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Spyware detection alert

By gbrownlee ·
Is it just me or is anyone else getting a pop-up at TR. featuring a pretty scarlet red window stating my system is infected with the following spyware. Won't bother listing them as I am as sure as I can be that my system is not infected.

Another peer started a discussion regarding spyware at TR and the thread disappeared rather suddenly. I've got a fiver that this one too will disappear.

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Haven't seen that one yet

by JimHM In reply to Spyware detection alert

Haven't seen that one yet - but my Spy Sweeper has been keeping my machine pretty clean from the junk TR ad's have tried to place on it...

From 2o7.txt to Mediaplex.txt and a few dozen other dll's and cookies -

Most of them come in when I am in the TR Forum area - hum - I guess its a way to make money -

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Here's my approach

by gralfus In reply to Spyware detection alert

Whenever I get an ad that slips through, I right-click on it and select properties. I can usually view what site it is coming from. I then add that site to my hosts file directing it to which goes nowhere. So when I visit TR and various other sites now, I don't see any ads at all. If an ad does show up, I add it to the list. some flash type ads won't work this way and so I turned off flash in the registry.

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Not Me

by TheChas In reply to Spyware detection alert

Hi Greg,

The only pop-up I have ever seen on the TR site is the one for a survey that pops up now and then.

I can't say that I have ever received any spy-ware or unwanted cookies from TR either.

I do have a good software firewall running, and have my privacy settings set fairly high.


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by gbrownlee In reply to Not Me

Hello Chas:

As I recall, you use Mozilla for a browser. I too would use it but, I aspire to becoming a competent comp. troubleshooter and view any problems I have with my system as a learning experience.

Last month I picked up a newer version of an old virus, a dialer. It proved to be really tough to get rid of. The final solution lay in editing the registry and increasing my IE security setting to max.

I have tried using a third party firewall, ZA Pro, but due to my slow web connection, I am unable to download large software programs that function 100%. The only exception being updates from MS. Seemingly, they allow for this sort of thing and as installation is proceeding, you have to remain online. As installation proceeds, it will stop here and there and data tranfer from MS will start and seemingly repair the data as installation progresses.


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by djent In reply to Mozilla

Securing IE is like defying gravity, patch, test, patch, test, ad infinitum. Ergo Mozilla.

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Spyware Detection Alert!!!

by cwtooker In reply to Spyware detection alert

as of recently, i get these alerts several times daily, although i know i'm not infected. have you or anyone else any idea as to how to get rid of this? they leave once i leave that particular webpage, but they're very annoying, no less.



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