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speed me up scotty

By bikky ·
before i start i am not a whiz kid on computers but i do know my modem is slow
can any help me improve my connection
its a supra express 56e pro
i am on a dax line(known before as a party or shared line)
bt answer get another line
someone suggested adding &f to extra commands but i believe that just shows the max speed of your modem.
My modem runs at 33kbps max and downloads files (i use dap) at no more then 2.9/3.2,so downloading a 10 meg file tales up to 30 mins

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Short Answer - Nope

by eBob In reply to speed me up scotty

Longer Answer: There are lots of limiting factors at play here. For various reasons a "56K" modem is almost always restricted to a real maximum of closer to 53Kbps. The biggest limiting factors are the quality of the local circuit and the distance to the PTT's switching office. Neither of these can be tweaked with "&" commands. You also need to know that not all of your bandwidth is available for straight through file transfer. There's a lot "overhead" with a file transfer (for example) with "hand shaking", "Acknowledgements", "Flow Control" and so on. And finally (sort of) the connection between your dial-up server (your ISP) and the sites into which you're connecting may be crowded or slow. Again, "&-anything" is not going to be effective.

If you're averaging around 3Kbps download, that is actually not too bad (believe it or not).

Your only real hope, is to look into an upgraded circuit, if available in your area. DSL is the current hot-ticket. Cable TV suppliers also have an approach. Talk with your ISP and your PTT and see what else they have. be prepared to spend a bit more on your connection too.

"Can't have the performance of a Supra if you own an Echo!"

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by epepke In reply to Short Answer - Nope

Considering that the bandwidth of a land voice line is only guaranteed to be 3 KHz or so and is usually no better than 6 KHz, it's not bad at all. Modem technology is really quite impressive.

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