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Star Trek's 11th Movie - Prequel?!?!

By Brinley-CNET ·
Rick Berman, proving that revenge is indeed a dish best served cold, is at his old antics again. Caught up in prequel fever, Berman hints at a movie "before Capt. Kirk"...

I honestly felt like the technology was getting a little too advanced in later seasons of TNG and Voyager. However, I don't know if a prequel is really the direction I wanted to see the movies go. And what's this about the movie hosting a totally new crew? Huh?!?

Please, can some other Trekkie help me find the silver lining in this?

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Enterprise is a good show - Prequel

by SkipperUSN In reply to Star Trek's 11th Movie - ...

The show Enterprise is a good show - with Scott Backula (Sp) as the capt. - Enterprise is the prequel to Star Trek... Before all that technology was perfected.

You have - Star War Prequels - whats wrong with Star Trek Prequel ... its a Movie - not real life..

All Kirk would ever want to do is get laid by some blue/green creature - Prequel's to Star Trek would be great...

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I half-way agree...

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Enterprise is a good show ...

Although I am guilty of sporadic viewing I also like Enterprise - except for that horrible opening sequence I like the cast and the technological setting. I guess, since the show took the prequel turn, that it makes sense that the movies can as well.

However, what I have trouble swallowing is the fact that the cast will be a new crew. How does that bode for the current cast of Enterprise? Sure, I guess one could argue that the casts of DS9 and Voyager never had their own movie, so I shouldn't expect that of Enterprise.

I just don't understand the thinking behind a new crew. Does some Hollywood exec know that Enterprise is winding down? Will their be a TV series based off the movie and new crew? These questions leave a bad taste in my mouth

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Hollywood is stupid - they miss the boat on to much

by SkipperUSN In reply to I half-way agree...

Hollywood is stupid and missed the boat on what scifi entertainment people enjoy.. They Missed the Star War's boat - the Lord of the Rings boat ... and a few others.

They don't get the scifi people in the world. So now they want to jump on the boat for star trek - but they are being stupid again, they want to change the characters which are locked in, they already have the cast of Enterprise - so that kind of locks them into a case for a prequel movie - if not it will be a flop.

Hollywood - is more Dollarwood - to much greed over there - the new direction is take something proven and do a remake - can we say Spiderman - Hulk - Spiderman II - X-Men - Whats could be the next big thing out of Dollarwood (Oh I-Robot, if you read the book can never happen - first rule of a robot is never harm a human!). They quit making movies like Silverrodo - Second Hand Lion - Free Range - and others that were great movies - but didn't pull the big grossing dollars..

People are getting tired of remakes - and dollarwood then wonders why the movies are being made in GB - Austr - New Z - and other places in the world ... Cheaper & better quality -

Oh well off the soap box..

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Dollarwood is right! I'm sick of their excuses.

by Brinley-CNET In reply to Hollywood is stupid - the ...

You know what I'm tired of hearing? I'm sick of hearing studios give excuses. I'm tired of watered-down, sterilized movies that are made to appeal to the "masses", because those movies are "safe bets". Studios are reluctant to sink money into a movie that might not make the money back. I understand that.

But what about movies like the original Star Wars - before it was ever known as Star Wars: A New Hope? Lucas didn't even have enough money to do what he wanted, and the movie still kicked @ss. Or Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? That movie had a $3 million USD and look at its lasting power.

This rant isn't my best, maybe because I want to step down from my own soapbox before I *really* get started. My point is, you have to take risks to get the big payoff. Studios seem unwilling to take the risks, yet still seem to whine when movie sales don't hit their expectations. Any entrpreneur will tell you that risks are part of business. Why do these movie studios think they are exempt from that?

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STV movies sort of

by wordworker In reply to Star Trek's 11th Movie - ...

I loved the Doctor's and Neelix's cameos in First Contact, and didn't Admiral Janeway appear in the gosh-awful last TNG cast movie?

If Berman had had any cajones, he would have left the Voyager crew in the Delta quadrant at the end of the series and brought them back in movie 11.

I'll see any new ST movie no matter what, of course. But I wish they'd advance the stories instead of prequel them. I don't think the prequal SW movies hold a candle to Episodes 4-6.

Give me Rocky -1, where Rocky Balboa is whooping butt in seventh grade - now there's a prequel! LOL

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