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Spam from members again via peer mail

By jdclyde ·
when I get a peer mail, it usually is well worth my time. Not in this case. When member, or as it shows up in TR as just "techrepublic" sent me a SPAM to try out polarstudios the only thing he did was make sure I will NEVER try this product.

I then decided to look that this members profile to see how many DAYS he had been a member and there are page after page of members with techrepublic as the ID. Is that just too funny or what? Can you say "database purge"?

It is a shame there isn't much that can be done about this. Maybe make it so a membership HAS to be older than a month or so before allowing them to peer members? Most drive-by spammers won't take that much time!

I would also recommend NOT allowing "techrepublic" as part of a user ID, but what do I know?

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Me too

by stress junkie In reply to Spam from members again v ...

My first spam on my current email account started after I used TR peer email. I don't know why TR exposes the email address of the sender to the recipient. That doesn't make any sense.

I don't believe that the recipient had anything to do with my getting spam. I'm just saying that all of the spam that I get on this email address comes from the same place and started after I first used TR peer mail.

It makes me angry.

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