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Someone please stop this gasoline ride....

By cp7212 ·
....I want to get off now. Gasoline was $2.55 per gallon on Monday (8/29). Gasoline was $2.89 per gallon when I came to work this morning (9/1), now it is $3.14 per gallon. Pardon my French, but what the **** is going on?

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Do you know...

by DMambo In reply to Someone please stop this ... little sympathy you're gonna get from people ouside the U.S.??

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I'm not looking for sympathy....

by cp7212 In reply to Do you know...

I'd just like some opinions as to how this monster keeps growing. I figured the U.S. had lower gasoline prices due to a supply/demand model. That doesn't seem to be it. I'd just like some feedback from some of the other members. But all the same, thanks for making that point.

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I saw the same thing

by DMambo In reply to I'm not looking for sympa ...

At a station near my house, the price went up $0.60 within a day and a half of the hurricane hitting the Gulf coast. I don't believe they even has a delivery during that period. I understand that they'll have to replenish their stock at the higher prices, but it seems like gouging to me. Another station nearby was $3.099 at noon time yesterday, but had fallen to $2.859 by 6:00 PM. Crazy!

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You asked for feedback...

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'm not looking for sympa ...

The U.S. refinery capacity has been running at max capacity for several years. For a variety of reason, economic and environmental, it has not been feasible for the oil companies to build new refineries. With the loss of refining capacity due to Katrina, the "supply" portion of supply and demand has taken a big hit. This should be somewhat reduced as the delivery systems are reconfigured, but may never return to previous levels.

That's the short term problem. Long term factors have contributed to the growth of the "demand" side of the equation. These include several decades of governmental policies that encourage inefficient use of foreign and domestic fossil fuels; fuel-wasting driving practices (some of them illegal); the lack of viable national or regional mass transit systems; and the successful marketing of fuel-inefficient vehicles.

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Todays news

by Oz_Media In reply to You asked for feedback...

Actually reported that Bush would be increasing production by opening up refineries NOT operating or not operating at full capacity and he will be permitting the clean air acts to be breached for this purpose.

This would then imply that the US refineries have NOT been operating at maximum capacity for years.

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Multiple refineries

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Todays news

I missed that one.

The regular unleaded refineries were at full capacity. We do have other refineries that don't run at full capacity. They produce fuels designed to meet the stricter air quality standards in selected metropolitan areas. By suspending the clear air standards in those areas, the refineries that produce these custom fuels can be used at full cap for regular unleaded instead.

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looking for sympathy or no..

by giannidalessismo In reply to I'm not looking for sympa ...

you were complaining about what is,given the system, which is
broken, an inevitability; you started a pretty live thread, good work.

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Try Oz (Australia)

by ozi Eagle In reply to Do you know...

This morning petrol (gas) was $A1.34 per LITRE, roughly $A5.50 per US gallon, or $US4.12

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Pure Greed

by jkaras In reply to Someone please stop this ...

They decided on capitolizing on a quick buck under the guise that shipments were not going to be delivered due to the hurricane damage. Truth is nothing was or is barring any shipments, let alone any supposed new inflated shipments. I live in Florida and it got insanely inflated over a few hours. So I say ok fine you want to rip your customers off? well I have as well as others taken notes on which stations ripped people off and am never going back to their stations to force them out of business. If that is how they want to run their business the nit's going to cost them severely. I like that some politicians are going to get the stations that price gauged hopefully pulling their license. It will cost them more in attorney fees and penalties than they made in profit. You wanna get back at them? Take a picture with your cell phone of their prices and email the picture to the commisions that are investigating the ones responsibile, make them pay!!!!

The sad thing is that gas is going to sky rocket needlessly because it's already risen. I know for a fact if the prices get any more higher their will be riots from angry Americans being put further into the poorhouse, by that idiot of a president Bush. His approval rating is dropping faster that history has ever reported on a past president.

ON a side note the planning for the help of the effected areas were quite sub par and demand the removal of leaders that failed the people that cost too many people their lives. For shame, it's quite embarassing to the level of ineptness.

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It's not the gas stations.

by TonytheTiger In reply to Pure Greed

I was going to reply explaining the profit structure to you, but when I got to the last two paragraphs of your message, I realized that you probably wouldn't understand.

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