifferent. If rating is not required, just go with 2 levels. I wouldn't bother to rate something as Indifferent if I was not forced to choose. Having 5 - 10 levels of rating is simply beyond my capabilities.

3. Do we need off-site Linking?
I would drop the linking. If someone wants to save a link, he can just save it in his browser and browser and use up his own memory. There is no real need to fill up your servers with that stuff.

4. Do Suggestions need to be personalized?
Right now the suggestions do not seem to give me a very good hit rate, so I don't think personalized suggestions are worth additional effort over generalized suggestions. Maybe expand the "Hot Posts" list and include expanded TR Staff suggestions.

7. quick analysis

1. Does TR need 3 kinds of threads?

Yes and no. You should combine the handling of the three behind the scenes, but provide different tools for working with each. The notion of just giving a "list by author" interface to discussions has its appeal, and might be appropriate to TR -- that depends on whether TR should actually become a blogging site. The truth of the matter is that for blogging, TR should probably not try to be a blogging site (on top of everything else it's doing), but it shouldn't leave the concept of blogging twisting in the wind, either: I think you would be better served simply by doing the list-by-author thing and providing a way to better integrate external blogs with the community. Having a stand-alone blog functionality just doesn't seem to fit with the TR community as it stands.

I don't agree with Palmetto's bizarre anti-blog fetish, though. I don't know what's up with that. (Hi, Palmetto.)

Q&A shouldn't be seamlessly merged with discussions, or it will cease to be used. Like I said, same back end, different interface. What that actually means in terms of final implementation details is something I'm sure you'll have to work out for yourselves.

One thing that absolutely must be done, though, to improve the overall user experience, is to pare down the categories for discussions and Q&A. I don't think I need thirty different, often overlapping, only barely separate categories under which I can file a discussion thread.

2. Do we need a granular rating system?

Not really. Just provide an increment, a decrement, and a "didn't vote". Have your system total up the values and provide two displayed numbers to people viewing the site: total value and average value (where average ranges between -1 and +1). Anything else is frippery.

If you really want to get fancy, though, you could give people user values that are influenced by the voting they receive on their posts and articles they've had published and so on, then allow their increment and decrement votes to have a weighted effect on the total and average values of stuff on which they've voted. Be very careful with this, however, as a poorly implemented system can backfire. If bad stuff ends up being encouraged over good stuff because of a poorly implemented system, you'll end up with a site that attracts people who are unlikely to find any value in the stuff in your ads, and as a result you could hurt advertising revenue. You're probably better off avoiding the whole weighted value thing.

3. Do we need off-site Linking?

Not really. The linking in general, whether offsite or onsite, is mostly of value to people who don't get out (of TR) much, I think. As such, the off-site linking is probably pretty much entirely superfluous.

4. Do Suggestions need to be personalized?

If you keep them, yes.

Do not -- repeat, do not -- replace personalized suggestions with "hot discussions" or "popular links" or something stupid like that. It's entirely redundant and unnecessary. If you can't justify personalized suggestions, you shouldn't have anything there at all. If you want a "popular discussions" thingie, just make it a single toned-down link on the first page. People who use it will find it and always know where to get it. People who don't won't care. Cramming a bunch of lemming bait into someone's personal space on TR will just drive people away.

If you keep personalized suggestions, MAKE THEM BETTER. I don't use personalized suggestions, really, but I want to. They're just not very effective. I don't find stuff I want -- or at least not stuff I want that I don't already have -- in my suggestions, so I don't end up using them. I'm sure I'm not the only TR regular in this position. If you could make the algorithm used to determine what's relevant a bit more effective, you'd probably get a lot more use of the personalized suggestions.

7.1. Hi, apotheon
Palmetto 10K+ TechPoints

While I do think blogs in general are a waste of electronic resources, I am decidely against the way blogs are implemented on TR.

I can't subscribe to a member's blog the same way I can subscribe to a discussion. Yes, I could use RSS to subscribe to the overall blog but not to an individual posting or the follow-up comments.

Second, the structure of TR Blogs makes those follow-up comments more difficult to track than the "tree" layout in the Discussions area.

Finally, I don't see anything being done in TR Blogs that can't be done in TR Discussions. I freely admit this may be due to a misunderstanding on my part of the Blog format. It looks like both are used for someone to voice an idea, opinion, etc, and for others to respond, and it appears to me the Discussions format does this better than the Blog format. Why waste TR resources and staffers' time on two ways to perform the same function?

8. Perhaps a clean sheet approach is needed.

Start with a statement of mission, keeping it short and simplified to maintain focus. This should clearly define what TR actually is and what purpose it is meant to serve to (a:) management/administrators and (b:) the membership. Somewhere in there, it must be decided which group's needs should be given priority over the general focus. Once that has been clearly defined to everyones satisfaction, then the rest can be dealt with.

