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Something of major importance

By wojnar ·
Steelers or Seahawks

Let me begin the count with 1 for the Steelers

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Steelers - And if you're in a betting mood. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Something of major import ...

......I'd take the Steelers minus the four points.

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by puppybreath In reply to Something of major import ...

Anyone who humiliates the Broncos gets my vote.

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Definitely the Steelers

by AV . In reply to Something of major import ...

I hope its an exciting game and not a blowout.

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I still don't get it

by TheChas In reply to Something of major import ...

I was waiting for a Super Bowl thread to start.

Even after last years thread on the Suoer Bowl, I still don't understand what all the hype and fuss is about.

I mean really, what difference does it make in our lives who wins this silly game?

For that matter, why do we in the US spend so much time as sports spectators?

Why do we throw so much money and nearly worship these modern day gladiators?

Why do we care what some celebrity is up to in their private life?

Are our daily lives so devoid of challenge that we need to get vicarious thrills from the physical prowess of others?

Imagine what would happen if we invested 1/4 of the time the US spends on spectator sports digging into local and political issues and holding politicians and businesses responsible for their actions!


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by maxwell edison In reply to I still don't get it

Because I wanted to, that's why.

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I for one don't see it that way.

by JamesRL In reply to -

I know you two have had your share of disagreements, but I might suggest Max, that if anyone else has posted the same, you would have still disagreed, but not read any kind of sense of superiority into it.

I don't follow sports the way many do. I did in my youth watch an awful lot of hockey and lacrosse (live and on TV), and I went to quite a few Blue Jays games before the strike. I went to Grey Cup game once, but only during a season when I attended a few CFL games.

But to me the Super Bowl is the climax of the season, and to me its sad how people have turned it into a standalone excuse to party, get drunk and cheer on a team that they have never followed during the season.

How many people will be watching their first game all year? How many people of those people even know the basic rules? So why then is this such a big deal? Its not like all these people were tracking the long road to the super bowl, following all the ups and downs, injuries and upsets.

I'm not suggesting people not enjoy themselves, I'm not elitist, but I am suggesting that the Super Bowl has less to do with football than many would suggest.

And I might even watch for the cool half time ads except the Canadian TV stations substitute their own.


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RE: Super Bowl Ads and Canada

by DugaDugDug In reply to I for one don't see it th ...

For us Canucks who get stuck during NFL games watching during breaks about the guy from Canadian Tire telling us about how we need to get the Simonize Water Pressure or Mastercraft exact fitting windshield wipers, take heed as Yahoo Video and others will have Super Bowl commericials at the ready shortly after they have aired on US stations, from what I read yesterday.

Speaking of which, did Canadian Tire guy get divorced as I don't see his wife anymore in the commercials?

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Canadian marketing

by JamesRL In reply to RE: Super Bowl Ads and Ca ...

I read a Toronto Star article about commericial charecters and branding, and it frankly got me totally steamed. I need to be on a focus group or something.

They suggested that the Canadian Tire couple were effective (yet another incompetant husband/bitchy wife scene, which they have dramatically toned down), and also that the Keith's yelling scotsman was effective. It was effective at me hating Keith's ads, I am soooo tired of yelling Scotsman (Keiths, that Gum ad, the Nutragrain ad). I might just have to find another brand of beer. If I met someone like that in a bar in Nova Scotia, I might have to renounce my viturous non-violent ways and forget all the discipline that the martial arts taught me and just whup some butt.

But I really reserve my ire for those marketing idiots who think we are so stupid as to like this cr@p.


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isn't a matter of you liking it

by jdclyde In reply to Canadian marketing

it is a matter of you REMEMBERING.

If they can get you to remember the brand name, it does influince the purchases of the weak willed people in the world, which is a friggen lot of people.

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my first game

by jdclyde In reply to I for one don't see it th ...

this year, and I probably won't watch the whole thing this weekend either.

I go to superbowl parties because it is a chance to socialize, not because I am a football fan.

as for the ads, they are suppose to ALL be available on-line right after the game is done.

no, I will not be drunk either.

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