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So much for principles

By NickNielsen ·
The House and Senate have caved in to the President on detainee treatment and trials and essentially given him the program he asked for. (Link:

The principles on which the United States were founded have been sacrificed on the twin altars of fear and political expediency.

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I'm sorry, Nick

by neilb@uk In reply to So much for principles

I was really hoping that the US might practice what it preached in terms of freedom.


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To be honest, Neil

by NickNielsen In reply to I'm sorry, Nick

IMO, the biggest mistake made in this case was in not moving ahead 4 years ago to determine exactly who was "detained" and their relation to Osama bin Laden. Those involved should have been questioned closely, tried, and where convicted, released into the general population in the federal prison system.

Eliminates death penalty trials and martyrdoms, but still has the same result.

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by mjd420nova In reply to So much for principles

How does anyone expect the US to treat these combatants?? Are they not prisioners of war?? We should be treating them as such, and how can they be tried for war crimes until the war is over and all the crimes exposed??

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Yes, principles

by NickNielsen In reply to Principles???

Do these people deserve the slighest consideration? No. As far as I'm concerned, they are the Islamic equivalent of the KKK: thugs using religion as an excuse for their murderous actions. Response to their actions should not have been dignified as a "war" (maybe a "retaliatory action") and they should be shot on sight, not "detained."

But now that the United States has them, we should adhere to the principles of equitable treatment under law that our country was founded upon and to the international treaties to which we are signatories. Anything else is hypocrisy.

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Question Nick

by DanLM In reply to Yes, principles

'Congress approved landmark changes to the nation's system of interrogating and prosecuting terrorism suspects last night, preparing the ground for possible military trials for key al-Qaeda members under rules that critics say will draw stiff constitutional challenges.'

I don't think they should even be given Military Trials. We never offered the Vietcong or North Korean these comforts. And neither of these conflicts declared a war by the Congress. I believe this is in the same concept. They are prisoners of war that should be detained until all hostilities are over.

What makes these terrorist's any better or have more rights then either the Vietcong or North Korea. Shoot, what makes them any better then say the German prisoner of war. Or the Japanese?

With regard to the interrogations, I will agree with you on that one. We should follow the Geneva Convention, no matter that these a$$holes have no idea what that is or means. Show me where in the Geneva Convention that you can behead someone? Which these terrorist's do with great pleasure for the full world to see.


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I believe these are criminals, not combatants

by NickNielsen In reply to Question Nick

And believe it or not, as such, they are entitled to more legal protections and "comforts" than prisoners of war, including the right to a swift trial.

As I said above (, where convicted, no special treatment. Release them into the general prison population.

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Absolutely not!

by jdclyde In reply to I believe these are crimi ...

General population just makes that a breeding ground for more radicals.

The people with the least to lose are most vulnerable to the mindwashing of becoming an Islamic extreamist.

And when they form an organized attack, using military grade weapons, that is a "criminal actions" or an "act of war"?

And if the Clinton administration teaches us nothing else, it should show that treating this like a police action will not stop these extremists from plotting the death of all infadels. (that would be you and me)

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Not their prison population, JD

by NickNielsen In reply to Absolutely not!

The American prison population. I don't think they would survive long enough to brainwash anybody.

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That is EXACTLY what I was talking about

by jdclyde In reply to Not their prison populati ...

There currently is a very high muslim population in our prision system, and several studies about how it is a breeding ground. Just saw a documentary about it two weeks ago.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Not their prison populati ...

Wasn't aware. Last information I had about prison population was the usual high-profile stuff: White gangs, black gangs, Hispanic gangs.

I should have expected Islamic gangs as well.

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