some app turn my lcd screen into white

By majyaf ·
Hi all,
Here is my problem, I've toshiba satellite a30, works fine but when I open adobe acrobat or powerpoint it turn the screen into like negative picture then washed into white screen within seconds.
please help me. all cables are firmley pluged.

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Similar problem

by warcraft_parker In reply to some app turn my lcd scre ...

I have a Compaq Presario V2000. Every now and then, mainly when I'm trying to defrag my computer, the computer will lock itself up and the screen will turn a bright white, starting from the outside and work its way in. When it does this the only thing I can do is restart my computer. Also, sometimes when I restart it instead of a login screen I see a white screen. To get it out of it I either put it in sleep mode or hibernation mode and power it back on.
Note: this all started after I sent the computer into HP to fix a power problem. It was two months until warranty was up on it, and the problem was one that could be fixed in a day or two. They held it until warranty was completely up, and sent it back to me. I got it, first time I turned it on the screen was white, called them, and they said they couldn't help me because of the lack of warranty coverage.

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There's a lesson to be learned here...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Similar problem

Within 'International Law' (meaning it applies across the world) if you receive a computer back from a warranty repair, delivered by courier, you are perfectly within your rights to invite the delivery man into your premises so that you can check the 'MERCHANTABILITY' of the repaired item(s).

When you sign for goods, upon receipt, you accept that the goods are in full working order.

NO MATTER how disgruntled the delivery person is, DO NOT give them a signature until you are happy with the repair.

In your particular case, if you have internet records of the pick-up, together with 'tracking' information of the return of your computer: I would strongly suggest that you formulate a well-worded email, containing ALL THIS INFORMATION and send it to HP.

Mention at the end of the email, that if you do not receive satisfaction by return email (give them a time limit - 2 or 3 working days will suffice), you intend to copy your email to the Computer Trade magazines and the biggest circulation Computer / IT magazines in your part of the world.

There is no stronger motivation for a computer company to come to heel, than the prospect of extremely BAD PRESS.

I am giving this advice 'WITHOUT PREJUDICE' and suggest that you use these words within the heading of your email to HP.

A Google search for these words will illuminate you, I am sure.

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