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Spam threads & what's next

By sMoRTy71 ·
I'm sure most of you have noticed an increase in spam threads over the past couple of weeks.

I just wanted to let everyone know that we are working on getting the spam threads cleaned out (deleted), banning the spammers and putting measures in place to limit spam in the future.

The "fix" we are going to implement is the requirement that all new members verify their e-mail address before posting. This is something we do in all other areas of the site except forums.

Also, if we've missed any spam threads in our clean up efforts, post them here or private message me and we'll get them cleaned up.


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How does this help?

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Spam threads & what's nex ...
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It will slow/discourage some

by sMoRTy71 In reply to How does this help?

It won't solve the spam problem. Nothing will. If someone wants to sign up and spam the site, they will figure out how.

The current system makes it way too easy. We find that most spammers are using totally bogus e-mails. This makes it super easy to exploit the system.

However, if they have to create a new Hotmail account every time they want to post spam, I am betting it will slow them down or discourage them.

I guess it's like the old saying about being out in the woods with a friend and running into a bear. You don't have to outrun the bear, you just have to outrun your friend.

Same applies here, I think. If we make it harder to spam us, they'll go spam somewhere else.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to It will slow/discourage s ...

However when I suggest it - flames, it will never work.

When you do - oh it's the best idea ever.

See my point.

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Tech, I don't consider that a flame. I'd even carry it further

by DanLM In reply to Aggreed

Truthfully, I would expand on that and make them respond to the email to verify and complete the new register process.


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Smorty, can you also

by gadgetgirl In reply to Spam threads & what's nex ...

ensure that your vacations are covered, too? I think the main reason so many were laying around over the season was that Jay, Beth and yourself were all on leave, and I get the impression George doesn't have the same rights on the forums as "The Musketeers" do.

Thanks for getting on this; at one stage, NYE I think, the whole of the New Discussions list were spam posts.... bleucch!

Happy New Year, Smorty!


PS: Anything from Jay yet? Interested parties need to know!!!

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The scoop on the Trivia Geek's babe

by Beth Blakely In reply to Smorty, can you also
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J.D. has a good idea

by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to Spam threads & what's nex ...

In another post, jdclyde made several recommendations that seem to make sense. I guess the only question is, does TR have the manpower to do it?

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Dunno, you've done it again!

by gadgetgirl In reply to J.D. has a good idea

don't tell jd he had a good idea.


It'll just make him more big headed than he already is, and we don't want that now, do we??


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It's amazing

by Dontknowwhatimdoing In reply to Dunno, you've done it aga ...

what money will buy, you know like boosting up jd

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by gadgetgirl In reply to It's amazing

I hope you were well paid!

(and in cash, too! )


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