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SPAM alert; chykecommunication@... is hawking ...

By deepsand ·
cell phones, etal., under guise of being discussion.

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by dawgit In reply to SPAM alert; chykecommunic ...

He/She couldn't even get it right. Terible, really terible.

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Perhaps he tried the non-functional "verbatim" function.

by deepsand In reply to and

Still, he obviously lacks the wherewithall to review his copy, and edit as required.

On the other hand, as I explain over at his "discussion," he may be simply trying to redirect our ire toward another party.

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The thread has been deleted

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to SPAM alert; chykecommunic ...

Thanks for the heads up.

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But, has the perp been banned?

by deepsand In reply to The thread has been delet ...

Or, are you monitoring his behavior?

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I'm watching...

by Beth Blakely In reply to But, has the perp been ba ...

I've put him on my list.

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Cool. Is that something like one's "permanent record" that

by deepsand In reply to I'm watching...

adults used to threaten you with as a child?

And, was your loss in the Defrag Dolls competition legit; or, was that whole thing rigged?

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