Someone using my email information

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I have recieved quite a few emails that I never sent anything to the companies sending me stuff and I am already having an issue with identity theft and it has been an awfull experience. I do not want to change my email name,I already changed my password but would like to know how to change my security code word and make up my own so no 1 will ever figure it out. I also updated all my information on my yahoo account and want it protected as best as they can. How do I get help with this I also saved the businesses information and a email that a perso from Ohio used my information to apply for credit and god knows what else. Can u help me w/this>


Lisa Becotte

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re: spoofing

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Someone using my email in ...

I can't tell you how to change your security information at Yahoo. You'll have to read Yahoo FAQ's or contact Yahoo directly for answers to your questions.

But, I can tell you that spoofing your email address is VERY common and changing your password won't stop it. It happens to all of us. Once someone finds an email address that is valid, they "pretend" to be you while sending out their spam and they don't have to have access to your email account to do it. They just put your email address in their FROM information. Then, they sell lists of valid email addresses to other spammers, so the problem multiplies. The only way to get off those lists is to either delete the email account, or (if you use an ISP) make it inactive for about a month so it drops off the lists.

If you get bounced messages from addresses that you didn't send email to, just throw it away like the rest of us do. If you want to go to the trouble and expense of trying to track down who's using your email address to send email, that's up to you.

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