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speedsted - unable to raise max speed

By alainch ·
Oh well ths for any help!!
Bought an Amildo D7400 (fujitsu-siemens) I used it from the beginning on AC

At first it booted-up quite normally. I also got my top speed 1600Mhz with no problem.

Few months after I started to get locked at 600Mhz after booting.

Bonging my head on the wall and doing few thousand different test I discovered that I can:

Boot with my USB mouse plugged in ...
wait till the windows is full started ...
unplug the mouse and replug it after 5-10 secs
(one or more time) and normally the system goes up to 1600 mhz again

So well till 2 months ago:
did something (I am not able to pinpoint it :-( Windows updates or some software or some new usb hdw)
And now I'm stuck with a 600mhz laptop.
the mouse trick is not working anymore

1) power setting on AC was, and still is, "maxperformance"
2) I used speedswitchxp to monitor and to "try" to force EIST (no way)
3) no Bios option to modify EIST behaviour
4) at last I used PcWizard
It say:
Processor : Intel Pentium M
Frequency : 1600 MHz - (current : 599.** MHz)
Support : mPGA-479M
Cache L1 : 64 KB
Cache L2 : 1024 KB
Voltage : 0.956 V
Processor Temperature : 44 ?C
FPU Coprocessor : Present
Processor activity : : 7%
General Information :
Multiplier : 6x
Low/High Multiplier : 6x / 16x
Multiplier Locked : Yes
Marketing Frequency : 1600 MHz

Front Side Bus Information :
FSB Frequency : 100 MHz
Bus Speed : 400 MHz (QDR)

Initial Frequencies :
Frequency : 1600 MHz
FSB Frequency : 100 MHz
Multiplier : 16x

Control Clock Frequency :
Type : Enhanced SpeedStep (EIST)
EIST Enabled : No
C1E - Enhanced Halt Mode : No

If anybody has got this problem or has any idea I will gladly try it

Many thx !!

AlainCh ( once upon a time IT

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