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Some one HELP me understand this!

By Tig2 ·
It doesn't seem to matter what the subject matter, many TR peers seem to think that the best way to respond is with "10 point words" - words with the absolute highest emotional triggers. And the unfortunate outcome is that there are really good posters that decide to just not deal with it. So they go away.

I am about sick of the puerile attacks on people just because a person doesn't agree. Guess what- I don't agree with a lot of people here. I don't have to flame them.

The issue that has me on this rant is pennatomcat. The poor schmuck decides to post something under a header that was somewhat misleading. Okay. If we could just keep all the Tech QA in the right place this wouldn't have been a problem. Unfortunately, we can't. People post as they do. The result to Tomcat is that he basically got fried over something that he wasn't wholly a part of- TR decided to showcase his thread- appropriately filed under Misc. Did he post badly? My initial impression was that he should have given other peers a heads up that this was a joke. I said as much and in so many words. What I DIDN'T do was participate in the ensuing mud slinging.

I have read the entire thread. Can we please get off this poor guy? He was being funny. I know that many peers have stood up to defend him. You have risen in my estimation because of it.

Can we try a modicum of tolerance, people? Maecuff, ITGirlie, JDClyde, SleepinDawg, DeepSand, NightHawk, DawgIt, others I have missed- you MUST know I am not talking to you. I am ranting about the id10ts out there who are so stuck in their "professionalism" or their theoretical ideals that they can't think straight any more.

Sorry folks. The injustice here just makes me want to spit. I invite the likes of ti99a and luvinIT to cross my path. I have read their words. They make no sense.

Y'all know that I am a generally peaceful person. But this is irritating in the extreme.

Let the flame wars begin! The delete button on MY computer works just fine. And for any of the unfortunate that think that they can get to me, read "Fighting Breast Cancer". You don't scare me in the least.

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Sorry but some

by zlitocook In reply to Some one HELP me understa ...

Of the IT people have way too much time on thier hands and like to tear into people! It shows how little personality they have! If you need to put down some one because they ask a question that you know and think they should know or they just need a simple answer. Well they have more problems then can be helped here.
I have always said that we need to let the new people ask a question and not belittle them for it.
How are they to learn except by asking?
Haha let the the posters flame me! I like being the bad guy!

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Problem not unique to IT personnel.

by deepsand In reply to Sorry but some

I've seen the same problem many times on other boards as well.

I finally left a group, dedicated to the exchange of guitar tabs for just such a reason. Rather than simply seeking out or offering up tabs, there were those who insisted on and persisted in ridiculing others' tastes in music.

There are the ill mannered and uncivil lurking everywhere; they cannot be escaped, short of your physically isolating yourself from everyone else.

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TR 404 error; ignore.

by deepsand In reply to Sorry but some
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This is precisely why I started the "Eternal Flame" thread.

by deepsand In reply to Some one HELP me understa ...

I had originally called it "The TI99a Eternal Flame;" but, after my anger subsided, which was immediately after starting such (cathartic?), my better judgement prevailed, and I changed it.

Quite frankly, there's no satisfactory solution to the issue that you raise.

People will always disagree, some in a manner more civil than others. We are irrational creatures by nature, rational by nuture, with the former being the more powerful owing to its origins.

In face-to-face confrontations, there are any number of ways in which conflict can either be resolved, or at least contained. On the other hand, in long distance one's, particularly when in writing only, lacking any sort of superior-subordinate relationship, there are few, if any, constraints that can be brought to bear.

I have on several past occasions tried to moderate situations that had already turned into flame wars, or appeared to be about to, with the results that I was either accused of acting as a proxy for one or both parties involved, or told, in manners quite rude, that it was none of my business.

As a result, the rest of us are left with the choices only of whether or not to participate, observe, or depart.

May the future be kind.

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Maintain control

by mjd420nova In reply to Some one HELP me understa ...

I have to agree with you, as I've begun to skip
over responses from some of these "malcontents".
Some enjoy rattling others cages and some delight
in responding to them with harsh words and
nit-picking. I come to this site to help those
who have little experience in computers and to
get some insight on things I don't understand.
Jump on my spelling, typo's or subject matter,
and I'll gladly ignore you too. But if you have
something constructive to add, I'll be the first
to respond. I've been through this all before,
from the first BBS, and it hasn't changed, there
are those who will attenpt to take over or
otherwise subvert the original thread. I have no
problems with some threads sounding like a chat
room, and that's their perogative. Maybe TR
could add a chat room, and then most users would
be able to sound off and get immediate responses.
I love a good fight, but it has to be conducted
with some consideration of those who are looking
for some information, and don't have time for
drivel. A good example is the Friday Yuk,
maybe 6 jokes and 50 chit-chats among others.
This is good, and maybe a specific area should
be set aside. Carry on!!

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by jdclyde In reply to Maintain control

When you block your text like that, man it is hard to read.

Not a flame, but a request. word wrap the text. double space between ideas.

Makes it easier for US to understand YOU.


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I'm sorry

by mjd420nova In reply to nova

Out of force of habit, I keep an eye on the screen so as not to cram too much on a single line. I was not aware that this created problems for others, and from here on I'll just pound away and forget about the RETURN key. I guess it stems from looking at what I type and when I come to the end of the line I just automaticaly hit that key. Some habits are hard to break and I lapse into autopilot and just pound away.
I'll endevour to restrain myself in the future.

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That does help

by jdclyde In reply to I'm sorry

If you type something worth reading, might as well put it in a format that doesn't make it harder to read!



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The Miscellaneous category is the "chat room."

by deepsand In reply to Maintain control

Merely creating yet another area would'nt solve a problem that has deep roots in the human condition; i.e, we are both rationa and irrational creatures. And, as the the former is born of nuture, whereas the latter is born of nature, when the 2 conflict the latter proves to be the more powerful.

I've seen boards with so many participants eager to pounce on typos, spelling errors, etal., that some others would deliberately make "mistakes," so as to give their would be detractors something with which to occupy themselves!

As for myself, I'm constantly screwing up the delimiters used here for bold and italicized fonts, as well as frequently typing too fast with the result that I transpose characters, or produce consecutive upper case ones. So as to avoid the nitpickers, given the absence of a Preview function here, I try to always review my posts after they're submitted, and correct any errors that I spot.

And, occasionally, if I spot a nitpicker, I will deliberately leave a crumb or two for their amusement.

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Nuture = ??

by onbliss In reply to The [i]Miscellaneous[/i] ...

English is not my first language. So when you said "nuture", I jumped to the conclusion that you made a typo. I thought you wanted to say nurture. But when you used the same spelling twice in different posts, I had to look up the dictionary. Webster did not have any thing with that spelling.

So then, I mulled over your remarks about deliberate "mistakes" to keep some folks amused. But as I had some time on my hand, I decided to google. I saw several results that had "Nature vs Nuture" debates/discussions. Looks like lots of people do use that particular word "nuture"

I am little more perplexed. Care to demystify it? :-)

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