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    Somebody had already thought about it and acted on it.


    by onbliss ·

    Every individual has had “Eureka” moments of having come up with something original or some kind of innovation.
    The only catch being that the brilliant ideas had occured to others in the past, and they had already acted on it and brought it to the world.

    So why don’t we share something here and get a pat from each other, now that we can not make name, fame or money out of it 🙂

    [b]I am not sure of the legal ramifications of such a thread (where we are just boasting), so if it is inappropriate or is going to be of any concern (patents, IP, copyrights, whatever), TR just [u]yank this thread out[/u][/b]

    Let me start with two of those “great” ideas that I had only to discover that…..

    1)I was sitting in a classroom, when suddenly I hit upon this idea of having a calculator on the keyboard. The “numerical pads” could be used for the usage. Oh well, somebody had already thought about it….

    2)A home device that could display a slide-show of digital pictures. I had gotten bored looking at the same family portraits hanging on in our living room. So I thought, it would be brilliant to create a product that could display a slide-show of some digital pictures that we input into the device. We could set the timings in terms of seconds, minutes or days. Can make the product in different sizes….and how cool it would with some sort of ambience light or back lit etc. etc. Alas few years after my thought, I discovered that somebody had already thought about it WELL BEFORE ME and acted on it.

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      I once had an absolutely GREAT idea!

      by maxwell edison ·

      In reply to Somebody had already thought about it and acted on it.

      I once had this idea where I would start a brand new country, but get this — it wouldn’t belong to me, but rather to all the people who lived there. And all the people who live there would promise to be self-reliant and to take responsibility for the outcome of their own actions; and they would even agree to let other people determine those things for themselves.

      The government of this country would promise not to interfere in those things, it would even be set up so that it actually guaranteed them, and that it would actually serve the people to meet those ends, not the other way around, where the people served the government or other people. It would also be agreed that any individual could pretty much do whatever he wanted, as long as that individual didn’t hurt anyone else in the process or prevent other individuals from pursuing whatever they wanted — something about individuals pursuing happiness, is how it would have be phrased.

      But wouldn’t you know it? Some other people already came up with that idea (some people named Thomas, James, George and Benjamin). They even put it in writing and named that document some sort of Declaration; and it even had a special set of rules to ensure all those things, exactly as I thought of them.

      The only problem, however, is that there’s no way to get to that country anymore. You can’t drive or walk there; there are no flights available to get there; and all the seaports must have been washed away (probably because of global warming). And wouldn’t you know it, there’s just no available [i]nation building land[/i] where it can be copied.

      So here I am, an idea without a way to implement it.

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      The first to act on it is not always the most successful

      by kinnexions ·

      In reply to Somebody had already thought about it and acted on it.

      Keep in mind that the first one to think of it and act on it does not always capture the largest portion of the market share. Look at Napster and ITunes. If that were the case, then ITunes should have never even attempted to enter the market. You could take your device that shows digital pictures and make it wi-fi compatible so that family members can send photos to it and update it automatically. This could be very popular with grandparents with children who live far away and want to show them photos of their grandchildren quickly and easily.

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