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    Space, the final frontier


    by protiusx ·

    Ok, this is a very serious post. Remember Star Trek with Scotty, Bones, Capt. Kirk and the gang? This post is all about what the best episode was. What geekier thing could one think of other than Star Trek?

    I personally have many favorites but I think it has to be a draw between the episode where the spirit of Jack the Ripper is let loose on the Enterprise or when Kirk is forced as a thrall to fight in a death match and train with a hot chick in a shiny metallic costume and to much make up.

    So my TechRepublic friends ? what is your favorite episode?

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      Now, you’re talking!

      by old guy ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      A Taste of Armageddon, where two worlds have brought warfare down to a computerized exercise and people have to mindlessly walk into the death chambers to fill the numbers. Captain Kirk?s statement, ??I choose not to fight today? has always stuck with me, But actually all the episodes were my favorite.

      I have all but two of the episodes on VHS. Talk about a show ahead of it?s time. I?ve always said that Star Trek is a history book from the future given to us. There were a lot of things that they had in the show that now really exists. The oximeter that we use in surgery, a few other things in surger, the log books that FedEx uses when delivering packages, etc. Not to mention the social implications it had.

      Here is a link to a good site for plot summaries:

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        Starfleet Library

        by nicknielsen ·

        In reply to Now, you’re talking!

        The Starfleet Library ( is also a good source for plot summaries.

        Their archives are much more extensive, covering all the series (even the animated one) and all the movies.

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        Automatic doors

        by starderup ·

        In reply to Now, you’re talking!

        One of the other things that the show ‘invented’. Actually, it was just two stagehands on either side with two by fours attached to the doors, and they pulled them open and shut on queue. But some operating room people saw that and realized it would be great for hospitals. Someone then got down to ‘making it so’.
        One other little side note I found in a history of the show was one of Bones’ early diagnostic tools. It was a small cylindrical object that he waved over patients while a techno-geek sound played. It was a salt shaker someone got out of the Paramount cafeteria. Roddenberry thought it looked futuristic, and it became a prop in Bones’ black bag.

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          I take it you

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Automatic doors

          Watched the show “How William Shatner changed the World”, where he details every current device we use that came from the Original Series.
          [ mri anyone? a non invasive means of diagnosing medical problems, could be linked directly back to the medical tricorder ]

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      Alas, more heresy!

      by neilb@uk ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I found the over-stressed (dare I say it, “American”) moral messages of Star Trek Original and the first season of TNG made it almost unwatchable for me. Maybe I was spoilt by Doctor Who, I don’t really know. The Daleks would have kicked four colours of snot out of that prat Kirk.

      As an avid “hard”science fiction reader all of my life, I found the “science” a bit off-putting, too. Got a plot hole? Mind-meld. Or maybe get some Tachyons. Or, more often, Kirk either snogs or beats the crap out of an alien.

      Once TNG got going, though, I enjoyed it a lot more along with, in their turn, DS9 and Voyager. I think it was at its best in the middle to later series of TNG.

      As we do not use money in the Star Trek universe, have my thoughts for free.

      Neil 😀

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        by protiusx ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        I completely forgot about Dr. Who. Now that was cool but much lower in budget. Kirk was the man! He even shagged a green woman. Dr. Who eat your heart out!

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          New Who

          by eheinr007 ·

          In reply to LOL!!!

          In case you’re interested, the new 2005 season of Dr. Who will be shown on Sci-Fi in the US beginning in March 2006. I believe they have a larger budget for the newly revived (regenerated) series, still produced by BBC.

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          It’s worth a watch

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to New Who

          The guy who plays the Doctor makes a reasonable job of it and the SFX are very much better than the earlier series. Shame he’s only around for one series. We’ve had the “new” new Doctor for one Christmas Special episode but he looks to be OK, too.

          Billie Piper ( )
          is reasonable eye-candy as well. 😀

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          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to It’s worth a watch

          Dr. Who always has to have a few babes around him. One of the charms of the series.

          Tom Baker was the best Doctor, IMO.

          But Ace was my favorite of Dr. Who’s babes.

          Remember the Dr. Who movie that came out a few years ago? Is it the same guy in the movie as The Doctor this time? Is K-9 still part of the team?

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          No and yes (maybe)

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Yep

          The doctor in the first new series, which has been and gone here, was Christopher Ecclestone and he was pretty good. It’s a shame he decided that he only wanted to do one series as I reckon he could have been close to the best Doctor. The film doctor was Paul McGann. The current Doctor (here) is David Tennant. He spent most of the “Christmas Special” introductory episode in a coma but his first actions were fairly sharp-edged and he may well be good.

          I’ve heard that K9 will be rediscovered somewhere but this may be rumour.

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          Dr. Who Babes and K9

          by rludwig ·

          In reply to Yep

          Best babes were, IMHO, Nicola Bryant (always wore those halter top things) and Lala Ward (Romana II).
          K9 got left with Romana II in the land of the cat people when she left the show. In reality, K9 was just too slow moving and slowed the production of the program

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          You also forgot…

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to LOL!!!

          …Leela and Romana riding along in the Tardis!

          Daleks take the green wench!

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          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to You also forgot…

          I thought she was the one-eyed purple haired mutant female on “Futurama”, the captain of the “Planet Express”, that Philip J. Fry had the hots for. 🙂

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          Leela was also…

          by night_owl_rooks ·

          In reply to Leela?

          the jungle girl companion to Tom Baker’s, Dr. Who.

          Remember her now?
          She was portrayed by the actress Louise Jameson.

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          How many Doctors?

          by gravitywell ·

          In reply to Leela was also…

          Yeah, he always had a cool companion- I remember trying to watch the show on PBS when we could only get a sketchy reception (about 1965?)… the first Doctor- but Tom Baker’s companion Sarah Jane was one of honorable mention…and Nyssa. We actually met Tom at a convention- he kissed all the women on the lips; my wife wouldn’t let him- she turned so he could kiss her on the cheek.

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          Up to 10th Doctor Now

          by eheinr007 ·

          In reply to How many Doctors?

          TOS (to borrow Trek terminology) went thusly:
          1st Doctor: William Hartnell 1963-66
          2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton 1966-69
          3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee 1970-74
          4th Doctor: Tom Baker 1974-81
          5th Doctor: Peter Davison 1981-84
          6th Doctor: Colin Baker 1984-86
          7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy 1987-89
          TV Movie:
          8th Doctor: Paul McGann 1996 (cameo by McCoy)
          New Series
          9th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston 2005
          10th Doctor: David Tennant 2005-
          Hope to see more of the new series in the US!

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        Sci Fi Reader?

        by gadgetgirl ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        Have you ever read the Gor books by John Norman? Alternatively known as The Chronicle of the Counter Earth, they’re brilliant. This guy hasn’t just written the books, he’s made up a whole new language and science to go with the Counter Earth itself.

        I got to a total of 26 books before they seemed to disappear from the shelves over here.

        (But admittedly, they’re right up my particular street – – – very raunchy in places!!)

        😀 ]:)


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          I’ll give them a try

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Sci Fi Reader?

          It’s one that passed me by.

          I had a whole thread on reading material about a year ago. Got some very good suggestions and eventually spent around ?200 at Amazon!

          Thanks, babe!


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          by gadgetgirl ·

          In reply to I’ll give them a try

          First one you’re looking for is called “Tarnsman of Gor” – if you don’t read that one first, you stand no chance of following the rest of the Chronicles!

          Admit it – it was the raunchy remark that got you going, wasn’t it??!!



        • #3108308

          Of course not

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Welcome!

          I only read them for the science. If I come to a raunchy bit, I turn off the light.


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          Don’t waste your money on GOR books

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to I’ll give them a try

          Juvenile drivel I assure you, you’d be better of with Buffy books.

          Stuff I’ve picked up recently.

          Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel series. Sheer brilliance.

          Jennifer Fallon’s Second Son’s Trilogy. Cleverly done, don’t know if I’ll read it again though.

          Kim Harrisson’s Trilogy starting with Dead Witch Walking, tongue in cheek but a damn good read.

          Kelly Armstrong, surprisingly good, considering she starts off with werewolves (Bitten) and ends up with ghosts (Haunted).

          Caroline (CJ) Cherryh’s just added to her
          Foreigner series as well, that’s real science fiction without being hard science fiction.
          Probably the best stuff she ever written and in my opinion the best creator of aliens ever.

          Peter F Hamilton has just added to Pandora’s Star with Judas Unchained and finally after far too long George RR Martin has done the next book ‘Feast for Crows’ in his series A Song of Ice and Fire, which I will be buying tomorrow as I will have gone four days without popping into Waterstones.

        • #3108858

          Thanks, Tony

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Don’t waste your money on GOR books

          I’ll try some of those. Cherryh I need to read more of. I bought one on your earlier recommendation but buying more seems to have slipped my mind.

          Both Hamilton and Martin I had on pre-order with Amazon so been and gone. Won’t spoil either for you!
          Both well worth it. Bloody Martin, though… Get writing! Finish it!

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          More books

          by gsg ·

          In reply to Thanks, Tony

          Try Laurell K Hamilton’s series of Anita Blake books. Love ’em…

          Also try Charlaine Harris’ Southern Vampire series. It’s been optioned by HBO to make into a series. I especially love the vampire whose nickname is Bubba and gets upset if his real name is mentioned. Hmmm… explains all the sightings mentioned in the tabloids.

        • #3135123

          Just started on Hamilton

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to More books

          but interrupted by CJ Cherryh, Robert Jordan, Peter Hamilton and George RR Martin.
          I shall get back to the young lady though, I’ve always time for another book.

        • #3133894

          Definitely CJ

          by csclark ·

          In reply to Thanks, Tony

          You can’t go wrong with CJ Cherryh. Don’t miss the Faded Sun trilogy, either.

          I’m in the middle of Martin’s A Storm of Swords, then I’ll move on to Feast of Crows. So, are you trying to say the ‘trilogy’ is not really even a quad? but a quint??? I don’t know if I can wait for #5!

        • #3135127

          How could I it was the first thing I ever

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to Definitely CJ

          read by her.
          The early merchanter stuff, I really enjoy. The Chanur saga is excellent, but the Foreigner sequence is brilliant.
          Just started A Feast For Crows but I understand there will be more. It is an awesome achievement up to press.
          If he kills off Tyrion though I’m going to f’ him up.

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          Mostly read fantasy but…

          by fvrba ·

          In reply to Don’t waste your money on GOR books

          I am currently reading Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series. I’m only up to book 4 but they seem to get better as he progresses.

          I’ve read lots of science fiction tho and Star Trek was and still is my favorite to watch. Star Wars movies are a close second. But Spock was the man! No stupid illogical human emotions for him. But the best shows were when he tried to deal with emotions. My absolute favorite was the movie ‘The Wrath of Khan’ and my favorite space science fiction book is ‘The Mote in God’s Eye’. Check it out.

        • #3096878

          Jordan lost me…

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Mostly read fantasy but…

          I stopped reading “The Wheel of Time” when I realized that so much time was passing between books that I would have to re-read the series each time a new book came out. I enjoyed it, but not THAT much!

          I’ve recently dug out some of my old box sets and am reading “The Chronicles of Narnia” with my 6-year-old niece; she loves it, even though there aren’t as many pictures as she would like. After she goes to bed, I go back to Middle Earth.

          Earthsea & Barsoom await!

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          I tried reading Mote

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to Mostly read fantasy but…

          again and fell out with it, though I do remember enjoying it very much. My tastes must have changed. Pournelles Falkenburg stuff is good. Try King David’s Spaceship as well.
          Wheel of Time is starting to annoy me, more and more books less and less happening. His cast of characters has got too big, needs a bit more focus. Saying that, I beat the world land speed record back to the ATM when I realised I didn’t have enough money on me to buy ‘Knife of Dreams’ as well.
          Space Fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy.
          Stephen Donaldson’s Gap Chronicles
          Weber’s Harrington series
          Probably the fastest paced one and with credible aliens is Cherry’s Chanur Saga
          As someone else mentioned, you can’t go wrong with Cherryh’s Faded Sun trilogy either.

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          If you like alien stories…

          by qui-gon_gene ·

          In reply to I tried reading Mote

          I ran accross an interesting trilogy by Deborah Chester called Lucasfilm’s Alien Chronicles. I thought it was pretty wierd to start out with, but once I got a little ways in I was hooked.

        • #3093597

          Niven and Pournelle

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to I tried reading Mote

          Instead of Mote, try Footfall and Lucifer’s Hammer. Also, Fallen Angels; it’s probably their weakest collaboration, but it’s full of SF-fandom inside jokes.

          Cherryh rocks; read Downbelow Station, her best work.

