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Speed of discussion pages

By sMoRTy71 ·
We deployed some performance enhancements to our discussion detail page (the type of page you are viewing now).

Are you all noticing any speed increases from the change?

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NO, quitte the opposite

by fluidtech In reply to Speed of discussion pages

The pages start to load, then stall for about 15 seconds, then finish loading.
It's funny you posted this, I was about ask about this problem.

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I often find this irritating

by Neil Higgins In reply to NO, quitte the opposite

in that when I want to go somewhere,all the pages seem to take forever to load,or do anything.This is the only site I know where I can go and get a coffee,and the blasted page I want still has'nt loaded.I thought it might be my home pc,but with a 3ghz processor,1gig of ram memory,and a 4mb download broadband connection,I guess not.Sorry guys,but other sites I visit,load in the blink of an eye.I guess TR must have zillions of members,and yes I like it here but...slooow or what?

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Very peculiar -- in relation to the other comments

by jardinier In reply to Speed of discussion pages

I live in Oz, on the opposite of the world to the server, with dial-up connection and P II 400 MHz CPU and I have noticed an increase in speed.

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It seems the initial

by Old Guy In reply to Speed of discussion pages

Discussion pages open a little quicker. However, switching between posts still takes a little too long. I thought maybe that was just on longer discussions but noticed it on this discussion too:**827&messageID=1980120

Thanks for working on the speed it would be most helpful.

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I have not

by Jaqui In reply to Speed of discussion pages

noticed any real change myself.

it only takes 3 seconds per page, unless the site is throwing one of the partial load errors, then it's 15 seconds to load.

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here in the UK

by gadgetgirl In reply to Speed of discussion pages

regardless of size of connection, is still seems to depend on the size of the discussion....jd's divorce thread being the most problematic I've personally come across.

If that one stalls in any way, it goes to page not found...

Hope this helps, Smorty, and thanks for all your endeavours so far



Edited because my keyboard is dyslexic on Sundays!

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Thanks everyone

by sMoRTy71 In reply to here in the UK

These comments do help us as we try to pinpoint other places where we can tweak performance.

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Dyslexic on Sundays only???

by sleepin'dawg In reply to here in the UK
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by rob mekel In reply to Speed of discussion pages

no increase of any speed. Did had last week some "page not found" stuff that sure doesn't speed up things. Special as 2 min. later it is found.

Do like the new features a lot though! Tnx.


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I can LOAD a page now

by jdclyde In reply to Speed of discussion pages

I was basically locked out for the majority of last week because the pages didn't load at all.

sometimes I got just the title and it would stop there. most of the time I got errors.

I would say about 80% of the time I got this.

Right now, the pages are VERY slow to load, and act like there is a two minute delay before loading, regardlass of the size of the page, but they do eventually load.

I have used different computers for this, and get the same results from home or work (so I know it isn't the connection.) I have also tried this with both IE and FF.

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