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    software application in industry


    by mlk02 ·

    How would one categorise softwares according to their functions and usages in industry.
    This discussion should be limited to software application in an industrial enterprise or organisation. Please assist and contribute by reacting.

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      software application in industry

      by luyasu ·

      In reply to software application in industry

      Divide the software application along the amalgamation of the five strands of BOLF. This nevertheless requires IT governance. Business requirements drive the technical support.

      Now you must read what I have written before to follow. I will TEACH the WORLD.

      I think a few articles were written here on TR.

      Read and return to discuss.

      Andrew Reets

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        Open minded and Objective

        by luyasu ·

        In reply to software application in industry

        Why do we consider that we need call centres, when by definition of the technology, we have contact centres? If we do not vividly define what technology is in use, then we cannot say that the present IT Industry is looking at job positions with the critical eye I offer you..

        Should I go on? YES!

        I invite all to visit my website and observe by design what the BOLF could be in your environment and why the ICT sector is in DANGER.

        Andrew Reets

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      Interesting and difficult question.

      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to software application in industry

      Software may or may not belong in more than one category! Unless the software is specific to one task, the borders become very fuzzy!

      Sales and Marketing could for example use Excel, as could Accounting. Production may use Excel, for example to call up lists of parts or check stock for a production run. CAD software, is probably going to be used by Design and Development and by Production, but not likely to be used by Accounts!

      Some software may be specific to one function, such as test software for electronic assemblies, or machine vision software designed to identify faults on a production line.

      In my industry, we design, build and market simulator systems for firearms training, and apart from a few specialist packages or customwritten software, we all tend to use the same basic packages, across every aspect of the business. I may use some software development package that is never going to be used by Accounts or Sales, and I’d probably not have much use for Sage!

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