        • #3093454

          I shall look her up

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to I tried reading Mote

          Not saying I’ll like it, but I’m always open to a new author or six

        • #3133805

          Mote in God’s Eye

          by garyq9 ·

          In reply to I tried reading Mote

          It was Mote in God’s Eye that started me off on a 10 year and counting collection of signed books… I happened to find a copy signed by Larry Niven in a second hand bookshop over here in Melbourne, Australia.

          A year later I was flipping through Byte magazine in the very early days of the public WWW (Trumpet Winsock, anyone?) and came across an article written by Jerry Pournelle – listing his email address…

          I emailed him and told him my story, and he said if I could mail the book to him he would sign it and mail it back to me. In the end, he waited until Larry came to his place for a BBQ and ended up sending me 4 or 5 books signed by them both. I now have around 200 in my collection from various authors that I have stalked (ahem) tracked down online…

          Happy memories


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          yeah they weould disappear..

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Sci Fi Reader?

          since they have been used by people as a foundation for real life.

          Norman created a society where women were property, literally.
          women were raped.
          they had no rights.

          and there are hundreds of online communities where the members try to have all interaction follow the books in culture / society.

          and yes, I am serious, there have been several dozen cases where people were charged with kidnapping, keeping slaves, torture and rape.. they were “inspired” by Norman’s books.

        • #3135118

          Well they were

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to yeah they weould disappear..

          complete knobheads like him. Didn’t care for the slavery stuff. I think I read the first six back in my youth. Repeatative mindless drivel. Counterearth is an old idea, his aliens were just assholes in suits and his characters had the depth of a cardboard cutout.
          If you want swords and tech
          Ringo’s March trilogy.
          Walter Jon Williams’ superb Ambassador’s Progress
          Pournelle’s Jannisaries.
          To name but a few

        • #3134940

          the funniest

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Well they were

          is Laumer’s Reteif series.
          short stories, novellas and novels.

          a collection of completely unrelated events in the “Career” of one person.

        • #3134936

          Scifi comedy?

          by oromis ·

          In reply to the funniest

          Laumer’s done some fine tales, but my favourite scifi comedy writer is Stanislaw Lem. The ‘Tales of Pilot Pirx’ and the Ijon Tichy series were a hoot! ‘Memoirs Found in a Bathtub’ brings chuckles like Spy vs Spy from MAD. The Cyberiad and other tales of cyberknights are a gas! Of course the man can do serious scifi too, check out Solaris, the planet with the intelligent ocean…

        • #3092766

          sci-fi comedy, ahh now were talking

          by mjwx ·

          In reply to Scifi comedy?

          Two words: Red Dwarf.

          I know this thread is about ST but Red Dwarf is still worth a mention. I can still watch it and get a laugh.

          Book(s) were good as well ( I think there were 3 or 6 books but when I read them it was compressed into one volume). The comedy was a bit more drawn out but you can only fit so much into 25 minutes on TV.

          Once again I know this isn’t the right fourm but where did all the good britcoms go? I havent seen anything good in a while.

        • #3093585

          mjwx, Red Dwarf never made it across the pond.

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Scifi comedy?

          I only saw one book. It was obviously intended as the first of a two-parter, but the second half never made it over here either.

          SF-comedy lives a -very- short life on American television. “Quark” (not the DS9 character), the adventures of an interstellar garbage scow, only ran a half a season. All I can remember is a joke about something being located by “the Roddenberry bush”.

          Probably the most successful SF comedy on the US tube was “Dinosaurs”. It came up in another thread recently. Much funnier and more satirical than the Flintstones ever dreamed of being.

        • #3093406

          No Red Dwarf

          by mjwx ·

          In reply to Scifi comedy?

          I feel sorry for you. Next time any of you Americans are here in australia, stop by the ABC shop and pick up the DVD’s.

        • #3093118

          Red Dwarf did make it to the USA

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Scifi comedy?

          I used to be able to follow the adventures of Lister, Rimmer, Kryton, and Cat on my local PBS station until about 5 years ago, when they stopped showing “Red Dwarf”.

          Maybe we can petition the Sci-Fi channel to show it.

        • #3093086

          TW and RD

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Scifi comedy?

          Tom, that’s the downside to U.S. public television. The programming mostly up to the local station. Apparently yours is more open minded than mine.

        • #3093590

          Other comedy

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to the funniest

          Retief’s an absolute hoot. I think the shorts and novellas pack more punch than the novels though.

          On the fantasy side, it’s tough to beat Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. Most of them stand alone, but start with Reaper Man (Death gets laid off) or Guards! Guards! (dragons from a decidely non-MacCaffrian viewpoint). Discworld doesn’t suffer from excessive repetion like Piers Anthony’s Xanth series.


        • #3093231
        • #3093226

          well Xanth series

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Other comedy

          every single book is based on a pun.

          centaur isle = center aisle

          half of every plot is ways to use the foundation pun. while it is fairly light humoured, it really requires an excellent grammar level to catch what he’s doing.

          Bujold’s Vorkosigan series is actually as funny as the shorts for Reteif. a true Sci-fi “sitcom” series. The main character was poisoned before birth by a military poison, is physically stunted because of it, and lives in a society that kills deformed babies at birth. Then add he’s manic – depressive. [ hyperactive little git is used to describe him in one book ]

          The first book, with Miles as main character, Brothers In Arms, shows the series off well.
          [ There are 2 books with Miles’ parents as main characters, and one that sets the background for a latter book. ]
          but it’s only the last 3 in the series that really need to be read in order, the rest are pretty much stand alone. The last 3 are [ story wise ] consecutive events, with all the same main characters.

      • #3108228

        Next Gen was truer than true Star Trek

        by Jay Garmon ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        I agree with Neil, TNG was a superior product. If The Original Series (TOS) was a space western, then The Next Generation (TNG) was space Shakespeare, with the commensurate uptick in complexity and allegory. While I wouldn’t call either one “hard science” or even the acting “naturalistic,” TNG was consistent with its own standards, and those standards were high. And the effects were better. 😉

        • #3108218

          And since I grew up watching TNG

          by stargazerr ·

          In reply to Next Gen was truer than true Star Trek

          I worship it …. Got all the seasons on DVD 😀


        • #3254276

          Same can be said

          by aaron a baker ·

          In reply to And since I grew up watching TNG

          The same can be said of us who grew up watching the “Original”. Although it was indeed a space styled western, it was nowhere near as stuffy and self absorbed as the others that followed.
          You’ll notice that somewhere along the line, the followers always managed to drop a few of the original names.
          I always felt that this was a tip of the hat to the ones who started it all. And rightly so.
          The real beauty in the Original was the simplicity. I certainly admire Patrick Stewart a, renown Shakespearean actor of both stage and screen and am absolutely wild about Kate Mulgrew who did what no one else could have done.
          Command a Starship with an ease and determination that could rival any male Captain. I just love her. But then I’ve loved her since Mrs. Colombo. Of course it goes without saying that my Personal Hero is and was Capt James T Kirk. Who set the standard that would become so famous. That of a Starship Captain committed to his Ship and his crew. He would have died for them in a second and they knew it and loved him accordingly. Now That’s a Captain. I serve no man, but would beg for the opportunity to serve under the leadership of Capt Kirk.
          As for my favorite episode, although there are certainly many, I would have to say”Mudd’s Women” and the Follow up “I Mudd”. Roger C Carmel was fabulous as the rascal that we just loved and it was a real pleasure to watch. I loved his wife, hee.
          No deep introspective messages, no hidden meanings, no guess work at all, just pure Start Trek, as it should be.
          Thank you for allowing me to rant a little as this is one of the closet things to my heart.
          As a truly great Man once said.
          May you all;
          “Live long and Prosper.” 🙂
          May the same be said of all of us.
          Warmest Regards

        • #3100816

          Loved Harry Mudd

          by arletta ·

          In reply to Same can be said

          Just loved “I Mudd”.. Norman.. what a stud. Loved the way Uhura and Nurse Chapel (Mrs. R.) tricked him to shut him down. “Does… not… compute”…. and the little dance that Scotty and Kirk did.

        • #3148315

          I completely Agree

          by aaron a baker ·

          In reply to Loved Harry Mudd

          That was the real beauty and magic of Start Trek.
          It’s ability to render a message without rendering a message, if you know what I mean.
          Something else, I should mention.
          They are”Still” ahead of their time as it is they who wore the appropriate smocks or “Sweaters” for space travel.
          It’s bad enough to be cooped up in a starship, no matter how great and grandiose that ship may be, without having to dress to the nines every minute while on duty.
          Roddenberry was right in having everybody wear tunic and sweaters. If you look at them today, they still seem ahead of their time, still seem more comfortable and there is an air of “Home”, about them.
          Even Captain Kirk, dressed in the wrap around green smock with the Gold Braids, still looked like,”Home” to me, but then this is perhaps my own bias as I am a Star Trek devotee of the first water.
          They always seemed to dress and feel better.
          That was futuristic and still is.
          That was”STAR TREK”,
          Bless them and Gene Roddenberry.

        • #3080640

          The ethical setting

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to Next Gen was truer than true Star Trek

          Humans had outgrown the need for war on their own planet, and had outgrown the need for superstitious religion.

          But all the characters in TNG were unmistakably human. They had their foibles — they made mistakes.

          I actually viewed the series as a study in how humans responded to unexpected, unfamiliar or threatening circumstances.

          More than anything to me it was a clever study of human nature in a science fiction setting. This of course puts both series smack, bang in the middle of the classic Western. The appeal and power of the Western I see as lying in the raw exposure of human nature devoid of all the complex trappings of modern society.

          So how did the crew of TNG express their very human nature? By revealing their foibles, with all coming to the support of any member who had gotten into strife because of such a characteristic.

          Does anyone else see it as more of a study of human nature than weird entities and whiz-bang special effects?

      • #3135167

        Gold-plated Latinum (sp?)

        by ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        Ah, but there WAS money used “in the Star Trek universe” – on Deep Space Nine, especially coveted by the Farangi.


      • #3135112

        But there is money

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        Credits and Gold-Plated Latinum.

      • #3096925

        Spock’s Brain

        by rob groh ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        That has to be the most memorable of the cheesiest episodes.

        Synopsis: Spock’s brain has been surgically removed by a woman from a race of women who couldn’t figure their way out of a VB program.

        Most favorable line from episode: Kirk is confronting the woman who did the surgery (under the influence of an intelligence-expanding device).

        Kirk: “What did you do with Spock’s brain?”
        Woman: “Brain and brain; what is brain?”

        • #3093581

          The absolute worst,

          by charliespencer ·

          In reply to Spock’s Brain

          along with “Miri”. “Bonk bonk on the head”. Sometimes I wish NBC had gone ahead with cancellation after the second season. Some of those third season episodes were Denebian slime devils.

        • #3092398

          It was a plot

          by csclark ·

          In reply to The absolute worst,

          I think the 3rd season was done that way on purpose. The network wanted the show gone, the fans wanted it to stay. So give the fans garbage, and they won’t care if it goes away…

        • #3084288

          A Quintessential Episode

          by gigabob1 ·

          In reply to Spock’s Brain

          I often cite “Spock’s Brain” in training classes as representative of the users expereince once they return from the training venue. For me the salient points are when Mckoy put on the “teacher”, falls to his knees then rises proclaiming “Of course – its child’s play! Anyone can restore a brain”. Alas this is followed later by Scotties dry observation that “Looks like he’s slowing down”. Then we hear Bones complain “So many nerves and ganglia – nobody can restore a brain…

      • #3092767

        Futuristic Fantasy

        by desmodeus ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        While I must admit to being a bit of a Star Trek fan I do draw the line at referring to it as Science Fiction. last time I checked SciFi was supposed to involve the exploration of a scientific premise (e.g. what would be the social impact of travel at relativistic speeds). Star Trek, for all it’s appeal, makes no pretence of containing any science or even logic (e.g. if a ship’s transporters can pick someone up from anywhere and put them down anywhere why do people use the transporter room). Star Trek belongs firmly in the category of Futuristic Fantasy (i.e. it’s set in the future but everything just works by magic).

        Best episode – take your pick, the whole original series is pretty damn good. My all time favourites are the TNG episodes with Q. My least favourite – any episode featuring Deanna Troi’s mother (oh and while we’re about it why would a race of aliens name their planet after two letters of the Greek alphabet?)

      • #3087017

        The Doctor and the Daleks

        by rludwig ·

        In reply to Alas, more heresy!

        I gotta agree that Dr. Who is the best. Been watching it since the first Doctor. But, as to the Daleks kicking Kirk’s butt, who’s gonna be afraid of a bad guy that can’t use the stairs?

    • #3110049

      I dont have a favoriate.

      by faradhi ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I like the old series. I like laughing about the go go boots, miniskirts and beehives as well.

      It was way before its time. I don’t know about the “overstressed morality” It seem to me that the running theme of all the STs was tolerance of others.

      One of the things I always wanted to see was the new series use the old fight music that was used in every one of the original epsiodes.

