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Spelling without the aid of a spell-checker

By SoldierJedi ·
What is happening to the way we type?

I've been browsing through the discussion threads, and I've noticed that there are a lot of posts where the spelling is absolutely atrocious.

At least three typos on each line!

There is no excuse for it, and it is mildly offensive, as it shows you do not care about how others may perceive you, or the value they attribute to your opinion or comments.

Personally, If I'm reading a post or a reply, and it is littered with lazy typos, my opinion of the writer is dramatically reduced. I can imagine that the writer is a hyped-up gibbering, slobbering nerk who hates Microsoft, blames them for everything wrong with computers in general, persists in typing the abbreviation "M$", and cannot see any fault with Open Source Operating systems, but everything faulty in the "WINTEL" corner of the ring...

Apologies to you slobbering nerks who do like Microsoft... <g>

There may not be spell-checker in Discussion Forums, but that makes no difference. You should know how to spell without one, and have the sense of self-respect to review your text before posting it.

Laziness. Sheer laziness...

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by wordworker In reply to Spelling without the aid ...

Hey Gareth, I couldn't resist pinging you about the spelling of "nerk" - should be nerd? I agree with the point you're making, but I've learned to accept that misspellings in online forums is like slurred lyrics in rock-and-roll - it's part of the package, part of the culture. Also, English is a second or third language for a lot of folks who come and post here, and they're doing their best to get words spelled correctly, but it's more important for them to be understood.

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Nerk - I found it

by maxwell edison In reply to Nerk?

I just had to do a google search on that one.

A nerk is the name of a fictitious space alien who has the exact same nervous system.


A nerk is slang for a fool or a poor victim.

So I've been right all along. There really ARE space aliens among us!

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Aha! I love a good new word

by wordworker In reply to Nerk - I found it
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by mrafrohead In reply to Nerk - I found it

Well then, how does poor spelling make you a fool (nerk)???

Sounds rather "nerkish" to me...

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by AusMentalCase In reply to

Twenti yeers ago I cuddant evun spell enjineer and now I is wun!

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by GuruOfDos In reply to Nerk - I found it

Is a compound word in common slang use in the UK and is a contraction of NERD and BERK (or JERK; either will do!). Compound words are becoming increasingly common in the IT industry. Some of my favourite examples:

Definition: The worst type of client.
Contraction: CUSTomer and *******.
Typical Usage: "That idiot over in Marketing, who phones me up three times a month to book a service call to clean his mouse ball, is a complete and utter custard!"

Definition: Someone who posts Kazaa questions or discussions about sagging testes to TR Discussion Forums.
Contraction: WEENie and pullER.
Typical Usage: "We get a lot of weeners in the TR Forums"

Definition: Someone who hasn't a damn clue!
Contraction: COMPletely and lOST.
Typical Usage: "I explained it three times to my boss and he's STILL compost!"

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misspelling in your alias

by maxwell edison In reply to Spelling without the aid ...

Is there a misspelling in your alias?

Shouldn't that be couldn't (missing apostrophe) as well as rat's (possessive, not plural)?

I suppose it's possible that TR's alias function won't accept the apostrophe as a legal character, but it seems that someone as particular as you might have selected something different so as to avoid the appearance of misspelling something yourself.

Nonetheless, as I overlook the sentence fragment and misplaced commas in your own post, I must say that you're being rather hard on folks. It's also interesting that you're concerned about other people when it comes to how they may be perceived, but you show an obvious disregard on how people may perceive you as a result of your flaming post. (Or perhaps you want people to perceive you as an................wait a minute, I don't want to violate any TR policy here.........Nevermind.)

It's one thing to misspell a word or two now and then. It's another thing entirely to be rude and obnoxious by pointing it out. If I had to choose one over the other, I'd choose the former.

By the way, what's a nerk? (Thats a knew won on me that Ive not herd be for.)

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Contradiction in your alias too

by Oz_Media In reply to misspelling in your alias

First of all Mr. Rat's ***, you say you are so bothered by typos and poor grammar and that it shows that people don't care, you are wrong in most cases, I don't care about spelling (I said I'd pay more attention this year and may even use my IESpell check here)but some people do but simply cannot speak fluent English. Who's spelling is considered correct? Yours or cockney, American, Canadian, Australian and why?

If you are bothered by spelling, why would you choose such an alias that suggests you aren't bothered, I believe that would be a contradiction in your alias.

One poster here has grammar and spelling as bad as mine is, that person also has relied on voice recognition software for so long that he has lost his ability to spell.
Now all you are doing is pointing your finger at someone who does care and does try but has trouble, the person I am referring to is an invaluable resource to this website, would this not make YOU a poor example of humanity in a modern and forgiving society?

As Max said, we cannot say what we really think, it is against TR regulations.

So a couple of questions,

Seeing as you are in Oxfordshire, I can understand how you would be disgusted at the commoners who don't speak as eloquently as yourself, you must despise the hundreds of slangy dialects found in England as not everyone speaks proper English 'like wot Queen does'.

Given that the 'lazy' people are the ones who have offered many people with PC support as well as sharing experiences for others to learn from, and you have answered NO questions, offered NO help but have started your first thread by putting down those who assist others, how do you actually expect to gain respect yourself or your eloquent yet scathing grammar?

If you are such a well spoken individual who is upset by the rest of the world not speaking as you choose them to, why would you be here where people offer input in whatever scratchy English they can? We are all just common as muck, we don't hold ourselves with the same esteem you and the Royal Family do.

As a Brit myself, living in Canada, I am embarrassed and quite offended by your snotty approach to introducing yourself here.

Now I may put down America and the US government as a hobby for being loud and obnoxious, but people in North America have always seen Brits as snooty, stuck-up, pompous b***ards, when in actuality it is a VERY small portion of England that has such an attitude.

You embarrass me as a Brit. and I'm sure others would feel the same. What a poor example to show in a global forum where you have offered nothing constructive at all.

Damn, I am ashamed to find out your are English, what a disgraceful act to follow.

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by mrafrohead In reply to Contradiction in your ali ...

"As Max said, we cannot say what we really think, it is against TR regulations."

Oz and Max are definately a much better p3rs0n that I am... Oh damn, I think that I mispelled that. Opps and that one, and that last one to...

But, I'll say what I think. I think you're an asshole!

Hehhehahahaha, man, I feel like a little kid on the playground...

I guess while I'm at it... You really aren't any better than us, so pull your head out of your ***, and GROW UP!



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and speaking of speeling..

by maecuff In reply to Contradiction in your ali ...

I have a 16 year old son who is one of the most intelligent and witty human beings I have ever encountered. And he can't spell with a s#$t. He's dyslexic and probably will ALWAYS be a poor speller. Does having a learning disability make a person lazy? Gee, that was something we heard from teachers before he was diagnosed. How obnoxious? Since when does spelling mean a damn thing? Okay,on a resume, a cover letter, a ransom note..sure, you're gonna want to spell everything right. But in a forum such as this? Getting the idea across matters..

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