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    by now left tr ·

    Three Spy’s – A, B & C

    A is watching B
    B is watching C
    C is watching A

    Sore head with this one – how does it work out?

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      Mexican standoff

      by sully213 ·

      In reply to SpyvSpyvSpy

      This sounds just like a Mexican standoff 🙂

      Everyone is watching someone different, but no two people are watching each other, and everyone’s covered by someone else.

      The real question though, is, what’s the question? What do you mean “How does it work out?” You’ve provided the background of the issue, but not the issue to be resolved. What do you want to know?

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      This is a common event, whenever 3 women get

      by deadly ernest ·

      In reply to SpyvSpyvSpy

      together over coffee, they sit there watching each other wondering who’s going to start gossiping about who first – the first target is usually the first one to leave the table to the other two.

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      Spaghetti Stand-off

      by cicero blues ·

      In reply to SpyvSpyvSpy

      aka the penultimate ending scene from the of the ‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly’; always a good 25mins spent…a lesson in assured outcomes.

      -Maddest of them All

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        I though a spaghetti stand-off was either

        by deadly ernest ·

        In reply to Spaghetti Stand-off

        (a) when a couple fight while eating spaghetti in an Italian restaurant and they simultaneously stand up, pick up their plates of spaghetti, and get set to throw them at each other.

        (b) when two people are sharing a bowl of spaghetti and they both get differnt ends of the same piece and end up with their mouths touching as they’ve sucked the reat of it into their mouths and are left with the very last bite of that piece.

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