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    Snakes on a Plane


    by maecuff ·

    Okay, so I’m in my office talking to two of my employees and one of them hadn’t heard anything about the Snakes on a Plane movie, so we’re telling him about it. blah blah blah..Samuel L Jackson..blah blah blah..stupid name..etc. In the MIDDLE of this conversation, my phone rings. I picked up the phone and it’s Samuel L Jackson, telling me to see the movie Snakes on a Plane. As soon as I heard the voice I immediately put it on speaker and we just sat there dumfounded, while a pre-recorded message (personalized) told me to go see the movie we were discussing.

    I figured my husband as behind it somehow. There is a movie promo where you can send an email or a phone call, personalize it (name, hobbies, traits, etc.)

    I doubt that you could possibly time it as well as my husband did, but it IS entertaining..

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      Cult Classic

      by mordacity ·

      In reply to Snakes on a Plane

      I have never known a non-sequel movie to have such a cult following before it’s even been released. It’s just perfect. By the way, I so sent that to my wife. We’ve been going around saying “I have had it with you m*****f***ing snakes on this m*****f***ing plane!” for weeks now.

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        What’s in a name?

        by jellimonsta ·

        In reply to Cult Classic

        This movie sounds so bad, it has to be good!! 😀

        I am a huge Sammy L fan, so I will have to see it for sure. I am not sure if I will go to see it at the big screen though. I have made my trip there for this year already! :p

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          I’m also a fan

          by maecuff ·

          In reply to What’s in a name?

          but I’ll skip this one. I hate flying and I hate snakes. Not my kind of entertainment. I saw the trailer when I took my kids to see Clerks II and it creeped me out..

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          Wasn’t Samuel L….

          by dmambo ·

          In reply to What’s in a name?

          …in one of the 80’s Charlie Bronson movies. It was a sequel to one where his daughter is kidnapped and raped and he, as a normally peaceable architect, goes on a vigilante revenge rampage killing all the perps. (That probably doesn’t narrow down the film history of Charles Bronson very much.)

          I do remember seeing a youthful SLJ running with a group of mostly white young toughs dressed in their Members Only jackets with the sleeves pushed up and jelled mullets. As I recall, he suffered a painful death immediately preceeding a pithy line by our hero.

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        Here’s a link

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to Cult Classic

        to a guy doing impressions of Christopher Walken, Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson etc. auditioning for Snakes on a Plane.

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      Does anyone remember the sub movie?

      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Snakes on a Plane

      There was a sub that had snakes on it, a LONG friggen time ago.

      Sailor got eggs, but didn’t seem to know they were for poisonous snakes? they hatch and start killing. Of course it now seems strange that some were as big as they were if they all came from eggs. Wow, that was a long time ago!

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        by ed woychowsky ·

        In reply to Does anyone remember the sub movie?

        The title was Fer-de-Lance. During shore leave in South America the sailor bought the little snakes/eggs because their name was the same as the sub’s name. If I recall David Janssen was the lead who came up with the idea of dropping the sub’s tempurature to near freezing.

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        Missed that one..

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to Does anyone remember the sub movie?

        Then again, I wouldn’t really WANT to watch snakes on a sub, or a plane. Not on a plane, not on a train, not with fox, not in a box. I would not watch it here or there. I would not watch it anywhere..

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      Hmmm, Mae, have you

      by old guy ·

      In reply to Snakes on a Plane

      thought to check for “bugs” in your office or maybe implanted under your skin somewhere? Or maybe, hidden cameras? :^0
      Good timing!

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        We just figured

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to Hmmm, Mae, have you

        it wasn’t the government who watched us all the time, it was Samuel L Jackson..

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      Samuel L

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Snakes on a Plane

      Did “51st State” get much of an airing over in the US? didn’t do really much over here but it’s been on the film Channel a couple of times.

      I love the film as it is an interesting treatise on the subtly different ways that our two cultures use the word “f**k”.

      Neil 😀

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      Best Movie Title Ever!

      by bubba69 ·

      In reply to Snakes on a Plane

      Sorry, but how could you NOT love a movie with a title like that? The only thing better would be Rabid Weasels in a Dirigible… Can anyone think of a better name?

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        Blanks on a blank

        by srknaustin ·

        In reply to Best Movie Title Ever!

        There was a filmmaker challenge here called “Blanks on a Blank”. When you registered, you were assigned a random animal and a random vehicle. My son wrote and filmed “Kangaroos on a Jetski”. He didn’t win (lousy voting system!), but my whole office loved it!

        ps. the $^* line was a required element.

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      Had a SLJ message sent to the wife …

      by turnier ·

      In reply to Snakes on a Plane

      … and she hung up the phone as soon as she heard “Hi! This is Samuel L. Jackso…” She is now quite pissed at me (once she found out it was me that did it) — she thinks we are going to be getting a bunch of “phone spam” now that they have our phone number.

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        That’s a bummer..

        by maecuff ·

        In reply to Had a SLJ message sent to the wife …

        I’d just keep getting Sam to call until she locates her sense of humor. 🙂

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          Took your advice, now we are divorced.

          by turnier ·

          In reply to That’s a bummer..

          Just kidding 🙂
          I did it again, but they make it so tedious to “compose” the messages that I decided on just a single retry. Also made sure I was there and had her speaker-phone it so I could listen in. Actually, seemed kinda lame after all that effort. Which is also what I heard about the movie.

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