      • #3110042

        What about the red shirt guy

        by protiusx ·

        In reply to I dont have a favoriate.

        There was always the obligitory red shirt guy who got wacked durring the show.

        • #3110028

          I started to like TNG

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to What about the red shirt guy

          when they actually killed off a “real” character – Tasha. When Kirk&co transported down mob-handed, you knew some, probably all, of the guys in the red shirts were never going to get any lines other than aaaaagh!

          They brought Tasha back, though, in a weird time-loop story and then as her own half-Romulan daughter.

        • #3108217

          “Skin of Evil,” “Redemption Part I”

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to I started to like TNG

          The episodes you’re talking about are:

          “Skin of Evil” (where Tasha dies).

          “Redemption, Part I” (where Tasha’s half-Romulan daughter, Commander Sela, first appears).

          Sela is the result of time-loop from the episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” (a personal favorite of mine).

        • #3108106

          I know. I have them on tape.

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to “Skin of Evil,” “Redemption Part I”

          How sad…


        • #3135111

          Who they should have killed off

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to I started to like TNG

          They should have killed off Wesley Crusher, instead. He was quite annoying.

        • #3135103

          That is an understatement!

          by old guy ·

          In reply to Who they should have killed off

          And, it would have been so easy to do.

        • #3134933

          Wheaton character

          by oromis ·

          In reply to That is an understatement!

          Yeah, it would’ve been euthanasia, instead of the ‘character assassination’ job they did on him. I would have had him finish Academy and go to the Native American planet as an undercover operative, rather than a washout… In general, he seemed to have been done up to appease the old Bill Mumy fans from Lost in Space days, and was about as snarky.

        • #3107196

          The character lives…

          by qui-gon_gene ·

          In reply to Wheaton character

          They brought Wesley’s character back around in some of the books… such as the “A Time To…” series.

        • #3110022

          I always felt bad about those guys.

          by faradhi ·

          In reply to What about the red shirt guy

          And scotty always taking two hours to do three days of work.

        • #3109476

          Speaking of Scotty

          by protiusx ·

          In reply to I always felt bad about those guys.

          Remember Star Trek III when the go back in time to the 80’s to capture a whale and bring it to the future? Well Scotty needs to get some see through aluminum and tries to talk to the computer and then says “How quaint” and then types like a million words a minute. If they don’t have key boards in the future how would he know how to type so fast?

        • #3109367


          by old guy ·

          In reply to Speaking of Scotty

          It was in the script! Man, how easy was that one???? 🙂

        • #3109333

          Oh goog grief

          by wlbowers ·

          In reply to Speaking of Scotty

          He’s an engineer in the super future. They only had 1hr and 40

          How come Spock had two sets of eyelids.

          Common get with the program.


        • #3108509


          by protiusx ·

          In reply to Oh goog grief

          I never knew he had two sets of eye lids? Maybe it was because he only had sex every seven years.

        • #3108372

          spare eyelids

          by spareher ·

          In reply to Spock?

          they were introduced in the episode where the Enterprise visits the planet(Rigel something) where Captain Kirk’s brother,Sam, lived. In this episode Spock is attacked and poisoned? by giant flying fried eggs (I kid you not). Bones tries to cure Spock with broad spectrum, high intensity light. Spock protects his eyes from permanent blindness from the treatment using his Vulcan inner eyelid. Now, wasn’t that important? Don’t you feel informed? Am I not ripe for flaming now?

        • #3108366

          Spareher, re: Spock

          by old guy ·

          In reply to Spock?

          You are absolutely correct. That is exactly when and why the double eyelids came into play. Why should you be flamed for being correct?

          ProtiusX, I am disappointed you didn’t know this since you started the discussion. Whay kind of Trekker are you anyway???

        • #3108300


          by protiusx ·

          In reply to Spock?

          I have disgraced myself in the eyes of my fellow trekkies. I am ashamed. It goes to show you though that we learn something new every day.

        • #3108205

          “Operation: Annihiliate!”

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to Oh goog grief

          Not one of the better episodes, not the least of which is teh deus ex machina of Spock having a second inner eyelid. But at least we got some good McCoy grumbling out of it.

        • #3100814

          Flying Pancakes

          by arletta ·

          In reply to “Operation: Annihiliate!”

          I always thought those things were more like flying pancakes. Found them very creepy. Oh, and maybe Vulcans are part feline? Cats have extra eyelids.

        • #3109054

          There is an STNG episode

          by faradhi ·

          In reply to Speaking of Scotty

          where scotty appears. He locked himself in the transporter and stayed there for years. When brought back he trys to “help” and drives everyone nuts.

        • #3108202


          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to There is an STNG episode

          …is the episode in question.

          Nice moments with Geordi. Plus, we get to see the old TOS transporter effect, and a Dyson Sphere. Troi had a weird hairstyle in this episode, as I recall.

        • #3133878


          by csclark ·

          In reply to “Relics”…

          I always wondered how many planets it took to create one Dyson Sphere.

        • #3148291

          Yes and it one of the WORST

          by aaron a baker ·

          In reply to There is an STNG episode

          They treated Scotty like a bumbling and doddering old fool, with Jordi’s impatience and arrogance.
          When you stop and think of just WHO it was that Jordi LaForge was standing in front of?, you would think that a little more awe and respect would have been forthcoming. Instead they just about do everything to make Sotty look like a slacker who’d been lying all those years to Kirk, telling him it would take twice the amount of time to repair anything and then doing it in half the time, thereby looking like a hero.Based on a joke in one of the Movies”The Voyage Home”. This wasn’t Scotty.Scotty didn’t have to cheat, or lie or in any way deceive his Captain.Don’t forget,Scotty was the first, the Finest and set the mold for all Starfleet Engineers.
          And I really didn’t appreciate Laforge’s impertinence and impatience, He can thank God it wasn’t me, As much as I like Jordi, he would have ended up on his A…..s in the circuitry. Then come Picard who’s best line was upon viewing “the bridge that started it all” and the best he can mutter is ” Hmm….Constitution Class” Then they have a drink.Where Scotty make the statement that his time is over. I didn’t agree.
          This was by far the worst written episodes in all of the Star Trek STNG Voyager saga.
          The Actors did what they were told, I’d shoot the writer and the idiots who let it get on the air.
          Scotty was many things, but he was no liar,nor was he a deceiver and he certainly could have been treated with far more diplomacy and courtesy. They treated him like crap. Thank you Michael Pillar & Co.
          This and the Voyager Episode “Deadlock” where 2 Voyagers’ Interlock and Harry is Killed.
          Nobody even blinks an eye, we know that there the original Harry’s body,floating around out there in empty Space . The same space as the damaged Voyager,yet nobody gives a damn?.
          What we see is Janeway and the New Harry walking and talking as though nothing had happened.
          We now they aren’t going after Harry’s body. Cute huh?
          These then are probably the worst episodes ever written and should be destroyed.
          I’m surprised that of all people, “Majel Barrett” never said anything about this, I always thought she had a stronger sense of fair play.SHE was Mrs Star Trek,Wasn’t she?
          Where was her mouth when they were making a fool of Scotty? Or trying.
          What did they do with the “Star Trek Bible?”
          Allow me to close my rant by saying;
          MR Scott & DR McKoy
          Captain Kirk et al,
          We sure do miss you.
          With Respect

        • #3108211

          Actually, that was Star Trek IV

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to Speaking of Scotty

          Star Trek III: The Search for SPock is where they return to planet Genesis (created when Khan detonated the Genesis Device inside the Mutara Nebula at the end of Star Trek II) to retrieve the resurrected Spock’s body, and rejoin it with his soul, which is trapped inside Dr. McCoy. (It’s better in presentation than in summary, though not by much).

          Star Trek IV is the whole go-back-in-time-and-save-whales comedy. Also not that great, but at least we get to hear Chekov say “nu-cle-ar wessels”.

        • #3108177

          did you know

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Actually, that was Star Trek IV

          that when Spock put his “soul” into bones he wasn’t happy, as the relationship with Kirk was one where he had prepared Kirk for the transfer?
          [ not quite stated in words, but clear in the Novel version of the movie ]

        • #3100815

          Red Shirted Expendible Crewman

          by arletta ·

          In reply to What about the red shirt guy

          I subscribe to a great podcast – The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd – its a funny old-time-radio-serial style show, meant to teach history to kids. Anyhow, on the time & space travel ship there’s a Red Shirted Expendible Crewman.. his name.. Ensign Porary.. Tim Porary….*L*

      • #3109337

        Ya Young Pup

        by wlbowers ·

        In reply to I dont have a favoriate.

        Hey. I watched those as the first showing. Ya Young whipper

        where’s my teeth


    • #3109628

      My favourite

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Was the one where they had the race war with the guys who were black on the right and white on the left aganst the ones who were white of the right and black on the left. A bit heavy handed, but it was one of the few episodes that actually was worth the film it took up. After the original though they should throw the rest of it away except for the bits with Seven of Nine in ’em.
      Just off to adjust my Heisenberg compensator, science my arse.

      • #3108191

        “Let That Be Your Last Battlefied”

        by Jay Garmon ·

        In reply to My favourite

        Tony’s talking about “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.”

        One of the more infamously heavy-handed race episodes, but at elast we got some good Frank Gorshin (The Riddler for the 1960s campy Batman series) moments.

        • #3134001

          Probably an an age thing

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to “Let That Be Your Last Battlefied”

          but at the time I didn’t see it as heavy handed, more thought provoking and challenging. After all it was going out at the same time as the Black and White Minstrel show.
          Look that one up, you will not believe it. Try to do it now and you’d get sued and then beaten to death.
          Tolerance was not a mainstream establishment attitude at the time.

        • #3135106

          ST TOS and tolerance

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Probably an an age thing

          The best thing that Star Trek TOS did for tolerance was to have Lt. Uhura on the bridge. Hot black babe with nice legs emphasized by that mini-skirt she wore. She showed that there is nothing wrong for us white guys to have the hots for sexy black women. 🙂

        • #3096742

          Richard Pryor on Logan’s run

          by tony hopkinson ·

          In reply to ST TOS and tolerance

          Film set in the future, no black people, not one. “They’ve got plans for us.”

          Was she black, never noticed. Me and my hand didn’t care.

        • #3254273

          It was incredible for 1964,65?

          by aaron a baker ·

          In reply to “Let That Be Your Last Battlefied”

          Remember that back in those days, 1965 etc, it wasn’t easy to talk about race without starting some kind of riot somewhere.
          I thought they handled this one beautifully. Frank Gorshin was of course excellent but I particularly enjoyed the underlying message that said it was ridiculous to dislike or hate one another solely on the basis of skin color.
          This is my opining is the most powerful statement ever made about racism on National Television an obviously most people agreed with it.
          I also think it’s one of the finest episodes that they put together, showing the futility of such hatred without stopping to consider the consequences.
          I must admit, it’s one of my favorites to this day.

    • #3109520

      The Next Generation

      by jardinier ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      For some unkown reason (Maybe “Q” had something to do with it) I completely missed the initial series but was enraptured by TNG.

      My favourite character is Mr Data and my favourite episode(s) was when he was trying to learn how to make a joke.

      It was also a bit of a giggle when all the crew were infected with some aphrodisiac and Mr Data was able to demonstrate to one of the female crew that he had been programmed to, well, completely satisfy a woman.

      To Trekkies and TNG fans alike — eat your hearts out. At a garage sale (you do have those in America I trust?) I picked up for $AU 60 the entire set of TNG on VHS with the tapes still sealed in their plastic covers.

      [I also picked up a small number of the original series at a video rental shop clear-out]

      • #3109504

        Spock with a goatee….

        by cbalness ·

        In reply to The Next Generation

        Nobody mentioned the “parallel universe” episode where Spock has a goatee and the Federation is a dictatorship. They even did a repeat of that with the Deep Space 9 Crew.

        I also preferred Kirk vs Picard as far as Captains, for one reason.

        Gene Rodenberry made no bones about it, the original Star Trek was a “Space Western”, good guys vs the Klingons, and the transporter evolved because he couldn’t figure out how to land the ship.

        To reflect this then. Kirk was the shoot from the hip, womanizing Captain with a “shoot that thing it’s got my ensign red shirt in it’s claws” kind of guy. Picard was a brooding retrospective “that thing is eating my ensign red shirt but…. I can’t violate the prime directive and blast it” kind of guy.

        A hearty shot of Romulan Ale to Kirk and the boys… LOL

        • #3108187

          “Mirror, Mirror”

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to Spock with a goatee….

          The evil-alternate-universe episode was “Mirror, Mirror,” which set the science fiction standard of “your evil twin has a goatee.” Classic!

        • #3134909

          I’d forgotten

          by tyree ·

          In reply to Spock with a goatee….

          Yes, that was definitely one of my favorites, for entirely different reasons. :o) Hey, I was a young teen back then. Uhura with a knife in her garter; HOT!!

