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By breaked ·
I'm writing to you because I'm getting a little desperate about this,but
>you got to help me...A few days ago I got a new computer- a Intel
>pentium III at 800 Mhz, with a nVidia Riva TnT2 M64, a Creative
>sounblaster live!, 128 MB of RAM, andwith Windows ME installed. After
>installing all the drivers, i tried to install a game ("devil inside"if
>you ever heard about it) but the installation stopped at 22%, I tried to
>install the game in a laptop and there were no problems, I checked the
>disk free space, and there was enough, at this time i decided to get rid
>of Windows Me, thinking that the problem was in it.I then installed
>Windows 98 SE. Tried to install the game and it stopped again, then I
>ran a scandisk thorogh check,and to tried to installed it again and
>again, there isn't any problem with the Cd-Rom reader, because other cds
>work just fine.Can you please help me, I've tried a lot of pople but
>none of them knew how to solve my problem, so youare my last
>Thanks for your time,
>Diogo Cordeiro

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Lockups on Loading

by Xerxesix In reply to Someone help

I have experienced the same problem. First thing to do is to check whether your motherboard has a game port. One possibility is that the soundcard also has a game port and it creates a conflict. To take it one step further, disabling the gameportin the current configuration may not solve the problem. Manually assigning the resources for the game port may get you past the lockup on load but could cause lockups when you play. The only thing that worked for me was to remove all the soundcardsoftware and hardware, This got me past the installation and I can play without lockups. I have not had the chance to talk to the Soundblaster tech support to allow me to actually get the soundcard to work properly. Hope this helps to isolate theproblem.

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Try copying CD files to disk

by savatovic In reply to Someone help

Try this:

Open Explorer
Open your disk where you have at least 600 MB free space (or at least as much as the size of your game CD).
Let's assume it is drive C:
On your C: disk create new folder "Devil_Inside".
Select and copy all the files from your CD to this new directory.
If you are successfull, try to run setup from this directory (for example go to Start, Run. Type C:\Devil_Inside\Setup.exe

If you still have problems, you may need to take your PC for repair.

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