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So many questions, you'd think I was a novice.

By ballinlurch ·
I am studying for my A+ cert, and have come across so many questions about computers that I need some real answers to. First, why can't I burn music to my CD-RW's if I have a CD-RW drive? I am trying to use Memorex discs and Win Media Player. I first tried it and got invalid alignment, then installed the win updates and now it just doesn't wwant to burn. I recently had to replace my motherboard and my processor. Are there any settings like bus speed or drivers that I need to pay close attention to? I heard someting about multipliers, what are they? When I replaced the motherboard, the front USB cable did not fit the pin alignment on the motherboard. What can I do? I had to move and replace some pins from my front LED cables so that it would fit on my motherboard, now I cannot put the computer in standby mode, only turn off or restart, why? I have a 512 DDR 2100 installed but the computer says I only have 480, why? When I use google to search for things, my past searches come up under the search box, why and how do I clear that? I'm running XP Pro, what are the big differences from home? This is all for now thank you.

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Wrong Forum

by TheChas In reply to So many questions, you'd ...

Welcome to Tech Republic.

That is a long list of questions.

The answer to most are straightforward.

I would suggest that you post technical questions in the Technical Q&A section of the site.

Many questions will be answered within an hour of being posted.

You get an email to notify you when an answer has been posted.

Best of all, you get 1000 tech points when you rate the answers and close a question.

What are tech points?
Merely a means of keeping score at the moment.


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