          I don’t remember the titles of the two episodes I liked best. One was about a 20th century space probe named Nomad. The story goes; after a crash in space with an alien probe, the two repair themselves and set off back to their origins. Nomad is seeking the creator, Kirk, on Earth. Nomads mission, after the memory scrambling crash, seek out new life and sterilize (read destroy) all that is not perfect. At the end Kirk turns that program command against Nomad, “Nomad, you have made a mistake. I am not the creator, Kirk. You have compounded that error by not correcting your mistakel. You have not carried out your programming; I am a biological unit. I am imperfect I cannot have created perfection *Nomad*. You have erred, not corrected errors.You have failed to carry out program. You are not perfect.Carry out your prime directive. Nomad, Sterilize!” Nomad intones, “Sterilize, Ster-il-ize, Ste er il li ize, etc.” They beam Nomad into deep space.

          The other one was about Kirk getting bitten by some poisonous ape type creature on a friend’s planet. The friend was Tyree. His wife helped Kirk and blackmailed Tyree to do so. Anyway, I even took the pseudonym, Tyree for my own.

        • #3265158

          For all its flaws, the Original Series was best

          by tommy higbee ·

          In reply to I’d forgotten

          The first episode mentioned was called, “The Changeling.” The original Star Trek movie borrowed the same theme, (ancient space probe merges with other machine to create new and potentially hostile life form) but didn’t carry it off nearly so well.

          The second episode was very disturbing, kind of a commentary on the Cold War, where Kirk had been to the planet and remembered it as sort of a paradise, but had to help introduce war and war technology to it because the Klingons were already there doing the same to subvert it to their side of any coming war.

          Disturbing stuff, especially when Kirk decides to violate the Prime Directive because the Klingon intervention had made it a moot point, and because it was necessary. In exactly the same way that third-world countries got wrapped up in the Cold War, even though the real conflict had nothing to do with them.

          Of course, Klingons trying subversion rather than direct attack always seemed like a false note.

        • #3093681

          Kirk vs Picard vs Sisko

          by tct ·

          In reply to Spock with a goatee….

          Of the three, I liked Sisko. He could head-butt a Klingon and keep on fighting!

        • #3093609


          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Kirk vs Picard vs Sisko

          You left him out. He is my favorite. He did not let things like the “Prime Directive” get in the way. He did whatever it took to complete the mission.

        • #3092157

          Archer vs Kirk

          by csclark ·

          In reply to Archer

          Kirk never let the Prime Directive bother him for long, either. In Archer’s time, I don’t think they even HAD the Prime Directive yet. (they probably came up with it because of Archer!)

        • #3252301

          I think you are right

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Archer vs Kirk

          One of the episodes in the last season, if I remember rigtht, had the Vulcans suggesting something along the lines of the Prime Directive.

          Both Archer and Kirk did fight Gorns, but the Gorn that Archer fought looked a lot better, moved more fluidly like you would expect a large intelligent reptile to move. The one Kirk fought looked like a guy in a rubber suit who had trouble walking in the suit. 🙂

        • #3092174

          Sisko the Hawk

          by csclark ·

          In reply to Kirk vs Picard vs Sisko

          Sisko wasn’t as good the first season. Once he came back as “Hawk” for the second season, he was great!

          I know, I know, all you youngsters out there don’t know who Hawk was…

        • #3091999

          Sisko the Hawk

          by tct ·

          In reply to Sisko the Hawk

          I know the reference and your right, he looked better as “Hawk”. However I believe it was the third season.

        • #3253963

          Don’t remember

          by csclark ·

          In reply to Sisko the Hawk

          Probably was third season, I don’t have DS9 on DVD yet, so I haven’t watched them since they originally aired. I just remember that first season I kept waiting for him to wake up and DO something, and he never did.

        • #3163320

          Sisko the Hawk

          by navy moose ·

          In reply to Sisko the Hawk

          I have been saying that for years! Finally, someone else who recognizes it.

          Thank you 🙂

      • #3109475


        by protiusx ·

        In reply to The Next Generation

        I liked Worf. I still don’t know what happened to the Klingons of old who looked remarkably like Poncho Via and then their heads got all mashed. There was also a TNG episode where Will Ricker gets stationed on a Klingon ship and gets molested by the female crew. Poor guy. He probably had to go through some serious therapy after that.

        • #3109455

          In a DS9 episode

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Worf

          Some of the characters go back in time to the “Trouble with Tribbles” episode of Star Trak original. Jadzia Dax in a mini skirt and Sisko meets Kirk.

          When asked about the foreheads, Worf replied “We don’t talk about it”.

        • #3108364

          Ahh. Jadzia in a mini skirt. Good Stuff.

          by faradhi ·

          In reply to In a DS9 episode

          Also Jadzia and Worf end up together. In the biblical sence during the DS9 epsiodes.

          I really didn’t watch a DS9 until recently when my father got the whole series on DVD. I am really liking it now. Even my wife is starting to like it.

          Lord help me, I am a Trekkie.

        • #3108312

          Foreheads problem

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to In a DS9 episode

          This was explained in an “Enterprise” episode where the Klingons were infected with a bio weapon and the cure was to give them a dna cure which contained human charecteristics, hence for a few generations the Klingons had much diminished foreheads.

          Yeah I thought it was stretching it too.

          As for Jadzia, yes very fine, but we Canadians got to see a special bit of Enterprise that Americans were shielded from (American censorship, the horror, the horror)

          I really liked DS9 – the holodeck stuff they did was fun.


        • #3108302

          And a very fine bum it was!

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Foreheads problem

          I saw it off DVD.

          :p Mmmmmmmmmm!

        • #3109149

          “Trouble with Tribbles”

          by mickster269 ·

          In reply to In a DS9 episode

          Has to be my all-time favorite. The look on Spock’s face is priceless.

        • #3135019

          Tribbles Rock

          by csclark ·

          In reply to “Trouble with Tribbles”

          I have to agree. My favorite was “Trouble with Tribbles”. My second favorite would have to be “Amok Time”, just because we get to see some of Vulcan.

        • #3108157

          “Trials and Tribble-ations”

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to In a DS9 episode

          Very inside-joke episode. Lotsa fun.

        • #3108150

          Where are your “firestarter” posts?

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to “Trials and Tribble-ations”

          A while back you announced that you intended as a matter of editorial policy to start making posts that were guaranteed to incite incendiary responses. You were going to be the man who would poke the hornets’ nests and you would take an “in your face” approach to your participation in discussions. Whatever happened to this initiative?

          Look at this post for example. Tribble-ations? Is that likely to inflame the ire of your readers? Is that going to motivate anyone to declare a Jihad against your controversial views? I think not.

        • #3108098

          It became the Soapbox

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to Where are your “firestarter” posts?

          Turns out, I’m just not controversial enough. SO we asked Jaqui and apotheon to post instead. You can find all the fun stuff here…

        • #3107989

          You seem like a nice guy

          by stress junkie ·

          In reply to It became the Soapbox

          It’s understandable that this firestarter thing didn’t really take off. You seem to be far too reasonable, friendly, and courteous to take the lead on that kind of project. I mean that as a compliment. 🙂

        • #3107179

          all time best

          by qui-gon_gene ·

          In reply to “Trials and Tribble-ations”

          Trials and Tribble-ations is definitely my favorite DS9 eppisode, (and not just ’cause of Jadzia’s mini-dress) I also have the behind the scenes extra’s of DS9 and the ammount of work they put into that episode to blend with the old scenes is just crazy!

        • #3135102

          Explained in Star Trek Enterprise

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to In a DS9 episode

          The Klingons were experimenting with genetic enhancements, from the “super men” like Khan Noonian Sing (genetically engineered by the grandfather of the creator of Data, who was played by Brent Spiner). However, the genetic experiments went wrong, and the Klingons ended up creating a plague. A side effect was that their ridges disappeared, since it was human DNA in the virus. The only cure was developed by a Klingon scientist who used Capt. Archer’s DNA. The vaccine also caused the ridges to disappear, and all the Klingons needed to be vaccinated to protect them from the deadly plague. After a few generations, the need for the vaccine disappeared, and the Klingons reverted to normal (TNG style). I might have some of the facts wrong, so if anyone else is familiar with the episode, feel free to elaborate and/or correct.

        • #3134929

          FASA style

          by oromis ·

          In reply to Explained in Star Trek Enterprise

          I preferred the explanation given by FASA in the StarTrek game: The Klingons are top-flight geneticists and used the ridgeless hybrids to deal with neighbouring civilisations. The human ‘fusion’ species could sometimes pass for human and play spy, the Romulan hybrids worked the RSE and Vulcan, they had others in Botchok (Orion) space, etc.

        • #3107102

          I remember that

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to FASA style

          I played “Star Trek the Role Playing Game”. They got that idea from some of the Star Trek novels that came out a short time after TOS.

          However, some of these radical “Trek” fans would say that was not “Canon” since it was not part of any series or movie. But the FASA version did serve as a good explanation until “Enterprise” covered it. The “Trouble With Tribbles” would seem to support that explanation, also, since one of the Klingons was a spy well disguised as a human until a tribble reacted to him and Bones did the tricorder scan of him and said the memorable line “Jim, this man is a Klingon!!”.

        • #3109336

          Worf also

          by wlbowers ·

          In reply to Worf

          I protest. I am not a Merry Man!


        • #3107183

          The old style Klingons

          by qui-gon_gene ·

          In reply to Worf

          Let’s just face it, they had better makeup ideas and no real way to explain it… lol

      • #3108178

        “The Outrageous Okona,” “The Naked Now”

        by Jay Garmon ·

        In reply to The Next Generation

        The Data-learns-to-joke episode, at least the first major one, is “The Outrageous Okona.”

        It’s a completely forgettable second-season episode where the B plot has Geordi and a holographic Joe Piscopo(!) try and teach Data to be a stand-up comic. The episode is also notable because Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark, Desperate Housewives) plays Lt. Robinson.

        The Data-as-love-machine episode is “The Naked Now,” the first episode after the two-part pilot, and the first time the previous Trek series is explicitly mentioned in TNG.

        This is itself a reference to the TOS episode “The Naked Time.”

        • #3132928

          I knew you were a smart man

          by jck ·

          In reply to “The Outrageous Okona,” “The Naked Now”

          Both great TNG episodes.

          BTW, Jay…some trivia for you:

          Can you name the actress who played the first girl (transporter operator) that Okona flirted with when he came off the transporter was in that episode?

          She’s sorta desperate nowadays. 🙂

          You probably know this…but, figured others probably don’t.

      • #3135099

        The Klingon Civil War

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to The Next Generation

        I forget the name of the episodes, but there was a two-parter of TNG that is one of my favorites. The Durass sisters, upset that their brother Durass was killed by Worf, organize a rebellion against Chancellor Gawron, and get their little brat of a nephew (Durass’s son) declared the ruler of the Klingon Empire. Worf gets his brother to side with Gawron. The sisters kidnap Worf. Picard and company find out that the Romulans are secretly supporting the Durass faction. The Federation runs a blockade to prevent the Romulans from supplying the Durass faction, and Gawron and company prevail and Worf is rescued. The Durass sister escape with Romulan help to cause trouble later on. I remember the sisters wore outfits that emphasized their cleavage. 🙂

    • #3109372

      Sorry to say so, but …

      by gildawie ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      The FINAL one!

      • #3109275

        I hope you don’t mean

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Sorry to say so, but …

        The final episode of Enterprise.

        I actually was very entertained by the series, and was into the Xindi plotlines etc.

        But the series finale, which is apparently the last Star Trek episode ever, really really really blew chunks. They brought in Riker and Troi from the Next Generation and made them relive it like a time capsule(similar to the reprise of Trouble with Tribbles). It didn’t work for me at all. Just sucked.


        • #3107170

          last episode

          by qui-gon_gene ·

          In reply to I hope you don’t mean

          I thought it was a strange way to go… but also kind of clever. Although they didn’t make Riker and Troi look young enough.

    • #3109338

      the furry little things

      by wlbowers ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      The Trouble with Tribbles. Hands down.


      • #3096978

        You got my vote!!

        by bwallan ·

        In reply to the furry little things

        Can’t beat this one…

        • #3092658

          Trouble with tribbles was the best

          by krupp ·

          In reply to You got my vote!!

          Trouble With Tribbles then A Piece Of The Action for for number two.

    • #3108346

      “A Piece of the Action”

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I loved the one where Kirk and the gang went to the society that built their culture around a book detailing Chicago in the Roaring 20’s.

      Kirk saying “I’m callin’ you a penny-ante operator” could have only been pulled off by someone with the consummate acting skills of Mr. Wm. Shatner.

      After Khan came back on the big screen, I always thought that this episode would be a prime candidate for a movie follow-up because at the end, Kirk discovered he left his communicator on the planet.

