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Spell checker for TR discussions ....

By jardinier ·
Well maybe some day the powers that be will consider this option, and actually insert a spell checker.

In case any members have not figured out a totally satisfactory interim option -- copy and past your posting into a Word document and spell-check it there before hitting the unforgiving "Submit" button.

Now would you believe that, because of my lousy typing, Word spell-check picked up FOUR errors in this very short posting.

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Easier Way

by TheChas In reply to Spell checker for TR disc ...


If you are using IE there is an easier option than composing in Word and pasting into the TR window.

Install IE Spell Check.

Then, you can right click on the text box on ANY page in IE and have a context menu option to check your spelling.

It works for TR, Yahoo mail and any other text box I have used.

IE Spell is the ONLY reason that I still use IE for some pages. Once someone creates a form spell check tool for Mozilla, I will be able to finally dump IE.


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Thanks for the tip ...

by jardinier In reply to Easier Way

I'll definitely try this out. Incidentally, since my quite amazing return to health after treatment for my heart condition, I have been too busy catching up on chores and projects which had fallen by the wayside, to check out TR discussions. I intend to make time to do so.

As you have probably guessed, my current two best friends are regular contributors to discussions. TR has been a real blessing to me.

However we have Local Government elections on March 27, and as John Howard may spring an election on us at any time -- under the Australian system a Prime Minister can call an election at any time he chooses, if he thinks it is to his advantage. However the election has to be held no later than 3 years after the previous election, which was in November 2001, so it seems highly likely that the Australian and US elections will be held concurrently.

As I am committed to the Labor Party, and the new Opposition Leader Mark Latham is very likely to become Prime Minister before the year is out, as usual I will be adding my little bit by writing letters to the local free Press, as well as assisting in the campaign of whoever will be the endorsed Labor candidate for my local Federal division, Bradfield, which is the third safest Liberal seat in Australia.

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