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St Patricks Day

By Shellbot ·
Ah yes, tommorrow being a holiday in Ireland to celebrate Paddy's Day.. i get the day off.

I shall go to our local parade after lunch, then head to the pub, get a nice spot with a good view of the telly, and spend the afternoon betting on the horses (Cheltenham) and hopefully win enough to pay for my drinks !!!!!!!!!

I'll drink one for ye all :)

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YEA ST.PADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by ccthompson In reply to St Patricks Day

This is the best holiday by far. Nothin can compare to thousands of drunk people watching the parade and dancing around like they dont have a care in the world. Its so great, i cant wait!!!!!

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Had to burn a vacation day for it

by jdclyde In reply to St Patricks Day

but I got it off!

Spend the morn' getting my classes going again, and then will be in the pub by noon to drink my lunch!

Being 1/3 Irish, I think I should just automatically get this day off! Oh well...

We don't have our parade until Sunday. My one boy wants his hair green for school. Who am I to say no?

Have a grand one Shell!

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No such luck here

by rob mekel In reply to St Patricks Day

It will cost me a vacationday if I wanna have a day off at St Patricksday.

But tnx and cheers, will drink one for you tonight. :) Have fun tomorrow :)

Better even going to drink one now. See you all tomorrow. (or not if your off) :^0

Damn emoticons! All those extra spaces ]:)

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by jkaras In reply to St Patricks Day

St. Paddy's Day? Do we celebrate menstruation? Does everyone wear red? IS it sponsored by Stay Free or New Freedom? ok I'll stop.

Seriously though have fun, but stay safe. Take a cab and avoid the pokey. Have plenty of hangover material on hand. Being on a Friday everyone can sleep off the hangover rather than go to work the next day. My tips, drink plenty of water before bed and first meal should be something greasy. I dont know what it is about a greasy hamburger, but it does the trick. I hope everyone get a bit'O'luck of the Irish tommorrow...wink, wink.

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Evacuation Day

by SupahTech In reply to St Patricks Day

Living in the Boston area is interesting. They do not celebrate "St. Patrick?s Day" but they did have many Irish politicians that set it up so that they have off March 17th, for Evacuation Day (The day the British left the US after the revolution) so I'll be at the pubs having a Guinness by noonish as well.

Being fully Irish myself I would have banged out anyway?

Cheers to you all!

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by Jaqui In reply to St Patricks Day

would I concider celebrating some twit that got sainted for persecuting my religion?
[ the "snakes" were those who were not catholic, aka druidic in religion ]

I actively protest against it being made a holiday here, on the ground of celebrating religous persecution is against the constitutional right of freedom of religion.

enjoy celebrating the religous persecution of your ancestors.

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not so religious anymore

by Shellbot In reply to why

its pretty much an excuse to drink Jaqui. These days very few people actually acknowledge the religious aspect of it.
From what I know, it was not really celebrated here at all (in its current form) untill the 70's, when the Tourism board decided to "promote" ireland as a destination during the spring time.

I'm not irish, definately not catholic..but i'm getting the day off with pay :)

*oh here's where it gets dicey*
should we give up christmas as well? the birth of Jesus is what started it many people have suffered under the "spreading of Christianity" ?

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funny thing is,

by Jaqui In reply to not so religious anymore

that according to every study of the bible, and other surviving documents, Jesus was born in the spring.

the "Midwinter" feast, timed for when the days are starting to get longer, has been celebrated by all peoples that actually experience major seasonal changes since the earliest communities. The Christian Church created "Christmas" to stop the people they were trying to convert to chritianity celebrating what they beleived was a pagan ritual.
[ it wasn't, it was a human celebration that was just for the joy of knowing that soon enough it would be warm again. ]

I know that most current holidays have nothing really to do with the "religous" base they are supposed to be about. :) My comment was more along the lines of pointing out the hypocritical nature of this particular holiday.

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Jacqui... Jacqui

by X-MarCap In reply to funny thing is,

Have a couple of litres and relax. You shouldn't get worked up like Julian. You usually make sense. Have the serenity to realize the celebration allw the populace to be more peaceful and controlable (at least until the hangover passes...)

Speaking of passing, pass the aspirin...

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Do you have to rub it in?

by stargazerr In reply to St Patricks Day

We are still coming to the office ... :_|

And I still have bloody registries to clean ...

Can you belive we are moving office on a saturday on the 1st of april ... Oh!! To be a sales gal for a day ...


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