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Somebody help me out

By sulabh08 ·
i had this problem with my desktop pc a week and it is still not fixed.the problem is that it restarts unexpectedly sometimes itself and when it restarts it shows a message "the file windows\system32\system is corrupted" and it asks me to repair windows installation.
i repaired windows using my windows bootable cd and it worked all right for a while and it again restarted and the same message popped up. i tried the safe mode but it won't open and the same message is displayed.
so what i did was i formatted my hard drive and reinstalled my windows but after a while its the same again. so i thought it might be my new AGP video card which created this problem so i removed it from my computer but to no use. now everytime i use my computer it always restarts and i have to repair the windows installation each time.
i think i have a faulty hardware, probably my powerbox because the power fan has been making noise just before i had that problem.
so i am asking some help from any hardware specialist. please someone post something... anything in this topic or i will have to change the whole powerbox and my motherboard and my hard disk if they get damaged due to regular restarting.
any sort of suggestions are welcome and i would be very grateful it they worked.

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it is possible bcz of any hardware fault

by FARHAN12 In reply to Somebody help me out

i dont know if OS is installed in the harddisk.
Any way most probably it is because if the faulty power supply.
i would like to unplug every peripheral from the motherboard e,g lan card, 56k modem etc, disconnect the data and power cables for harddisk, DVD, floppy etc
and just turn the machine on with keyboard pluged in, monitor data cable into the cpu. Check if that happens again.
In some cases it happens when cpu is drawing more power then the capacity of the power supply, or any of the part is getting over heated depending upon which system u have got there.

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thank you...

by sulabh08 In reply to it is possible bcz of any ...

thanks for the advice. i unplugged all the cables going to the hard-disk and cd-rom drives and floppy drives and my video card as well as you said. then i turned on the power for about 15 minutes but the system didn't restart. so i plugged it back on and bingo!! my computer got well again but the fan is still making noise. but i am not having problems anymore.
thank you very very much
i really appreciated it.

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At the risk of mentioning the obvious

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Somebody help me out

have you tried a surface scan ?
I had the same problem with a portable and it was simply some bad sectors on the hard drive.

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