1: Types of Threads
When I first approached TR it was with the view of retrieving some long forgotten bits and pieces of technical information that were causing me trouble in terms of current practices. I thought Tech Q&A would answer my needs, not for questions I might want to ask but in grasping a sense of knowledge of current practices. I became very quickly disillusioned. Far too many questions had accumulated and been left in place to offer any viable starting point. Any hopes of acquiring knowledge or information became very much a hit or miss proposition. It took on all the features of an asylum left in the hands of its patients, the administration having long since decamped, in disgust and/or frustration. Witness to that is the long list of unanswered and/or unrated questions still cluttering up server capacity after years, not just months of inactivity. If Tech Q&A is to be maintained it is in serious need of a radical revision and overhaul and administration efforts must be made to clear everything out that does not receive any activity within any given 90 day period.

Blogs: From my viewpoint an indulgence to the egos of those with no confidence in the traits of their personal identities or abilities. Confidence and/or the lack of it, has never been a problem for me and the display of these qualities in others, will only hold my interest in so far as to display the frailties of those, I may care to exploit, for whatever suits my purposes at a later time. A whole section of bandwidth and/or server capacity devoted to this is from my viewpoint, totally unnecessary and superfluous and should be curtailed and terminated, especially any blog that has received no active update or post over a ninety day period. Drivel mostly and who needs it or who cares??? Not me certainly. Begone with it, I say!!!!

Discussions: The salvation of TR and what gives the credence to its existence. I would probably have dropped TR, long ago, if I hadn't stumbled into the discussions and found the knowledge that could be gained from perusing the various forums and the very addictive capacity of Miscellaneous. It is always interesting; more often than not hilarious fun; and often having the similar capacity of watching a train wreck in progress or an endless chain of tailenders on an expressway. A sort of real blood sport restricted to virtual blood.

(a:) Leave discussions as is but clarify that it would be advisable to post any technical questions in any forum other than Miscellaneous until that becomes the final resort.

(b:) Tech Q&A, what I originally came for but is in serious need of revision, a clean out and overhaul. Whether it should be preserved or not is open to question but definitely not in its current capacity.

(c:) Blogs: A useless indulgence to the insecurities of those who are looking to polish their egos and who do not realize that few really care whether they exist or not. The real question might be, does anyone care if they exist beyond the state of their blogs, or not??????

2. Do we need a granular rating system?
I find some sort of rating system useful, whether 1-5 or 1-10 is immaterial however, I often wonder what I miss by passing over some if not most of the lower rated items.

3. Do we need off-site Linking?
Nice but not really necessary.

4. Do Suggestions need to be personalized?
Is it definitely necessary??? I don't know but I can't say I'm a big fan of the seeming disorganization of random Tags. Further more While I like the idea and understand "My Workspace" I can't say I have felt any real need of it and have yet to really use it.

Jay, for what they're worth, my opinions and I can only hope they're helpful towards what you and Shawn hope to achieve. As for Beth, no disrespect intended but I really have no idea what you do but all the indications, received via others, are that you can be as scary as all ****. If I seem to be avoiding you, it's only because I'm such a coward and bleed so easily and so profusely.

Dawg ]:)

9. Well I spent some time thinking on this one
HAL 9000 50K+ TechPoints

Firstly my Sincerest Condolences to the Developer it's bad enough when complete strangers tear your work to pieces but to have your fellow workmates do it must be a bitter pill to sallow.

I see this poor persons job as similar to a Race Teams Mechanics who spend thousands of hours building a complete race vehicle and then hand it over to the Driver/Rider who does their level best to destroy it and hopefully in the process get to stand on the Podium, but it doesn't happen that often. :_|

Now in answer to your questions

1 No TR certainly doesn't need 3 distinct threads roll them all into one and lets get on with things. As it stands the Discussion threads tend to get used for both discussions and Questions so instead of trying to point new comers to the Q & A section just dump it and place it in a section of the General Discussions, but leave a section in that grouping for Questions so that nay newcomers can find it easily. While you're at it dump the Tech Points as well as they are about as useful as T_I_T_S on a Bull. Sorry Beth if that offends you but I'm so used to hearing women say it here that I just accept it for what it is. I'm also out of Whip range so I'm safe. :^0

2 I'm in two minds when it comes to a simple binary system to rate answers particularly when it comes to the Q & A Section maybe 3 options would be better A It fixed my problem, B It helped me fix my problem, C No this was of no use to me. That may be a better idea as it would give others who come along latter some idea of what works and what doesn't. The majority of the problems with the Q & A Section is that the people asking the questions don't know what to ask or what information to give it's very hard to help someone when all you have to work with is My Computer Will not Boot HELP The answer there could range from a power outage to a dead computer and there is very little to go on.


Now these 2 questions where asked by the same person on the same day and may or may not apply to the same computer and of course the answers vary depending on what they are applying to.