      I kind of felt that this episode was a bit of a smack at the Japanese industrial complex of the 60’s as they built an economic powerhouse. Many Americans at the time thought that the Japanese had a habit of taking American concepts and building upon them and perfecting the mfg techniques, without much true innovation of their own.

      • #3108775

        Right on!

        by clavius ·

        In reply to “A Piece of the Action”

        This was my favorite as well. It’s such a preposterous concept, and it was such a hoot to see Kirk bluffing his way out of a fix by swaggering around acting like “the Don”.

      • #3133857

        Get on da blowah and get de udder bosses

        by gnx ·

        In reply to “A Piece of the Action”

        This would have made a good movie follow up.

        Deres treehundred guys on dat ship.

        Oxmyx, da federation is takin over.

      • #3097020

        Star Trek – Comedy

        by nlytle ·

        In reply to “A Piece of the Action”

        This is one of the Star Trek episodes, like the Trouble with Tribbles, and the ones with “Mudd” who ended up making a world of robots, that showed the lighter side of Star Trek. They were entertainment.

        Star Trek also had the really heavy side, like the episode with the black on one side, white of the other side guys (prejudice) and the one that was like Nazi Germany.

    • #3109288

      Trekker vs Trekkie

      by dmambo ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Is there a difference between trekkers and trekkies?

      Apparently in the truly Trek-geek crowd, trekkie is not too flattering. What’s up with this?

      • #3109283

        The Movie Trekkies explains this well

        by jamesrl ·

        In reply to Trekker vs Trekkie

        If I recall correctly, its the difference between those who identify with the TOS (The Original Series) versus those who identify more with the later series (TNG/The Next Gen, etc).

        The Trekkers are TOS fans and look derisivly on those who prefer the more modern series, while Trekkies don’t care for the distinction and like all things Star Trek. I think it may have been a big thing in 1997 when the movie was made, but over the course of a decade or so, probably means less. Alot of older Trekkers have probably moved on to Stovokor or wherever….


      • #3109278

        Trekkers vs Trekkies

        by old guy ·

        In reply to Trekker vs Trekkie

        It seems that “Trekkies” are the hard core, must live my life as Star Trek, and the Trekkers just know a lot about Star Trek. gives some pretty good insight about the differences.

        • #3135017

          I’m a Trekkie… not a Trekker

          by csclark ·

          In reply to Trekkers vs Trekkies

          I hate being called a Trekker. Trekkies were around from the beginning, before there WERE Trekkers. You could probably say I’m a hard core Trekkie – in college I would skip supper so I could watch TOS reruns (before TNG was ever thought up!). I have way too many collectibles, know how to make Saurian Brandy AND fried tribbles; I even shaved off my eyebrows to make my Vulcan costume more realistic.
          Does any one think I need a life? 🙂

      • #3092508

        treckie vs trecker

        by bamaro ·

        In reply to Trekker vs Trekkie

        The terms were used originally used to show the difference between those who had an appreciation of the concepts behind the stories verses those who simply wanted to see an outerspace shoot em up. Treckie was a deragatory term but media sources who didn’t know any better have morphed it into nearly the same meaning.

    • #3108870

      Where No Man Has Gone Before

      by oldmicro ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Just think, at the edge of the galaxy, I could become powerful enough to actually get an OS that worked!

    • #3108236

      “The Doomsday Machine”

      by Jay Garmon ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      My favorite is “Doomsday Machine,” the episode where we find Commodore Decker alone aboard the ruined USS Constellation, fighting a giant mettalic space-cone that eats planets.

      The same weapon made a reappearance in the Peter David novel Vendetta (where it fights The Borg). Always had a soft spot for that episode, both because it was the first time I saw another Constitution-class vessel (a surprisingly mortal one, compared to the invincible Enterprise) and the first time I saw a shuttlecraft in-flight. Very cool. Plus, it was a very human drama–Decker and his survivor’s guilt–with no obvious-metaphor-aliens to muck things up.

      Runner-up: “Balance of Terror,” which introduced both the Romulans and their cloaking devices, and had Mark Lenard (who would later play Spock’s dad, Sarek) as a Romulan counterpart to Kirk.

      Again, great character drama, without so many obvious plot devices to muddy the waters.

      • #3108172

        okay a question for you…

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to “The Doomsday Machine”

        Which two cast members for TOS were from the original Pilot episode?
        the episode broadcast as “The Menagerie” where Captain Christopher Pike was crippled in an accident?

        • #3108158

          Majel Barrett, Leonard Nimoy…

          by Jay Garmon ·

          In reply to okay a question for you…

          …but only Nimoy (Spock) played the same character. Barrett (the future Mrs. Roddenberry) went from playing the first officer known simply as Number One (Riker’s nickname in TNG) to Nurse Chapel, McCoy’s assistant. Barrett was also the occasional computer voice on both TOS and TNG, making her the only regular cast member for both shows.

        • #3108094

          all three shows….

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Majel Barrett, Leonard Nimoy…

          Have to count the Original Pilot as a separate show, since it didn’t get the TOS going, that took a whole new Pilot episode.

          But it’s pretty obvious that I watched TOS while growing up, since I actually knew the answer to my question. 🙂

        • #3077789

          The Menagerie

          by captainjerry ·

          In reply to okay a question for you…

          Has anybody answered this question yet? I should be able to come up with a good guess (I’ve got a Doctorate Degree from Starfleet Academy (of The Star Trek International Fan Association!)

          The Menagerie had several (lots) of cast members from TOS (because it was TOS) I’m sure you’re referring to “The Cage” which was the pilot episode for TOS, which starred (among others) Leonard Nimoy (Spock) and Majel Barrett (Mrs. Roddenberry, Computer Voice, Lwaxana Troy, etc…)

          How’d I do? LOL


      • #3108085


        by jaqui ·

        In reply to “The Doomsday Machine”

        are you Prophetic or something Jay?

        wandered by my neighbors just now, the Dommsday Machine is on the tube.

        13:00 monday to friday on the space channel up here, TOS.
        14:00 is TNG
        15:00 Voyager

        5 days a week.

        then, on saturdays they play the friday episodes twice, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

        • #3134158

          Another interesting episode…

          by jzsdii ·

          In reply to twitch..twitch

          Was the one with the Horta. Dr. McCoy said something like “What do you think i am – a brick-layer?!?”

        • #3132836


          by ajnester ·

          In reply to Another interesting episode…

          The Title of that one was “The Devil in the Dark”

      • #3097017

        Cry Wolf!

        by prozacius ·

        In reply to “The Doomsday Machine”

        C’mon! “Doomsday” is okay, but just too far over the top for both Kirk and William Windom. “Balance” is a great story, but basically a rehash of “The Enemy Below” with Robert Mitchum.

        I think “Wolf In The Fold” has to be the best episode, of all the series, if only because of hearing John Fiedler, playing Mr. Hengist (the petty official taken over by the “Jack the Ripper” entity) say, “Die! Die! Kill you all!” as he tries to stab Kirk, Scotty and several others. The plot was one of the few that wasn’t overtly and blatantly heavy-handed preaching.

      • #3093664

        Mark Lenard

        by tct ·

        In reply to “The Doomsday Machine”

        He played three alien species. Originally as a Romulan (ST:TOS – Balance of Terror), then as a Vulcan – Sarek(ST:TOS, ST:TNG, ST: (Several Movies)) and finally as a Klingon (ST: The Movie – He was the captain of the cruiser that V’ger destroyed).

        As an aside, he also played a Gorilla general in the Planet of the Apes tv series.

        • #3093600

          Check out Jeffrey Combs

          by neilb@uk ·

          In reply to Mark Lenard

          He was best known for Wayoun, the Vorta, in DS9 and, in the same series, he played the Ferengi, Brunt, more than once. In one DS9 episode he played both! In the Enterprise series, Combs had a recurring role as Shran, an Andorian military officer. In addition Combs had some one-off roles as Mulcahey and Tiron on DS9, Penk on Voyager, and the Ferengi Krem in Enterprise.

          He must be so sad it’s all finished…

        • #3092147

          Don’t forget

          by csclark ·

          In reply to Mark Lenard

          Buck Rogers, either. He played a symbiote whose head and body were two seperate entities.

          I was once at an ST convention, with Mark Lenard as one of the guests. My husband & I were behind him when he went in to the dealer’s room and the person checking badges didn’t recognize him! He went from human to Vulcan in half-a-second flat!! It was great, I wish I’d had a video camera. You should have heard all the Trekkies behind us!

    • #3134074

      City on the Edge of Forever

      by jfowler ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      You people call yourselves “treckies”?! For shame!
      Come on, everybody who is anybody knows that the best episode of the original series was “The City on the Edge of Forever” with a young Joan Collins as Kirk’s love interest of the week. McCoy (in a drug induced stupor) accidentally goes through a ‘Time Portal’, thereby changing history. It’s up to our two heroes; Kirk and Spock to put it to rights. Spock attempts to build a “Nemonic Memory Circuit” “ this tin plated, vacuum tube culture?” in order to boost his tricorder recordings of the “precise moment” when McCoy changes history… Great stuff!
      Incidentally, I believe the episode was originally written by Harlan Elison.
      Video tape?! Kids stuff! I own a number of the original shows (as well as TNG) on Laser Disc. How geeky is that?!

      • #3133928


        by jfowler ·

        In reply to City on the Edge of Forever

        Oops.. “ZINC plated, vacuum tube culture”. Not “tin” (my bad;)

        • #3163433

          Those were the days…

          by gravitywell ·

          In reply to Correction..

          I have a few of those cans-tubes in my “toybox” every once in a while I check ’em out now that all we got are replacement cards- if we fix the stuff at all!

      • #3134928

        Yes, Ellison

        by oromis ·

        In reply to City on the Edge of Forever

        If you thought the version of ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ that made it to the tube was good, read the accounts of how many times ‘Deathbird’ Harlan had to rewrite the thing to satisfy the network. It’s still my favourite single episode too, out of my favourite series. ST:TOS was the real beginnings of educational scifi TV to me in the 60s.

      • #3096776

        Being Geeky

        by bfilmfan ·

        In reply to City on the Edge of Forever

        Not to show my first King of the Geeks power, but….

        “The City on the Edge of Forever,” original airdate April 6, 1967 and was repeated on August 31, 1967. The episode featured the famed Bartell LaRue as the voice of the time machine “The Guardian of Forever.” Larue’s voice was also used in 4 other episodes from the original series. Sadly, he passed away in 1990 in Sweetwater, Texas.

        “City” is episode #28 of the original Star Trek series and won both a Hugo in 1968 for Best Dramatic Presentation.

        Now to become a REAL Trek Geek, you have to know the link between Star Trek, Star Trek, the Animated Series, several of the Star Trek novels and Enterprise. So for additional crowing points, what’s the link?

      • #3107161

        you call that geeky?

        by qui-gon_gene ·

        In reply to City on the Edge of Forever

        I have every episode of every series of Star Trek ever made, including the movies, on dvds… and hoping they don’t stop now that Enterprise is over with!

    • #3134030

      Squire of Gothos

      by mmoran3180 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Very hard to pick a once-and-for-all favorite, but I’ve always wondered if Trelane might have been our first glimpse (in “adolescent” form) of Next Generation’s “Q”…. ;>)

      • #3133925

        You can buy that book…

        by Jay Garmon ·

        In reply to Squire of Gothos

        Peter David wrote a novel around that premise titled Q2, which held that Trelane was a “nascent” Q, whatever that means. Haven’t read it, but I can vouch for Peter David as a very funny, very capable Trek writer.

        • #3133896

          He must be *very, very* funny and capable…

          by mmoran3180 ·

          In reply to You can buy that book…

          … Amazon quotes $107.44 for it! I didn’t know that Amazon was managed by the Ferengi.. :>(

          Thanks for tip, I’ll be looking for it during my frequent expeditions to Half-Price Books.

        • #3096806

          Ferengi is…

          by jzsdii ·

          In reply to He must be *very, very* funny and capable…

          An (India) Indian word for foreigner.

        • #3092818

          Didn’t know that…

          by mmoran3180 ·

          In reply to Ferengi is…

          I wonder if it reflects a view on the part of Indians of foreigners as greedy and untrustworthy, and that’s why STTNG writers chose it for this particular spacefaring race. Given some of India’s experiences under colonial rule, can’t say as I’d blame them.

          I wonder how many other exotic (to Westerners) words and concepts were also incorporated. One that comes to mind is the Bajoran custom of placing their family name before their given name. I didn’t realize at the time that it’s actually a quite Terran custom; i.e. Asia.

        • #3092780

          Another little factoid…

          by jzsdii ·

          In reply to Didn’t know that…

          The expression “It’s a good day to die.” – supposedly Klingon, actually came from an American Indian tribe. I can’t remember which one.

