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Something you may want to look into

By Oz_Media ·
Hello all, hope you had a great Christmas and got that new bike you've wanted all these years.

I just noticed a slight issue with the TOP 100 listings that you MAY want to look into.

While in Tech Q&A, one respondent showed that he was 14th place in the top 100, clicking on his meter showed him as being in 15th place. MY meter shows 7th place, but when you click on it the top 100 shows me in 6th place.

Is this just some sort of lag between realtime posting calculations vs what the site displays on the meter perhaps not being refreshed or updated as fast?

Just food for thought as things are changing, a stitch in time and all that?

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An example of Q&A gone wrong

by house In reply to Something you may want to ...

Hey oz... post some freakin' info on satellite-communications in my Q&A post. I'd like to close, but I have nothing to post thus far. LOL.

I will have the time to do a bit of research eventually, but I figured you might have a few links for reference on the topic. :)


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by Oz_Media In reply to An example of Q&A gone wr ...

I sent you an email, you maybe got me mixed up, you mentioned, I have never heard of them.

For a good example of wireless bandwidth and 'skyshots' visit these guys are an absolute top-notch business class ISP. NEVER down, ALWAYS fast, VERY secure, EXCELLENT support.

I'll look for your Q&A and post this same info if that's what you are asking about.

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Could've been filtered...

by house In reply to Hmmmm our MDaemon mail server. I didn't receive anything. Maybe your mail was marked as spam with our rating system... I'll check it out.

I said "satellite com" - short for communication - not "". :)

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though, I will close this now and do a bit of research myself.


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Hiya Chris

by Oz_Media In reply to Could've been filtered...

It is possible that my domain is blacklisted as it is a public domain and many people use it for garbage. I had to add an exception rule when my mail wasn't getting to my client.

I think the main point I thought you'd see benfit in was the relationship between SOhoSkyway and the antenna provider (sorry name has slipped me but it's on their wireless page).

They have used this system to access all kind of places where the local Telco hasn't opened DSL ports. The example I gave you before was when ONE company incested in the wireless antenna and then brought in enough bandwidth to serve neighbouring businesses, probably paying for thier own equipment/bandwidth as a result.

If you are in the biz, it is interesting to see the real life workarounds available in Canada, unlike the US which is so deregulated you have 1,000 options available, you also have 1,000 company's to put to the test though.

Good luck, if you ever have questions, the guys at SOHO can be VERY helpful and are very knowledgeable, they are my pros.

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Thankya Oz

by house In reply to Hiya Chris

I am not "in the business" so to speak, I am interested in the concept though. There are quite a few dead zones regarding high speed internet in the area. It may not even be an option when you weigh the cost vs the potential clients.

Thanks for the info. I will definitely check it out.

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Chris what do you need to know?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thankya Oz

Over here I very nearly had to resort to a Satellite system because the broad band cables ended 300 yards down the road and of course the Telephone people had me on a split line so I only ever got at best 1/2 speed Dial up. It was driving me nuts for nearly 5 years and constantly being told we'll have it fixed within the next 12 months was wearing more than a bit thin.

Currently I've just got ADSL within the past 3 months but that required an election and a call to the Communications Minister otherwise I would still be on the half speed dial-up.

Over here Satellite can only be used for surfing the net and downloading admittedly very fast but we can not upload for that we need a dial-up connection. While it sought of defeats the purpose the downloads are very quick fairly secure and mostly work unless there are some really adverse atmospheric conditions.


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by house In reply to Chris what do you need to ...

"Over here Satellite can only be used for surfing the net and downloading admittedly very fast but we can not upload for that we need a dial-up connection" ...How the **** do you send acknowledgements while using TCP???? I am assuming that it supports outbound, but they are limiting the traffic to necessity.

What I was interested in, was some sort of a starting point. Satellite communications are somewhat alien to me, so I was interested in any reference to solid information on the topic. A sort of "kickstart" if you will. Books are more valuable to me than web though.


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Actually Chris

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Chris what do you need to ...

Every Satellite installation that I've ever seen was strictly a download only site. They had a receiving antenna not a transmitting facility. What is done here is you can receive downloads via the satellite but for uploads you have to resort to a dial-up connection to send out anything.

If you where to put in place a transceiver there would be a myriad of problems with officialdom to over come the least of which would be cross talk between the outgoing and other signals which would just get over blown by the signal to the satellite. Like local Ceil phones and free to air TV and the like.

As it's now 3.33 AM local time I'll leave it until latter and dig up some reference books and post them here for you.


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by Oz_Media In reply to Chris what do you need to ...

The wireless skyshot I was referring to works up and down, in fact the ISP guarantees equal up and down bandwidth with DSL. That's how my last client got set up at first because DSL was not available.


Phone lines, pshaw!!

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Chris those crappy phone lines

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Chris what do you need to ...

Might b a Security Issue as well. If the data was downloaded via satellite it would be untraceable to the destination but by using phone lines the outgoing data could be monitored.

To date the only places that I know who use transceivers like what you are looking for are the big Media agencies these would be way out of the price range of the domestic user. Even a receiving station here is about 2K AU to install and then several hundred AU per month to run and that only allows downloads.

Even out in the bush here the only use of satellite phones is allowed and even then the signals are sent through a local monitoring station in Western AU.

You could also have a problem with the signs that would have to be put up around the place warning about RF Radiation that would scare most people silly as they equate the word "Radiation" with Nuclear and would just miss the RF or EM bit.

I ran across that at Hunden where the Jindellee Over the Horizon Radar facility is as the people there saw the "Caution RF Radiation" signs and everyone thought that they would have babies with two heads and one foot and the like.

A transceiver that was capable of providing a signal up would have to be fairly powerful and well beyond the .75 W of the average Satellite Phone.

But I'll have a look around ands see what is available after all one of the people at Queensland Uni owes me a favor so maybe its time to call in the marker.


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