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Some Bunny Loves You!

By oneamazingwriter ·
Happy Easter!
For those who don't celebrate Easter: Happy Long Weekend!
For those who don't have a long weekend: Happy Sunday!
For those who don't even get Sunday off: Take a hug ((((You))))) and take a break!!


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hugs? ]:)

by Jaqui In reply to Some Bunny Loves You!

yup, I work sundays.
I may get a long weekend.. monday through wednesday this week, but that would just be normal, I do get 2 of those a month.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to hugs? ]:)

No wonder you put a ? after hugs! When would you have time! ((((Jaqui))) There you go, Jaqui. I have a THING about keeping my word. (Was it as good for you as it was for me?)

Now I know jd will jump all over that one. (jd! It was ONLY a hug! Get in line!)

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by jdclyde In reply to Glory!

I saw that!

I WASN'T going to say anything because of the nature of this discussion, but you just HAD to bring it up!

Because of the nature of the easter post, I will NOT go into depths about this though. Next time. B-)

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to HAND CHECK!

You forgot to take this with you! (((jdclycde)))
The nature of the post was a manipulative gesture to spread some lightness. I confess!!!

A bunny story for you:
Back in my drinking days (oh! no! I didn't ever do that, did I?) I told a bar owner who asked me to waitress at a Halloween party that I would come dressed as a bunny, mini skirt and all...and I did.
I bought pink (longjohn) footed PJ's, made/wore two floppy ears, and put a black mini skirt over the PJ's with a white waitress apron. As I took orders I pulled a carrot out of the pocket on the apron and asked, "What's up, Doc?"

Edit: To prove this is really me!

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Dressing up

by jdclyde In reply to jd?

my avitar is me last halloween.

A loving pic of me and the ex wife.

Here for larger version.

(does this give a peek into what I think of my ex?)

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Typically me

by oneamazingwriter In reply to Dressing up

I looked and said, "Grass! Trees! Hosta plants!" I am forever distracted by beauty. really DO wear sunglasses as on your emoticon!!

There's no hope for me, jd. I'm one of those people who wakes myself up by laughing in my sleep.

I had to pay a doctor's fee years ago that bugged me a lot because all he said was, "When the pain goes away, it won't hurt anymore."

His words haunted me until I finally realized that I probably wouldn't have laughed as hard once I finally learned that lesson if he hadn't stiffed me out of the money!

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Happy Easter to you

by jdclyde In reply to Some Bunny Loves You!

(you? edit? say it isn't so!)

A very happy Easter to all that believe in that sort of thing, and have a nice day to those that don't.

Easter is a VERY special day for me. My twin boys were born on Easter Sunday, 14 years ago. It has always been a doublely blessed day for me ever since.

It was a grand weekend, and had a lot of fun. They have gone back to their female parental units love shack now, and the day sucks, and my computer is toast. (on laptop instead).

Was planning on joining in on the TR Guild with garvin playing WoW, but it doesn't look like even that will happen.

Time to break into the scotch.....

Oh, I always try to do something with the baskets to make the boys laugh, and had started a few years ago pouring choc covered raisins on them and on the table (easter bunny had an accident! :0 ) Last year I took it a step further and added in some "whoopers" (what was easter bunny eating? Bet that hurt!).
This year, I added in a few "baby ruth" candy bars..... ;\

they laughed.

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by oneamazingwriter In reply to Happy Easter to you

for you and the boys. sad about the computer. grinning about the chocolate droppings.

What fried your computer?

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fried computers, come and get em'

by jdclyde In reply to Happy

It is an older AMD biostar board, running a 1900 CPU. It just shuts off when playing games (this is my boys gaming system, so that is all it is for).

Swapped out EVERYTHING but the MD and it still shuts off. Swapped out MB and now I can't get it to load.
Not sure if it is a bios issue, compatablity, chipset or what, but I can't get over half way through an XP install. (grrrr). It was a used MB that a friend gave me that I swapped in, so I can't complain. Going to put old board back in and just have to russle up a few more side jobs so I can just buy NEW MB/CPU/RAM and start over.

Have been reading that older AMD MB's would burn up after a while due to cheap parts that couldn't take the heat. The bad thing is I never even over-clocked the system or anything!

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Sounds like

by oneamazingwriter In reply to fried computers, come and ...

a doctor disussing a patient with a heart, liver, nose transplant only to have the patient die of heat exhaustion!

Question for you: What would have happened if you set up a fan outside/behind the computer? (the Jury-rig specialist) Would it have had any cooling effect at all?

I understood most of what you wrote (hurray! I'm learning) and looked up bios. I'm sure this will help. One of the definitions was Big Idiots On Stilts. (Now how did I know that wasn't the right definition? )

So now I'm down to Basic Input Output System, Binary Intelligence Overide System, or Binary Interupt Output Service. Since you aren't on a network, I am ruling out the last one.

Is it Bachelor #1 or Bachelor #2? Keep your pants on. I take a while with such decisions.

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