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So James, is it Harper, Layton or Campbell?

By Oz_Media ·
While I think people out here prefer Campbell, I am really taking a liking to Harper these days.

Even with him having the US up his arese, I think he is starting to squeeze the cheeks tighter and make up his own mind ,considering how many Canadians get PO'd when he bends for Bush. but they DID balance the budget, they did, show a surplus (fiddly numbers or not), they did lower taxes and they still look to promote support of the right programs, though I think far more realistically than Layton ever could.

Despte Campbell's drinking driving bout, which happens to the best of us, I just don't think his government would offer the same results, despite promises.

To me, Layton is a flake, all promises with no hope to fulfill them unless he raises taxes back to where they were.

Campbell is a ncie guy but nice guys finish last.

Harper, well he is what we would consider right wing, but compared to the US right wing, he's a tree hugging nutbag. But I like his views that we can have supporting programs within reason, the budget isn't a big pot of gold to borrow from but something to be managed, and I don't think they did THAT bad a job so far.

Sure I don't like all of what ANY of them propose, but Harper at least has put OUR money where his mouth is.

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