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Somebody please shut this man up!

By azul ·
Somebody please shut this man up!

Pat Robertson suggests that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's stroke was divine retribution for the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza.

This man makes every American and Christian look bad every time he opens his mouth.

When will God smite HIM for being an idiot?

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While I don't agree with him

by jdclyde In reply to Somebody please shut this ...

I thought as Americans it is your right and duty to speak up against what you disagree with?

Is that only when it is against the US Government, or just what you disagree with that this applies to?

I don't see Sen. Kennedy getting smited down, and he is an idiot.
I don't see Sen. Clinton getting smited down, and she is an idiot.
I son't see Strisand getting smited down, and she is definately an idiot.

Consistancy, where are you now?

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Its his right, but he shouldn't be newsworthy to CNN

by AV . In reply to While I don't agree with ...

I don't care what he says on his 700 Club show, but Pat Robertson should not have his views aired on CNN with responses from President Bush and heads of other countries in the same commentary. There are plenty of Evangelicals out there that aren't quoted. Why Pat Robertson?

No Barbara Streisand bashing. She's a great singer. I don't care about her politics.

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look at who it is making him "news worth"

by jdclyde In reply to Its his right, but he sho ...

the "liberal progressives".

Why you ask? Because they are hoping to hold this nutbag up and TRY to say that he is an example of why we need to remove Christianity from all aspects of our lives.

I personally would never have known about this comment OR his comments when a poster misrepresented what he said about some town that was "turning their backs on God", had they not been held up here in TR.

So look at the ANTI-Christians, and ask THEM why they are giving him so much face time globally. If they ignored him, many here in America would not even know he was still alive. (me included).

Streisand, idiots can sing, even if they barely have the brain power to be sucking oxygen. I am not bashing her singing. They do enough of that on South Park, and do it much better than I could. I am strictly commenting on her stupidity.

When "stars" stand up and take a stand for a cause, they have to expect that people that disagree with their cause will also see them in a lesser light.

Although, I never thought I would be ABLE to see BonJovi in a lesser light until he came out for Kerry. Proved me wrong.......

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Bon Jovi

by MirrorMirror In reply to look at who it is making ...

I was APPALLED that Bon Jovi went political and even more so that he went for Kerry. I refuse to buy anymore Bon Jovi CD's.

My kingdom for an entertainer who stays out of politics!

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Alice Cooper is your man

by jdclyde In reply to Bon Jovi

He had the best quote during the 04 election.

"Anyone that gets their political advice from a rock star is an idiot"

The same can be said about same rock star that is GIVING political advice.

It was funny when "The Boss" was showing up with Kerry. People would hear him sing a few songs, and then when he was done and Kerry came on, people just left. (left the left? I crack myself up!)

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post deleted

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Alice Cooper is your man
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post deleted

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Alice Cooper is your man
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Alice Cooper is a Republican

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Alice Cooper is your man

He did not make any noise about it, but he is friends with John McCain and has supported his Senate campaigns. He also supported GWB's reelection. I read that Alice Cooper quote before, and I do see the truth in it, and also believe that Alice Cooper was exercising irony , since he is a supporter of Republican and conservative causes. Alice Cooper also made the ironic quote: "What's the big deal about Marilyn Manson, he is just some guy in a dress", considering that Alice Cooper wore dresses in the early part of his career.

It is true that Cooper is relatively quiet about politics, not like Ted Nugent who tells everyone that liberals and Democrats suck!! :-)

Nothing wrong with that, I happen to agree with both Cooper and Nugent (not because they told me what to believe, I was already a Reagan Republican), and they both do rock!! :-)

Alice Cooper is also an evangelical Christian, a big supporter of Grand Canyon College, a Christian school in Arizona. He is just not outspoken about it, and his witness is one-on-one with other people in the music industry, not on stage, where he rocks!!

If you have ever heard Alice Cooper and Ted Nugent in interviews, you will find out they are both very eloquent and very intelligent, unlike "The Boss" or Streisand, or Bon Jovi.

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goes without saying

by jdclyde In reply to Alice Cooper is a Republi ...

that they would be more eloquent AND intelligent. There is an IQ test you have to fail to join the Democratic party these days, ESPECIALLY if your an alledged celebrity.

Streisand has got to be the worst of them though. Talk about a nitwit!

And while Ted is a little "colorful" in his language, he is well informed and isn't afraid to speak the truth.

For a lot of it though, I do prefer the Cooper approach and low profile instead of the Democratic approach of yelling and screaming their hate every chance they get.

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Sorry about the triple posts

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Alice Cooper is your man

First time it has happened to me. :-(

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