        • #3092760

          It’s a

          by jaqui ·

          In reply to Another little factoid…

          Warrior saying, commonly used by most Native Nations, I beleive it did originate with either the Apache, or the Iroquois. [ The latter not actually being from the Canadian Nations, but transplants from the US area. 🙂 ]

        • #3106902

          Plains tribes

          by montgomery gator ·

          In reply to Another little factoid…

          Some of the tribes on the Great Plains use it. The various Sioux tribes and the Cheyenne come to mind. At least the movies have them saying it. One of the main characters in “Little Big Man”, a chief of the Lakota Sioux, said it quite often in the movie in any situation where he might face combat.

          I think “Revenge is a dish best served cold” is derived from an old English saying. I think I remember Sherlock Holmes saying “Revenge is most sweet when served cold”.

      • #3107145


        by qui-gon_gene ·

        In reply to Squire of Gothos

        I always thought that Trelane was really the first we saw of the Q Continium. That’s kind of the way it seems anyway, wheather that’s what they meant to do or not I don’t know.

      • #2956571

        Trelane & Q

        by eisenhomer ·

        In reply to Squire of Gothos

        Peter David wrote a TNG book called Q Squared which explored the possibility that Trelane was a member of the Q Continuum. It is a good read and has some interesting plots.

    • #3133998

      Not ‘trouble with Tribbles…

      by entawanabi ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      But the scene after the fight where Kirk is trying to determine the cause and is crestfallen!

    • #3133982

      Lizard guy

      by gsg ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Star Trek: The one where Kirk and the Lizard guy are on this planet and forced to fight to the death. Kirk refuses to kill him and this alien comments on how interesting it is.

      Star Trek, Next Gen: The one where Barclay gets a virus that mutates and causes everyone on the Enterprise to de-evolve. I think Picard starts to become a Lemming.

      Star Trek Enterprise: The one where the Ferengi take over the ship and put Porthos the beagle in a crate.

      Star Trek Movie: Loved First Contact. It was by far the best one in my opinion.

      • #3133924


        by jfowler ·

        In reply to Lizard guy

        Agreed.., “First Contact” was far and away the best of the Star Trek films. (And Alice Kridge as the Borg Queen was the most interesting ST villian of all times.)

      • #3134925

        F M Busby

        by oromis ·

        In reply to Lizard guy

        The original F M Busby tale ‘Arena’ had the human and the alien fighting over who would end up ruling the galaxy. ST:TOS modified it to include a third option and did away with the unconscious-things-only-pass-through forcefield, and gave them saltpeter to play with…

        • #3092584

          Wasn’t that Fredric Brown’s story?

          by daboochmeister ·

          In reply to F M Busby

          Pretty sure (but too lazy to check) it was Fredric Brown who wrote “Arena” … the original story, i mean, not the screenplay for the TOS episode. No?

        • #3091918

          Fredric Brown’s Arena

          by eric.reinholt ·

          In reply to Wasn’t that Fredric Brown’s story?

          Yep, I still have a copy of that short story. Fredric Brown wrote Arena and the Star Trek episode was based on it. Another one of my favorites! I love both the Gorn and the Outsiders.

    • #3133939

      I Mud

      by evw ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I’ll put in a vote for “I Mud.” This episode is where the bridge crew gets trapped on a planet run by androids. Much wackiness and comedy insues as the crew and Mud use illogic to defeat the logic driven androids and free themselves.

    • #3133930


      by ward ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I taped this episode back when I was in the army, so I wound up watching it several times years ago when I was stuck in the barracks.
      It’s the one where they are in a shuttlecraft taking the sick female commissioner to get treated, get attacked by an energy being and they find Zephram C, the inventor of warp drive.
      Kirk and crew think the energy being is hostile, but then discover that it cares about the big Z.
      Anyway – energy being loves Zephy, inhabits commissioners body healing her in the process.
      The energy being offers eternal youth and health plus sweet lovin.
      The commish decides that the situation is much better than her desk job back at the starbase, and decides to go along with the script.
      [Fade to music]

      I don’t know why that one popped into my head. I seem to remember that the woman who played the commissioner did a good acting job. When she look with love it looked real. Ah-hem, at least to an eighteen year old boy. Ah, youth.

      • #3134922

        Resistance is futile

        by stephy ·

        In reply to Zephram

        I’ll admit it now and get it over with.
        I’m a Trekkie (There I said it) but I don’t dress up and go to conventions, he he.
        My fave episode of TNG was the one where they went back to earth at the birth of the warp drive.
        Zephram C Cochran was every bit the drunken renegade and the borg were on top form randomly assimilating anything that breathed on the enterprise.
        Anyone remember the tune ole Zephram was playing when he took off?
        I know everything had to halt at the last minute so he could get his disk.

      • #3092817

        Just finished reading…

        by mmoran3180 ·

        In reply to Zephram

        … an excellent novel based around Cochrane’s life story from the mid-21st century and his first successful warp voyage to his and the Companion’s encounter with Capt. Kirk, and on into Picard’s era. Not “canonical” since it excludes the events of the “First Contact” movie but since it was written in 1994 that’s understandable. “Federation” by Judith & Garfield Reeves-Stevens, ISBN 0-671-89422-6.

        FWIW, my pick for the best Star Trek novel ever written is “Spock’s World” by Diane Duane ISBN 0-671-66773-4. Vulcan, from the Big Bang to Kirk’s time, intertwined with a tale of home-grown plotting and political intrigue designed to wrest the planet from the Federation, and intimately connected with Spock’s own past.

    • #3133898

      The Trouble with Tribbles

      by beilstwh ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      My favorite episode has to be “The trouble with tribbles” I still laugh when scotty tells kirk that he beamed all the tribbles to the klingon ship, “where they will be no tribble at all” LOL!!!

    • #3133892

      This Side of Paradise

      by bamaro ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      This one presents an interesting situation. They visit Omicron Ceti III expecting to see the colonists dead fron Berthold rays. Instead, all are not only healthy but perfectly so. Also the episode where Spock falls in love. Interesting not only because of the change in Spock but the question that it raises. Are the colonists better off the way they were, perfectly happy & healthy but showing absolutely no progress or would they be better off suffering normal problems in life but motivated to progress. The last line by Spock is interesting also – “For the 1st time in my life I was happy”

    • #3133874

      City on the Edge of Forever & Amok Time

      by landoflost ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      My all time favorites! What’s really scary is after all this time I remember the names of most episodes.

    • #3135113

      The one where…

      by montgomery gator ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Kirk and the gang were on Organia, trying to get the natives to resist the Klingon occupiers. However, it turns out the Organians were actually energy beings and they forced and end to the war between the Federation and the Klingons.

      I also liked the one where the Romulan ship attacked the outposts, using their cloaking device and the plasma weapon, and the Enterprise was (as usual) the only ship in the area that could stop them.

      The Tribble one was good, and so was the one where they stole the cloaking device from the Romulans, and Spock and the Romulan hot babe commander got it on. Also, “Mirror Mirror” with the parallel universe. The “Star Trek-Enterprise” episodes in the parallel universe were also a great homage to the original series, with Capt. Archer wearing the Kirk-style uniform and T-Pol in the TOS miniskirt. 🙂

    • #3135100

      Ok, all ya’ll

      by old guy ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Now you’ve done it. I have all but two of the original episodes of Star Trek O S on VHS and now I’m going have to go dig them out and watch all of them. Man, I thought I had gotten that out of my system. Thanks a lot, folks!!!! 🙂

      • #3135096

        Missed 2?

        by bamaro ·

        In reply to Ok, all ya’ll

        Slacker, how did you miss 2?

        • #3135053

          I know. I’m ashamed.

          by old guy ·

          In reply to Missed 2?

          I need to print out the list of all the episodes so I can find out which two they are. I’m taking next Thursday and Friday off because I have some vacation days left over from 2005 and need to take them soon. I was going to work around the house. Now I’m going have to spend all that time watching the tapes. Yeah, I know, it’s a tough life but someone has to do it. 🙂

    • #3135072

      Space Seed

      by kaceyr ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Our first introduction to Khan Noonian Singh, played by Ricardo Montalban.

      Insidious evil, intellect, and charisma all rolled into one mischevious bastard!

      • #3134917

        TOS Only for Me

        by eric.reinholt ·

        In reply to Space Seed

        When I was a kid, my favorite was “Where No Man Has Gone Before”. How can you get better than Gary Mitchell with glowing silver eyes?
        Later I fell in love with Nomad so my favorite was “The Changeling”. The idea of a small, artificially intelligent space probe with fire power was great!
        Now that I’m an old man, I claim “The Doomsday Machine”. Matt Decker unable to come to terms with making a mistake that costs his entire crew their lives makes him one of the more human characters in the show.
        Done with rambling. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog!

      • #3252294

        Ricardo Montalban in “Battleground”

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to Space Seed

        A couple of weeks ago, I saw an old WW II movie (“Battleground”) about the siege of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, and it had Ricardo Montalblan as one of the American soldiers. The movie was made in 1949, so it may have been one of his first roles. Good movie, I would recommend it if you like old war movies.

        When I saw him in the movie, I coudn’t help thinking to myself: “KHAN!!!!!!” 🙂

    • #3134889

      Jim… You’ll be killed!

      by ajnester ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      My favorite since I was a kid (a long time ago in a galaxy….) “The Doomsday Machine” Loaded with fabulous extreme acting from Shatner (of course) James Doohan (some all time best Scotty lines) and Guest star William Windom as the Grizzled Commodore Decker, Captain of the (nearly destroyed) USS Constellation (and her dead crew). The script is actually very good, and the episode featured some of the best original music written for the series. The effects while cheesy (the mangled Constellation was a $5 model kit melted with a lighter!) manage to convey the script’s intentions just fine. At it’s heart some great hard Sci-Fi!

    • #3134882

      My Fav ST episode

      by tibor_2000 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I,ve been a Star Trek fan of the origional episodes since it aired on tv in the mid to late 60’s. My two favorite episodes would be “City on the Edge of Forever” & “Mirror,Mirror”. I am a retired actor now but had the pleasure of working with William Shatner as his standin in the tv movie thriller “The Baby Sitter”.

    • #3097026

      Gunboat Diplomacy – Kirk style

      by bsmntcritr ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      The “Ultimate Computer” and “Balance of Terror” are the best Star Trek episodes made. Janeway would’ve hid behind an asteroid, and Prancing Picard would’ve had to wait for reinforcements. Kirk understood the Gunboat Diplomacy exceptionally well.

    • #3097021

      Mirror Mirror

      by drayl79 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      The duality of meeting and dealing with ones self; acompanied with the realization that all aspects of our social, and anti-social, charactoristics are required to maintain an ethical and independant entity in todays ever challenging, daily moral delimas. JESUS IS COMING, LOOK BUSY

    • #3097019

      City on the Edge of Forever

      by randalbarnes ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      This is probably my favorite STTOS episode, but then, I’m a sucker for time travel plots. In this episode, Bones goes through a time portal and changes history so that the Nazi’s win WW-II and poof, no more federation, etc. Kirk and Spock travel through the portal and save the day of course, using “stone-knives and bear-skins”. During the process, Kirk falls in love with Edith Keeler (Joan Collins) and has to let her die to set things right in the future. Poor Jim!

      Even though this is a great episode, my favorites are actually from STTNG, “All Good Things”, part I and II, and “Yesterday’s Enterprise”, both of which dabble heavily in time travel.

      Just my $0.02 USD.

    • #3096964


      by maryacats20 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I really liked the Trouble with TRIBBLES

      • #3096949

        Agreed and

        by gregdc ·

        In reply to Tribbles

        I agree that TwT is one of many great eps in the original series. (By the way the remake in Next Generation was a stich too). Did Worf ever explain why they looked so different between the the two series?

        I always wished, though that they would have made the book “How much for just the planet” from TOS book series into a TV script.

        • #3096863

          Worf Shuffle

          by eric.reinholt ·

          In reply to Agreed and

          Nope. Worf basically said that Klingons don’t like to talk about it, side-stepping the issue completely.

    • #3096961

      A few diamonds in a sea of jewels

      by gigabob1 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      In a work of galactic scope “Best” needs bounds -and Star Trek had it all, Pathos, Action, Drama, pure rolicking fun and those that left you realizing we have a long way to go to join the galactic community.

      Top pick for unadulteraed entertainment are Tribbles and Shore Leave – and I think one of the best sequels was the Deep Space Nine tribute to Tibbles. Shore leave has tough competition from “I, Mudd” (I Love you, but I hate you), “By any Other Name” where Scotty must drink Killer Kelvans under the table and “A Piece of the Action” (Still waiting for Fizzbin to replace Texas Holdem)

      The “City at the Edge of Forever” expanded my conciousness more than any other episode, though I loved the ending in Arena.

      For Pathos how do you pick between “Patterns of Force” (Non-corporeal Lovers) and Metamorphosis (Zephram Cochran and the Companion)

      For action the clear winner was “Balance of Terror” – In another reality I could have called you firend.