As for rating White Papers and the like is this Necessary? If the title shows any promise I tend to just grab a copy and look at it latter so I don't get to rate these because I don't read them till much latter generally speaking. If I'm looking for a specific one that's different but the majority of the ones that I grab a copy of are listed in the Newsletters or elsewhere and look interesting from the Title so I save them now and read them latter

3 Do we need Off Site Linking NO Most people don't use this and it's taking up space on the servers that could be better used elsewhere on the site. The people who use this can place a short Cut on their Desktop or Add to the Favourites or whatever, however on site linking should stay as it's used by the majority of Peers or at least I imagine it would be.

4 Do suggestions need to be personalised? Well at the moment this isn't working overly well and I for one don't use it, others might but if they get the same results that I get when doing a Search I very much doubt that it gets used to any extent so I would tend to say No.


10. Thought that you may have been kidnapped by Gipsys.
deepsand 25K+ TechPoints

1) We definitely need some sort of mechanism for keeping Q&A identifiably separate from Discussions; picking through the list trying to find the latter among the former is a pain royale.

As for blogs, they do provide a useful function with regards to keeping one's personal writings sequestered and easily locatable. For me, the road block to effectively using such is the inability to organize documents into a meaningful and organized structure. The time linear approach fails to work for me. If I'm overlooking some organizational capabilities please set me straight.

2) No one scale fits all eqaully well; maintain or increase "granularity."

3) While I've thought of using this feature, it seems that so long as I have use of one of "my" machines, with its own bookmarks, I've had no need of it. However, for those who roam frequently and/or widely, this may be quite useful. If it's not being used, then that suggests that it's not needed.

4) Quite frankly, I simply don't have the time to check them all out! So, I'm not sure that my opinion here would be a qualified one.

11. While you're here, perhaps you can explain a TR puzzle.
deepsand 25K+ TechPoints

How is it that so many of those listed in the TR Top 100 show absolutely no activity as reported on their Profiles?

No Discussions or Q&A participated in; no Blog entries.

No Profile, no History, no Contacts, no Links, nada!

Do these people even exist?

12. My 2p worth....

Right, Jay, you asked you're getting it....!!

1. 3 kinds of threads? No. TQ &A always seem to end up in discussions, and the points are pointless in the first place. Try staving off the hordes by turning what decent answers are in there into different FAQ sections. Just a thought. Blogs? No, gone off 'em. Had so much trouble trying to get pics to upload, despite destructions from Smorty that I gave up in the end, and abandoned it (through sheer frustration)

2. Considering the number of answers that are un-rated, why bother?

3. Links - nope. Save in the browser.....

4. These have driven me nuts, too. I've tried to tidy up my workspace, but due to the duplications on the links section, I've deleted more than I organised. If it's in the links list, and in your projects, when you delete, it deletes from both.....not very particular, is it?!

Upgrade the search function, and you don't need to personalise the Suggestions in the first place. If we want to read up on something we'll go look for it! Just make sure that the title/tag/content are suitably applicable in the first place, so the search engine can pick it up succinctly.

You asked, you got!

BTW, Jay - about these new emoticons we've been requesting for yonks.......



12.1. Still frustrated GG
HAL 9000 50K+ TechPoints

Did you forget your Batteries Again? B-)

Well in an attempt to make you happy tomorrow I'll go looking for that Naked Pic that you asked for and post it if I can find one. :0

Now that will drive Jay nuts waiting for me to post it. :^0


Visit us at


but it's not displaying all the threads.
7;45 am pdt, monday may 22 2006.

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Here is an other

by rob mekel In reply to News to us...

This morning I was posting to a sub-thread. Got an error on adding the reply. Then the whole sub-thread was gone ? Now I got a post from TR that the reply is added several times, and yes I did try to add it several times, so sofar no prob.
That is ...
The postings are still nowhere to find on the thread as well that the posting I was answerring to is still no-where to find.

Here is the thread and the postings:
1. Self Trained

If not so
posted by rob mekel at 2006-06-14 02:16:34

If not so
posted by rob mekel at 2006-06-14 02:17:21

If not so
posted by rob mekel at 2006-06-14 02:18:13

If not so
posted by rob mekel at 2006-06-14 02:19:42

What the heck is going wrong, or ... did TR delete that sub-thread???


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Maybe you should have started a new thread, instead of.....................

by sleepin'dawg In reply to Here is an other

reviving this hoary old one. It will probably get lost in the clouds of dust you will generate by dusting this one off. You need to make it more obvious for Jay or Smorty to be expected to pick up on it. Anyway, just my opinion.

Dawg ]:)

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You probably are right.

by rob mekel In reply to Maybe you should have sta ...

That's why I did send Jay an alert to point it out to him.

Tnx Dawg, you weren't sleepin'


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Is this what you're expecting to see?

by debuggist Staff In reply to Here is an other

I clicked on the Self Trained thread and saw this: <a href="">click here</a>.
<br />
Is that what you're not seeing but expect to see? If so, we are aware of this and are working on a solution. It's difficult to duplicate in a test environment, so that makes identifying the cause and its resolution take longer.


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