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Spam gone in 2 years? I don't think so

By Brinley-CNET · is reporting that, with due diligence and proper regulations, spam can be eliminated in two years.

Yeah, right! We'll also stop direct mail, telemarketing, billboards... aw, you get the picture.

I'm sorry, but I don't buy this at all. Does anybody out there disagree?

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It's all about anonymity

by Jay Garmon Contributor In reply to Spam gone in 2 years? I ...

The advantages of e-mail--the fact that it is extraordinarily cheap and can be rendered almost totally anonymous--are the same factors that will keep spam flooding our inboxes for the foreseeable future.

Loathe though I am to upset the online libertarians, Internet anonymity is the single greatest obstacle to online civility and stability. Until individuals can be held accountable for their actions in cyberspace, the Web will remain an uncontrolled frontier.


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I love it!!!!!

by jkaras In reply to Spam gone in 2 years? I ...

Just think the world coming together to rid the world of spam!! Why come together to feed everyone or end violence when there's spam running amock. I know I will feel safer when spam is abolished. Politicians, glad they are on the case for a better tomorrow, what's next? Fixing daylight savings or leap year to fix our calandar system?

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Sounds a little idealistic to me

by Oz_Media In reply to Spam gone in 2 years? I ...

well as nice as the concept sounds I sincerely doubt it will happen.

I actually beat them to it, I rid one company of over 80% of spam forless than $1000.oo and zero hardware. GWAVA for GroupWise, solid, stable and no fales positives (after maybe two or three days of tweaking thresholds).

The other company I have deployed it at has a much looser email policy and aactually has some 'SPAMISH' email that they want, so I have setup GWAVA's new tools that create HAM and SPAM lists by reviewing email submitted and then it tweaks it's own rules! As well as allowing users to White List or BLackList email based on submittal to the system, it then tweaks itself based on the TYPES of email you accept, not adress blocks or mere keywords but more of a heuristic analysis that it creates itself as well as auto adjusting thresholds to accomodate YOUR business email useage, UNREAL!!

There ae ecellent ways around SPAM,they cost more than the $100.00 SPAM COP stuff but they are extremely effective and don't require much processing power or disk space, so they run seamlessly on existing hardware.

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We are the World we are the Spam Killers

by SkipperUSN In reply to Spam gone in 2 years? I ...

"We are the world we are the SPAM KILLER" - gee you would think that the UN and the other nations would have more to worry about than SPAM. They are going to stop it in two years. The UN or any group of Nations can do 1 thing right. (I hear there is trouble with the Euro - without British support)...

And now toss in The America's (South, Central and North) - on top of Europe, Asia, Austrila - and any other group of nations.

It would take 3 years just to get them all to agree where to meet for the first time, then 3 years on the seating arrangements, food, activities, drinks and a number of other things.

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by gbrownlee In reply to Spam gone in 2 years? I ...

I have a hotmail account and due to MSN filter, I get NO spam.

As much as most people seem to loathe MS, atleast they have done something constructive about it and are waiting for the rest of the world to get their s**t together.

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Who is responsible?

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Spam gone in 2 years? I ...

Spam filters, spam assassins, legislation, fines... These are all one angle of a solution. This is a good angle, but something that I don't hear much is better user behavior.

What I mean by that is simply this: "Don't give out your e-mail address to unqualified people. Period." I don't run filters and I receive virtually no spam (well, anymore at least). I'm very careful to read privacy policies before I hand over my e-mail address. If I am not certain that my e-mail address will be kept private, I do one of two things: leave or give them my "front" e-mail address. Here is my trick...

I have two personal email addresses. I have my official address, which is simply a pointer that is forwarded to my other e-mail address, setup through my ISP. I give the pointer (the pointer is *very* easy to remember) to friends, family, and sites that I absolutely trust. I give the other, permanent address out in other instances. Once spam starts creeping into that account I switch to a different user name, change my pointer rule to forward to the new address, and voila - no spam. I do this once every few years.

Another friend of mine has a junk account he gives out for questionable or untrustworthy sites. I like that approach too, but find that checking two e-mail accounts a bit cumbersome (besides, I already have both personal and work accounts).

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I agree - an Educated End-User is the best policy

by JimHM In reply to Who is responsible?

100% agree - the Educated end-user is the best defense against Spam - Phishing - and viruses...I get very little if any SPAM - people just click away - enter contests with their real email address - can we spell - D.A.H. Why do I get Spam.

They don't get educated because most in the US today are lazy and want Mommy (or someone else)to take care of everything for them ... Waaa - Someone is sending me mail I don't want ... Waa - Waa - Mommy ... Do something...

Part of the Lazy and Lazier generations - The Baby Boomers and their Kids... Mommy he called me Lazy... Waaa

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