      And for drama I give the nod to Journey to Babel.

      And yet you say – what about the “Doomsday Machine”, “Obsession”, “Space Seed”, “Mirror Mirror”, “Return to Tomorrow”, “The Corbomite Manuever”, “Devil in the Dark”, “Taste of Armageddon” or…. or how could NBC been so blind to greatness.

      Even today as an engineer with a high tech company I point to the vision of the future of computing articulated over 35 years ago by Gene Roddenberry – computers that are unobtrusive but omnipresent, with wireless connectivity and a natural language interface.

      The closest to combining these two elements is in my estimation – Assignment Earth, where Kirk and Spock find Aliens from the future impacting Earth development in the turbulent 60’s. Prior to this I had been convinced it was all drugs and hippies.

      • #3102282

        Wowed by Gene Roddenberry’s vision

        by oldmicro ·

        In reply to A few diamonds in a sea of jewels

        A recent article brought Star Trek TOS backl to my
        mind in a new way.
        Heim’s quantum theory as described in the above literature and in other sources I found on the web were eerily similar to the spinning lines in the domes of the two warp nacells of good old 1701!
        It gave me shivers.

    • #3096916


      by brian.harwood ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I rather liked the film where they found Vger (Voyager probe) rebuilt as a super data collector.
      It always struck me as ironic that Spock took so long to figure it out as the real Voyager was programmed in Vulcan (now called DBase)

      • #3096811

        that was

        by jaqui ·

        In reply to V…ger

        Star Trek, The Motion Picture

        very first movie for the series.

        • #3107133

          did anybody realize?

          by qui-gon_gene ·

          In reply to that was

          V’Ger was actually the first glimpse we got of the Borg. It was the Borg homeworld that V’Ger crashed into and they fixed it up and sent it out. That’s how they knew about Earth to begin with. Spock finally realized it in later times while thinking back to his mind-meld with V’Ger. I am constantly surprised by how few people know this connection.

    • #3096885

      The Trouble with Tribbles

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Followed closely by “I, Mudd”

      The cast dynamics always made for great slapstick.

    • #3096846

      outter space

      by donkey ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      i have alot of outter space in my pants. that is because i have a 60 inch waist. o ya baby.

    • #3096821

      Ultimate Trekkie appartment?

      by stephy ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      This guy turned his home into the the Enterprise.
      Anyone else fancy beaming down for breakfast?

    • #3096758

      Squire of Gothos

      by kevinmsmith22 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      For some reason i always liked Trelane, young. brash, powerful. The embodiment of “Power Corrupts, Absoulte Power Corrupts, Absolutly”.
      The good thing aobut ST:TOS was due to the rather cheesy sets and “special” effects, you payed more attention to the story and moral they were using.
      My Second favorite, mostly for the message, has to be “Let this be Your Last Battlefield”, tho I did almost expect Frank Groshin to start that wacky laugh and start with the cheesy riddles.

      • #3107091

        Trelane = Q?

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to Squire of Gothos

        Could it be that Trelane was a young Q? They seemd to share a lot of characteristics, including almost omnipotent power and a fascination with the human race.

        Then again, I saw both Trelane and Q in the same room at a Star Trek convention in the 1980s, so that rules that out. 🙂

        Then again, Trelane resembled the Klingon commander in “The Trouble With Tribbles”. 🙂

        • #3093584


          by kevinmsmith22 ·

          In reply to Trelane = Q?

          Theres has been alot of discussion in the past about this. I say possibly, but not likely. As far as we know Q do not age as such. But who knows, its kinda neat to speculate and im sure that what Mr Roddenberry wanted.

        • #3093662

          Q is Trelane’s uncle

          by richard bjorklund ·

          In reply to lol

          I don’t recall the title, but an “official” Star Trek novel has both “Uncle” Q and Trelane as major characters. I don’t recall if that “Uncle” was literal or an honorific. Q was neither Trelane, nor one of his parents — but there was a definite relationship.

    • #3096719

      My favorites

      by dmgroves ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Like a lot of sci-fi fans, I think the episode written by Harlan Ellison, “The City On The Edge Of Forever”, in which Kirk & Spock chase a drug-crazed McCoy back in time to the 1930s to try to restore an altered future, is one of the very best. However, my personal favorite is an episode entitled “Is There In Truth No Beauty?”. Diana Muldaur (who shows up in many, many other episodes) plays a woman escorted by the Enterprise to her new post: a close collaboration with a Medusan, whose race are famed for their navigational abilities, but are also known to be so hideous that just the sight of one can drive a human insane. The collaboration is a bit too close for her co-worker, who is carrying a torch big-time. There is trouble…

      What sets this episode apart from all others, for me, is the script. Every character shows complex and even conflicting motivations. The degree to which the male senior officers express their attraction to this woman (chivalrous though it may be) is unusual in the series. There is a terrific scene in which Spock, forced to meld minds with the Medusan, expresses in the alien’s voice the shock of experiencing human loneliness. The nobility of its prose, the respect the characters have for one another, and the layered commentary it presents on our concepts of beauty and truth make this episode my all-time favorite.

      • #3096702

        Diana Muldaur

        by eric.reinholt ·

        In reply to My favorites

        Actually, Diana Muldaur only appeared in one other episode: Return to Tomorrow.

        However, she did replace the Beverly Crusher character on Star Trek: The Next Generation’s second season.

        I always enjoyed her acting.

    • #3092690

      wish I could remember

      by jck ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      15 years ago, I could have talked ‘Trek with the best of em when I was big into Otto Heuer and Jim “The Big Dweeb” Griffith (that was his nickname at Berkeley, if I remember right) posts on rec.arts.startrek.

      Unfortunately, I can’t remember the title of the episode. But, mine is the one where they have those flying sucker creatures that would attach to people and control them, and they looked like a fried egg less the yolk.

      Man…guess I have to go back to reading Usenet again. :^O

      • #3092594

        Operation Annihilate!

        by eric.reinholt ·

        In reply to wish I could remember

        I think you’re looking for “Operation Annihilate!”

        We see Bill Shatner as Kirk’s brother for about a split second. It’s Kirk with a mustache.

        • #3107118


          by jck ·

          In reply to Operation Annihilate!

          Like I said, can’t be for sure.

          I used to parse the FAQ for rec.arts.startrek and read all the episode lists and could tell you what date they aired…back in 1990.

          Been away with from it too long…used to email with Jim Griffith…and Peter A. David as well…

          Ah…the good ole days…when I had 3 hours a day to read Star Trek…

          it’s official: growing up sucks. :^O

        • #3107039

          growing up sucks

          by eric.reinholt ·

          In reply to thanks

          I’m with you there, you said a mouthful! I have yet to find a way to earn money watching Star Trek all day. If I can ever find a way, I’ll have it made.

        • #3106921

          if you do

          by jck ·

          In reply to growing up sucks

          let me know…I’ll gladly go to that job anyday.

          Tired of working on computers…time I had fun with them again…REAL fun…not the kind that the user hangs over your shoulder going “I did that…I swear!”.

          Oh well…til then…more .NET programming…

    • #3092667

      Best Star Trek Episodes

      by jlegoff ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      The City on the Edge of Forever
      Amok Time
      The Tholian Web
      The Enterprise Incident
      (Title?) Episode where the Romulans first introduce the Cloaking device. Mark Leonard plays the Romulan captain.

      • #3092633

        I don’t remember the episode name either

        by wayneb4 ·

        In reply to Best Star Trek Episodes

        But that last episode you mension is by far the best in my opinion.

        Best book written was “Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card. Started out as a short story in a Sci-Fi anthology in the late 1970s and was developed into a novel with at least a couple of sequels.

      • #3092606

        “Balance of Terror”

        by mmoran3180 ·

        In reply to Best Star Trek Episodes

        Definitely one of the best. Where we first learn of the common ancestry of Vulcans and Romulans. And get a pointed (ear?) lesson about bigotry.

        Mark Leonard’s powerful and understated Sarek is, IMO, one of the most compelling, memorable, and least-appreciated characters in the Trek universe, both on-screen and in print.

    • #3092609

      I liked “Enterprise”

      by tonythetiger ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      better than any of them… but liked “Babylon 5” even more.

    • #3092604

      “Generations” Movie

      by kaptkos ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      When Kirk Dies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • #3092601

      The City on the Edge of Forever

      by peter.langer ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      What is it with all the geeks out there? No respect for Kirk and McCoy? You ask a question about the original Star Trek Series and everyone replies that they prefer TNG or couldn’t stomach the firt one, even putting Voyager (yawn!) ahead of the original series! Yes, the TNG sequels were good and in many ways improved on the old concept. But that wasn’t what was asked! The original has it’s own charm and it was first man!

      I think there can be little doubt that “The City on the Edge of Forever” is among the top 3 episodes. Joan Collins as Edith Keeler is superb! Kirk is at his best in his famous improvisation and adaption skills.

    • #3092600

      Balance of Terror

      by cweb ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      This is hands-down the best episode of all. The episode where The Enterprise and a Romulan warbird play cat and mouse.

    • #3092572

      Jump the shark?

      by doulos8 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      “[T]he spirit of Jack the Ripper is let loose on the Enterprise”

      Best episode, or best candidate for jumping the shark?

      • #3107096

        Jump the Shark?

        by montgomery gator ·

        In reply to Jump the shark?

        Who was Fonzie in that episode? 🙂

        • #3132934


          by jck ·

          In reply to Jump the Shark?

          That’s where it actually derives from…Happy Days. Oh…where are Joanie and Chachi now? haha

          I think Star Trek jumped the shark after Roddenberry died.

          DS9: few episodes okay, but in the long run wasn’t what TNG grew to be.

          Voyager: flop. (only saving grace: 7 of 9 borg chick)

          Enterprise: flop. (only saving grace: the Vulcan chick)

          IMHO, they should have concentrated more on making decent TNG movies. Would have made them far more money, and wouldn’t have had the risk of burning out the franchise name.

    • #3106938

      Dagger of the Mind; Catspaw

      by starderup ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I liked them all, but these two are really good.
      I also liked the one with Nomad, when Kirk out logics the machine trying to salvage the Enterprise by ridding it of the carbon based infection.

    • #3106889

      Episode Titles I

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Wolf in the Fold
      Gamesters of Triskelion

    • #3093524

      The Trouble With Tribbles!

      by johns ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      My personal all time favorite was the trouble with tribbles…. and then the DS9 version where they go back to the day and are trying to find the tribble with the bomb….

      When O’Brian sees an old time Klingon and asks Warf about it… Warf just says… we don’t talk about that…… and then We find Captain Cisco tossing dead tribbles down the hopper…. and hitting Kirk on the head with them…..

      While they weren’t on top of the more mind stretching of the shows, both of these were good for a chuckle.

    • #3093275

      “The Devil in the Dark”

      by charliespencer ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      The horta scared the living bejeezes out of me. For weeks, every time car headlights would shine on my bedroom wall, I thought the horta was coming through after me. Later in life I had the “Horta Puppy”, a terrier mutt who would squeeze under the bed and wait to bite my ankles.

    • #3093050

      Best of the Original Star Trek

      by eacote55 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I loved Star Trek! I got in the worst trouble with my mother when they changed to Tursday nights @ 10. They were showing “Amok Time”, where Spock must go to Vulcan to mate. I went downstairs from my bed, claiming I needed to use the bathroom. Ten minutes later, my mother wanted to know where I was. I had to run from the living room to the bathroom and say “‘m still in”. For the next 35 minutes, I put her off yet had to go to bed before I saw Spock “kill” Kirk.
      However, that’s not my favorite. That one was where Kirk battled his first officer’s future father as a Romulan ship equipped with a cloaking device and fearsome weapon played cat & mouse. Also, the “Doomsday Device” was quite a potent story as well.

    • #3091911

      The “hard work by fx guys” award goes to…

      by dragonsrightwing ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      “The Trouble with Tribbles”! Every one hand sewn!
      …and, good plain fun, with a sense of humor foreshadowing Mr. Nimoy’s self-deprecating humor in ST 4!

    • #3253861

      Ever notice…

      by jzsdii ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      How many of the main Star trek characters did LOTS of commercial voice-overs? Great speaking voices.

    • #3077800

      Time Travel Episodes

      by captainjerry ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      My favorite Star Trek episodes have always been the time travel ones. So for the Original Series, I can think of “Assignment Earth,” “Tomorrow Is Yesterday,” “The City On the Edge of Forever,” and “All Our Yesterdays.” ~ “Assignment Earth” being my favorite.

      //Captain Jerry/

      • #3133638

        A Bit of Trivia

        by landoflost ·

        In reply to Time Travel Episodes

        Did you know Rodenberry wanted to spin off a series based on Assignment Earth?

        • #3133543

          Assignment Earth Spinoff?

          by captainjerry ·

          In reply to A Bit of Trivia

          No I never herd about an “Assignment Earth” spinoff idea. Who knows, it might have been good. Although I didn’t care for that series that Roddenberry did called…. Ummmm… (I think it had “Earth” in the title of it!) **goes off to look it up**

          Oh yeah, “Earth: Final Conflict”


        • #3091832

          Roddenberry spinoff(s)

          by tct ·

          In reply to Assignment Earth Spinoff?

          Not sure you can blame Roddenberry for that. Several years after his death, his story ideas were “found” and others developed it into a series.

          If you compare the first season against the second and third (was there a fourth?), the first season comes off pretty well. Don’t know why the producers took the show off on multiple tangents.

          There was another Roddenberry attempt in the seventies. Future earth, post apocalyptic, one offshoot of humanity “normal” with futuristic tech, living underground in cities. The remainder living on the surface, mutated, supposedly bombed back to the stone age.

          There were two pilots created for this story, both eventually aired. Same actor played the lead in both. Unfortunately, I’ve slept since then, so I can’t remember the titles. 🙂

        • #3091785

          It’s really sad that I remember…

          by landoflost ·

          In reply to Roddenberry spinoff(s)

          John Saxon was the actor and Planet Earth & Strange New World were the movies.

        • #3091781

          Roddenberry’s Works…

          by captainjerry ·

          In reply to Roddenberry spinoff(s)

          You’re probably referring to “Genesis II” and “Planet Earth” ~ Interesting that the lead character’s name in those two shows was Dylan Hunt (Andromeda…?…)


    • #3133817

      Here’s a Question

      by kevinmsmith22 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      IMO its seems the Star Trek universe has come to an end. During the late 80’s & 90’s there was more Trek then you could shake a betleH at, now with Enterprise gone, there is very little to nothing in the mainstream. One of my ideas of why is that a good number of Trek Gadgets are reality now, and the fantasy side of Trek is gone.
      Any Opinions or Ideas?

      • #3091665


        by grimshiire ·

        In reply to Here’s a Question

        Babylon 5 was by far a better space epic than Star Trek. Trek was always so sterile compared to DOWN BELOW.

        • #3253394

          Trek VS B5

          by kevinmsmith22 ·

          In reply to TREK COOL – B5 BETTER

          IMO this is comparing a temporal anomaly to a nebula. To different viewpoints of the future of humanity.
          Trek was episodic where B5 was a continuing story line.
          In Trek, there was a war which caused the Terrans to rethink things,
          B5 had no such thing (that I remember).

          Trek was sterile, ill give ya that, but it was meant to be an optimistic view of humanity.
          B5 was what seemed to tbe the nautral evolution of the human race.

          Treak wasnt concerned with the acquisition of wealth
          B5 just like Earth now (attitudewise), with bigger guns and spaceships

          I enjoyed both series for different reasons. I would love to see B5 from the begining again, since I didnt start watching it regularly until about season 3.


        • #3091291

          Trek vs B5

          by tct ·

          In reply to Trek VS B5

          In B5, war was a major part of the series storyline. Seasons 1 thru 4 were the Shadow War, and the B5 rebellion against the Earth Alliance were in seasons 3 thru 4, with season 5 a sort of add on season (Stracynski didn’t know if there would be a season 5 so he wrapped up the major plotlines by the end of season 4).

          In the Trek universe, there were smaller conflicts until in DS9 the Klingon Empire vs the Federation war, in season 4 or 5, then the Dominion War which had its seeds as early as season 2, but become open warfare season 5 or 6 thru 7.

        • #3103277

          Earth Alliance…

          by sql_joe ·

          In reply to Trek VS B5

          In B5 pre-history there was a major war on Earth, which led to the creation of the EA. The EA’s success in the Dilgar War is then what led them to get too big for their britches and start that whole mess with the Minbari.

          On another note, I like both B5 and Trek; both were very different shows that showed very different viewpoints of the future. Rodenberry had a very idillic view of the future whereas in B5 we see history as a perpetual conflict between the Vorlon way of thinking and the Shadow philosophy.


        • #3252259

          B5 – Lord of the Rings in Space

          by landoflost ·

          In reply to TREK COOL – B5 BETTER

          Have you ever noticed the huge similarity between characters, plot lines, creatures, places, etc. between Lord of the Rings and Babylon 5.

        • #3102696

          B5-Lord of the Rings

          by tct ·

          In reply to B5 – Lord of the Rings in Space

          Must not be that huge – I hadn’t noticed.

          That said, why don’t you elucidate?

    • #3253398

      ‘Tis No Tribble at all.

      by roscoedelong ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Unquestionably “Trouble With Tribbles” was best mix of murder,intrigue,comedy,and plot twist ever rolled into one story.

    • #3103283

      A Piece of the Action; Balance of Terror

      by sql_joe ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      How can you not like Spock as a Tommy-Gun toting gangster?

      Balance of Terror – our first look at the Romulans.


    • #3100817

      Loved both of those …

      by arletta ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      … wasn’t the JtR one where Scotty was possessed by its spirit? Also loved the one where the entire landing party except Chekov aged, and he was spared because he was afraid and screamed. Absolute best one though had to be the Dodge City old west episode. Oh.. geez.. and as I go on I remember more and more – the one where the ship was invaded by people who moved at a different speed.. and they pulled Kirk into their dimension, and all his crew heard was a buzzing like a fly. Ok, one last… the alternate universe one with the evil Kirk and crew….

    • #3273038

      Two episodes by real scifi authors

      by rkoenn ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I guess my personal 2 favorites, the ones I own on VHS and DVD now are City on the Edge of Forever (written by Harlan Ellison although he says his original script was mangled by the producers) and Amok Time (written by Theodore Surgeon). Funny how my favorites are by visionary “real” scifi writers. Many others were just plain good but there were a couple of duds. I will admit most were very black and white morality wise and Gunsmoke in spacey, but still ahead of their times and you do have to serve your viewing public if you are to keep producing.

    • #3089029

      A Question For All Of You

      by verd1 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Name the episode where Captain Kirk called for a double RED ALERT.

      Name the episode that contained the first interracial kiss on commercial TV and who was it?

      Name the only episode where we see a phaser rifle

      Name the episode that we see Floyd’s Barber Shop from the Andy Griffith Show in downtown Mayberry

      If you can not answer these questions you are not a true trekkie

      • #3149905

        I’ll take a shot; you try these

        by charliespencer ·

        In reply to A Question For All Of You

        Thirty years ago I would have been able to do this in less than twenty seconds.

        I can’t touch the double red alert question.

        Interracial kiss – I think the episode is titled “Plato’s Stepchildren”, but if I’m wrong, it’s the one with the aliens in Greek garb who have mental powers because of the ability to metabolize a trace element in their food.

        Phaser rifle – “Where No Man Has Gone Before”? Originally the first episode shot after the pilot, but aired fifth or sixth. The one with Sally Kellerman as the executive officer and a doctor other than McCoy.

        Floyd’s – As a guess, it’s either “City” or “Piece of the Action”

        Now, try these:

        What’s Spock’s blood type?

        What’s the name of the all-Vulcan ship destroyed in “The Immunity Syndrome”?

    • #3088962

      Favorite Star Trek Episode

      by asmuc1951 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Without any doubt, “Balance of Terror”, wherein we are introduced to the Romulans and their obvious relation to the Vulcans. Of most importance,we see the parallel of the “Cold War”, heating up to a “first strike” by a rival superpower, the reluctance to retaliate until granted approval, and the reasons retaliation is necessary. This was an intriguing episode which caputured most of the sentiments of the time.

    • #3085807

      Fallen from Grace

      by thedanc ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      As I was flipping through the channels a few months ago I stopped because I heard a lot of noises that sounded like Star Trek. I waited for a bit and found that all of this “red alert” and ship’s comm stuff was actually a 1950’s submarine movie. Quite an epiphany. Star Trek originally did VERY poorly when it was first aired because the hokey special effects were stolen from war movies and the hip boots and mini skirt uniforms were commonplace. Remember “the cage” and Spock’s dopey tendency to echo commands like they do to relay someone’s voice acrossed a noisy ship? They did that too in this movie, but the difference is that it made sense to do it on a ship at sea where it doesn’t make sense to do it in the office like environment of the Enterprise bridge.

      The revival of Star Trek comes much later after a younger generation starts viewing and is so far removed from WWII era movies that it all appears so strange and unusual. I like “By any other name”. Kirk is forced to have sex with an alien Blonde to help populate their race. The first 10 times I saw this I never really understood. You see her face in soft-focus and seconds later Kirk is pulling his boots on! In my youth I was too naive to catch this, but now I find it hilarious!

      Implied sex is more family friendly than what we see on TV these days.


    • #3085783

      Deep Space Nine

      by iamtired ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      DS9 takes the cake for me – staying in one place with recurring characters (good and bad) just make for a rich environment. B5 fans also know of this.

      My favorite episode, though? In the Pale Moonlight. Also called Sisko’s soliloquy.


    • #3084869

      remember when

      by kblanche ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      My favorite was when McCoy went back through the time portal and changed history and Kirk and Spock followed him through. Kirk fell in love with the subject who was the crux of the history change. The most emotional part was after Kirk stopped McCoy from saving her and Bones asked if he knew what he had just done…Spock intoned (emotionally, for a Vulcan)”he knows doctor…he knows…

      • #3085208

        City on the Edge of Forever

        by thedanc ·

        In reply to remember when

        Yep, that was William Shatner’s favorite episode too. The object of his affection was none other than Joan Collins.

    • #3084801

      The Corbomite Maneuver!

      by larry rosen ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Yes, “The City on the Edge of Forever” was probably the best-written Kirk-era episode; I have always wondered what Harlan Ellison’s original script was for it, as there were forced changes he was very angry about.

      My sentimental favorite is probably “The Corbomite Maneuver,” a mind-game episode that introduced poker-style bluffing to Trek in one of its very first episodes (which I watched as they first aired in the ’60’s). I really like the relationship developed in the end between Kirk and Balok, who incidentally was played by child actor Clint Howard, movie director Ron Howard’s younger brother!

      “Yes, we are very much alike, Captain; both proud of our ships.”

    • #3084705

      The Doomsday Machine

      by chris029 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      I was a young boy when this episode aired. New to TV and Sci-Fi this episode for me was the most tramatic thing I had ever seen on TV. Nowdays the terminator frightens little kids, in my day it was The Doomsday Machine. Now that I see it I laugh, but back then I cowered in fear. It was a great experience and the whole family could not wait for the next episode. Go MR. Spock.

    • #3087018


      by rludwig ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Does it have to be an episode? The best is The Cage. It’s the original pilot. About 70 minutes long. It was then recut into the only two-part episode titled The Menagerie. Original pilot was never aired. I saw Rodenberry speak at Stanford U. in the early 70’s. Talking about the studio exec comments on the movie: they said “lose the alien and put a man in as second in command, no one will ever believe a woman could be in command”. He said “I promoted one and married the other”.

    • #3083943

      City on the Edge of Forever

      by bobaaaaaa16 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Hands down. No contest. (IMO)

      The episode had everything — drama, suspense, irony, top performances by the actors being true to their characters, great direction, effective lighting, and a connection with real life. And let’s not forget the great performance by a young, unwrinkled, pre-botoxed Joan Collins.

    • #3149282

      Cities in theory

      by gravitywell ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      “The Earth is Hollow and I Have
      Touched the Sky”: yet another story based on the man- made planet theme is one of my faves… book by Edward Bryant and Harlan Ellison: Phoenix Without Ashes(same theme) is worth a read!

    • #3277820

      My Favorite….

      by kevinmsmith22 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Im partial to “The Trouble with Tribbles”
      but “Balance of Terror” is my fav, I like a good space battle.

      BTW the Jack the ripper on is called “Wolf in the Fold” and cant think of the other one.

    • #2956540

      Favorite Star Trek Episode

      by farid.ahmad ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Amok Time from Original Series
      Descent from Next Generation
      Anything from DS9
      Nothing from Voyager or Enterprise

    • #2956536

      Favourite episode

      by bluwtrsal1 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      Trouble with Tribbles.
      Something inherently human, funny and humane about one of man’s greatest contraptions, Enterprise, being completely undone by small furry beasts. Not to mention the crew’s interaction with those beasties and their constant, human, refusal to employ cruel and inhumane methods to rid Enterprise of them.

      If the tribbles had been single-eyed, furless and had fangs, the treatment would have been entirely different. Yet another human trait – perception and reaction.

    • #3006671

      A tough one…so many to choose from

      by eulessed2000 ·

      In reply to Space, the final frontier

      This is a tough question for me to answer.

      Just off the top of my head: Space Seed, Return of the Archons, City on the Edge of Forver, and Omega Glory…just to start with and widdle down.

      However, if I could only watch one it would be the Space Seed…who can’t love Khan…

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